The 20 Best Street Food To Try In Hong Kong

The 20 Best Street Food To Try In Hong Kong
The 20 Best Street Food To Try In Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Street food is very popular all around the globe. The food is very flavourful, delicious and filling. You can easily fill up your appetite with just a few bucks. The streets of Hong Kong serve some of the finest Cantonese dishes, delicious dim sums and local snacks and desserts. The local hawkers or vendors sell ready-to-eat snacks and beverages from their food stalls or counters on the streets. The most famous places that serve some of the best and authentic street foods are Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long and Kwun Tong. The food is served in plastic utensils or polyester boxes with disposable bamboo sticks. The streets are lined up with several stalls and shops, excluding the dining facility. They are mostly take-away or stand-and-eat kinds of stalls. The food is also prepared for takeaway in small paper bags come on bowls or plastic bags. The food is prepared in large quantities or bulk, which have huge quantities of oils, spices and seasonings to make it succulent to the customers. Here is the list of the top 20 delicious street foods to try in Hong Kong-

1.Curry Fish Balls

Curry fish balls are one of the most authentic and widely loved street foods in Hong Kong. This delicious snack consists of spicy and balmy fish balls, served on skewers and immersed in delectable curry sauce. The dish is quite an inexpensive, filling quick bite which you can enjoy on almost every stall in Hong Kong. These balls are made of a fine fish paste, boiled in a soupy broth or deep-fried. These balls are then added to a flavourful Curry and served piping hot.


2.Cheung Fun

One of the classics of Hong Kong street food, chain fun is a dish consisting of rice noodle sheets that are rolled up and served with a generous serving of multiple sauces. It also has a different version, in which you find Dim sums filled with meat. The street version stands out from the restaurant version because of its toppings, which can be savoury or sweet depending on your preference and the stall you buy it from. The rice noodle sheets are filled with vegetables, shrimp, beef and most popularly pig intestine.


3.Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu has quite an acquired flavour and is widely popular and available in Hong Kong And the rest of mainland China. Stinky tofu may be described as the Chinese version of blue cheese. Left to ferment overnight, the tofu is deep-fried at the time of serving and loathed with sauce. Owing to its name, the dish has an awful smell but is surprisingly delicious.

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4.Siu Mai

When you think of Hong Kong, you think of dim sums. It is the most rightly popular street food which is served across, from streets to fancy restaurants and fast food joints. These are bite-sized balls of juicy pork, mixed with fish bits and wrapped in wonton sheets. They are slow-cooked in a steamer. This dish will leave an after taste in your mouth, leaving you wanting for more.


5.Deep-Fried Pig Intestine

This dish might not seem appealing or appetising at first sight, but it is a delight that Hong Kong street food has to offer. You have to make up your mind before trying this delicacy. The dish is a combination of chewy and crispy textures dipped in sweet sauce. This delicacy gives you a burst of flavour- sweet, savoury and a bit tangy- all at once.


6.Gai Dan Zai- Egg Waffle

Gai Dan Zai is a kind of sweet egg waffle. It is quite a famous treat to enjoy on the streets of Hong Kong. The egg battle is put in between a waffle maker and some thought with fruits like coconut or strawberry and even chocolate syrup. It can be customized with a lot of other toppings as well. The waffle comes out in a very pretty bobbly fashion.


7.Lung So Tong (Dragon’s Beard Candy)

As the name suggests it is the kids favourite- cotton candy. Its traditional recipe consisted of malto syrup and sugar and has been the favourite sweet snack in China for centuries. This dessert also has a fun element to it- many skilled artisans craft them into various pretty creations, and filling them with extra condiments or confectionaries.


8.Red Barbecued Pork On Rice

Let me cheque rice is one of the Staple food items of Hong Kong. This delicacy adds a special flavour to the regular price. The pork is cooked in authentic Cantonese flavours and barbecued with a spicy and flavourful red sauce. The dish is very basic yet delicious. It maintains a very authentic  Cantonese flavour, served with a bowl of steamed rice.


9.Roast Duck Or Goose On Rice

Glazed roasted ducks and geese hanging on window hooks are a common sight in the narrow streets of Hong Kong crowded with eateries. They look luscious and delicious and the taste is even better. They are sliced and served over a bowl of steamed rice. The name and appearance are quite similar to pork with rice but the distinct taste of this dish is what stands.


