The 20 Best Restaurants in Chapra, Bihar

The 20 Best Restaurants in Chapra Bihar

Chapra, a beautiful city located on the junction of the Ganges River and Ghanghara River in one of the most loving and welcoming states of India, namely Bihar. The city is famous for a lot of things, Ambika Bhawani, a shakti peeth temple, is one of them. The authentic food of Bihar is quite popular around the world. The food here is spicy, delicious and reflects the traditional Bhojpuri Cuisine, Magahi Cuisine and Maithili Cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes here are Litti Chokha, Dalpuri, Malpua, Thekua and lots more. Let’s look into the list of the top 20 best restaurants in Chapra, Bihar that serves some delicious authentic and multiple cuisine delicacies.

1Mirchi Restaurant

Rated as the best vegetarian restaurant in Chapra, Mirchi Restaurant serves delicious meals and is also a standard dining space. The restaurant was established in 2002. The staff is quite well behaved and the ambience is peaceful. The most famous dishes on the menu include Manchurian, chilli paneer, chow mein dosa and many more, all at a very reasonable expense. However, the restaurant does not serve a parking space.



2Aahar Family Restaurant

Aahar Family Restaurant is another delightful place you can enjoy your meals while in Chapra, Bihar. This place serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tasty dishes at a pocket-friendly price. The dining space is quite huge, clean and properly maintained. The restaurant though does not have a parking space.



3Hotel Rajdarbaar

Hotel Rajarbaar is one of the very fancy places to dine in Chapra, Bihar. They serve a wide variety of multiple cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The place has a very fancy ambience and the staff is also well behaved. They pay especially heed to their hygienic conditions and cleanliness. This restaurant also offers a space for arranging parties and events like reception, birthday parties or corporate meetings.



4Zaika Restaurant

Zaika Restaurant offers one of the best non-vegetarian multi-cuisine delicacies in Chapra, Bihar. They have an excellent dining space and friendly staff serving the customers. The most loved dishes on their menu are Paneer do pyaza, Chicken Tandoori and almost all of the chicken dishes are widely famous in Chapra.


5Swad Veg. Restaurant

Preferably categorised as a fast-food joint, Swad Veg. The restaurant serves some luscious and nutritious vegetarian dishes. They have a selectively designed menu, offering various cuisines and dishes of lentils, grains, salads, fruits and other items.



6Aikaaa Family Restaurant

A nature-themed restaurant, at Aikaaa you can devour some of the most lip-smacking dishes from several cuisines. The food is quite amazing and the ambience is peaceful. The restaurant is very neat and nicely decorated. The staff- service is also satisfactory and all the members are very well behaved, maintain very professional decorum.
Location- Dahiyawan tola, Darshan Ngr, Chapra, Bihar 841301


7Saran Biryani Handi Mutton

Saran Biryani Handi Mutton might not be a very fancy or humongous dining restaurant, but it serves one of the best non-vegetarian biryanis, kebabs and chicken items in all the town. It is more of a takeaway kind of a food joint very you would choose to pack your preferred deliciousness. The owner of this place is a very friendly person, who offers you the best possible hospitality. They offer the richest tasting biryani and Tawa fried chicken in the locality. They prepare their biryani and other dishes in very authentic style- in handis which reflects a very rusty and traditional taste.



8Spicy Window

The spicy window is a takeaway, food van which travels along the city to provide your delicious food on the roads. They are a very mobile food serving please who offers the best Chinese and fast food in Chapra locality. The food van also offers standing tables and outdoor seating. It is a very inexpensive fast-food van that provides you lip-smacking and appetite filling dishes to devour upon.



9Laughing Pizza

One of the best places in Chapra, completely dedicated to serving delicious and authentically made pizzas. Their pizzas are breathtakingly aromatic, display fine craftsmanship and luscious taste. They offer a wide range of delicious pizzas, beverages and sides. It is one of the premium pizza selling outlets in Chapra. The restaurant is very passionate about their pizzas and they prepared them from scratch, fresh door, fresh sauce and premium quality cheese topped with fresh herbs and toppings.

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10Deshi Chulha

Deshi Chulha brings to you some of the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in the Chapra locality. The ambience is very peaceful and well lighted up where you can enjoy your food and have a great quality time with your friends and family the staff serves you with much care and handles your food but they required hygienic standards. The restaurant offers you indoor closed as well as open outdoor seating, choose where to set according to your mood preferences!



11Spicy Food House

Spicy Food House is a fast-food stall/ joint, which stands true to its name- the place offers you some of the spiciest and delicious fast foods in Chapra. If you are in a hurry or in situations where you can’t sit and eat in fancy dining, Spicy Food House is there to your rescue. You can grab a quick and tasty snack which is a feasible option in circumstances of a hurry. They are very swift in serving their food, ensuring enough nutrition in every meal.



12Kolkata Royal Biryani House

Kolkata Royal Biryani House serves the best chicken biryani in the Chapra locality. All of the biryani dishes they serve have the authentic taste of Kolkata Biryani. The chicken biryani is widely loved. The restaurant is located on the Pankaj Cinema Rd, which makes it a very convenient joint for take-out. The interior is not very big, but the food they serve will surely make you come back a second time.



13One Bite Chapra

One Bite is a pan India chain of multi-cuisine restaurants that have one of their franchises in Chapra, Bihar. They have more than 60 successful outlets all over India and over 100 menu items. This serves some of the best waffles, cheesy loaves, pizzas, wraps sandwiches, burgers, plates of pasta, beverages and chicken dishes in Chapra. The place has already a cool and quirky interior which makes it a very fun place for youngsters and old people as well stop you can also get some nice pictures clicked inside and outside of the beautiful restaurant.



14Laziz Pizza Chapra

Laziz Pizza is one of the best pizza outlets that serve fresh and tasty pizzas in Chapra. They make the pizzas from scratch, enabling them to serve the pizza bases, sauces, vegetables or toppings very fresh. The staff there is very quick and well mannered the food is delicious.



15Aaradhya Baker’s Point

Cooking at home isn’t always possible. Fast food restaurants, cafes or fast-food joints come up as oh an easier option in such situations of hurry or when you can’t or don’t want to cook at home! Aaradhya Baker’s Point is a bakery that serves some delicious street food and fast-food items in a very hygienic way. Visit the place to witness its best food and experience.



16Milan Palace

Milan palace is a very big and spacious place for organising any function or party. They are open 24/7 and provide several hospitality facilities. The ambience and staff are very friendly and peaceful. The palace is very huge and pretty and the kitchen area is quite hygienic and serves some of the best Indian, north Indian, South Indian and multiple other cuisines.



17Fresh Food Box

Life today has become very fast pace. Most youngsters, schoolgirls and office goers do not have the time to have a huge elaborate meal before or after their work. Thus people nowadays enjoy and prefer a quick bite, which is served to them quickly and also has some nutritious values. Fresh Food Box serves some of the best choices of snacks which are very easy to prepare and also nutritious. The ambience of the place is quite well lit up and peaceful and the services are also commendable.




Habits restaurant is one of the best places where you can enjoy eating alone or in the company. If you want to have a nice family time or spend some time with your friends and enjoy some food, Habits is your place. The staff here patiently elaborates the selection of dishes available and their prices. They take care of the overall atmosphere and makes you feel comfortable and joyful.



19 Hotel Coffee House

Hotel Coffee House offers you a menu that has some of the best customary drinks and beverages like a warm cup of Americano or cappuccino or some chilled iced tea, or any beverage of your choice. The menu also has some sweet dishes to enjoy with your drink. It is a nice cafe with a very peaceful ambience to escape away from the hectic city life.



20 Dream Food Villa

Located centrally along with the Nakshatra campus, the dream food villa is a fast-food joint that serves you a line-up of various delicious snacks. They make their food very quickly and easily but do not compromise with its taste. They offer a wide range of spicy, luscious and lip-smacking snacks which you can have quickly on the go.