10.Xiao Long Bao- Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Other than traditionally originated snacks, the streets of Hong Kong also serve some of the best meals from the rest of China as well. Shanghai Xiao Long Bao is a tender dumpling filled with a mouth-watering soup. As you bite into the dumpling, the soup spills out, giving a juicy and doughy texture at the same time. Make sure that the dumplings are cool enough, or else you might end up burning your tongue!


11.Wonton Noodle Soup

Another Hong Kong classic, wonton noodle soup is now relished all around the world but its authentic taste can be savoured in Hong Kong, the land where it has originated. It can be said to be heaven served in a bowl. The bowl includes egg noodles drenched in a savoury broth, accompanied with some delicious stuffed juicy wontons. It can be enjoyed as a breakfast or lunch or snack at any time during the day.
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12.Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are authentically Portuguese inspired dessert, which is also associated with Macau. It is widely loved in Hong Kong as well and can be found in many eateries around the streets. They are flaky pastries filled with sweet egg custard. They are creamy and sweet, and a perfect treat to snack upon. Egg tarts are derived into the Cantonese cuisine from English custard tart and Portuguese pastel de nata.


13.Pineapple Buns

Misleading to its name, pineapple buns do not traditionally have pineapple. They were named so due to the look of the buns which resembles the texture of pineapples. Pineapple buns are sweet buns, which are very popular in Hong Kong and China towns worldwide. The buns are airy, fluffy and light slathered with lots of butter. You can enjoy a delicious pineapple bun with a cup of steaming milk or tea on your way to explore the town of Hong Kong.

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14.Boat Congee

Boat congi or rice porridge is a very popular breakfast all across Asia and Hong Kong. The boot version of akangi was curated by a local fisherman. The meal also consists of tiny pieces of fish along with other items. You can enjoy congee with a traditional Chinese dough stick which is a deep-fried and puffed up dough piece, quite popular in Hong Kong and mainland China.

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15.Tea Egg

As interesting as its name, tea eggs are eggs that are boiled and then cracked and soaked intuity and soy sauce mixture. The tea and soy sauce mixture gives them a distinctive flavour and also blotchy appearance. These tea eggs are prepared in huge pots And is a very innovative way of having your regular egg. They are very nutritious and affordable at the same time. This is a must-try snack when exploring Hong Kong.

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16.Snake Soup

From the name of the dish you exactly know what you are getting into. It is an authentic Hong Kong delicacy that is a very flavourful and spicy soup. But the flavour or texture of the meat won’t let you realise that you’re eating a dangerous animal, a snake!. This dish is quite a fun dish for all those foods who love to experiment with their food and are adventure-driven.

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17.Beef Brisket Noodles

The streets of Hong Kong have a lot of noodle dishes to offer to you. Beef brisket noodles should be on the top of your noodle tasting dishes list. It is a warm bowl of comfort and feels like Asia in a bowl. Slow-cooked beef pieces, marinated in spices, is served in a hearty and warm bowl of broth. This may be one of your favourite dishes among all the other delicacies of Hong Kong.


18.Steamed Buns With Barbecued Pork

Steamed buns or Bao buns are a very popular delicacy throughout Hong Kong and China. Bao Buns have a better version of themselves, that is, stuffed with flavoured pork. A variety of stuffed bao buns is the barbecued pork-stuffed buns. The pork is marinated in a sweet sauce and barbecued, to be filled inside the steamed buns. They are deliciously prepared by the street vendors as well as dim sum restaurants and served to you with much love.


19.HK Style French Toast

You may have had the regular English French toast. The Hong Kong version of this delicacy is a deep-fried one. A deep-fried French toast is served with a generous serving of Maple syrup or peanut butter. You may enjoy your deep-fried French toast along with a piping hot cup of coffee. The ingredients involved in this dish do not belong from Hong Kong at all, but this version is completely a local creation.


20.Lo Mai Chi (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Popular as nuomici in Mandarin, Low Mai Chi is a kind of Chinese pastry. They are a local dessert in Hong Kong as well as can be found in bakery shops all over Chinatown. They are traditionally made of rice flour dough filled with a mixture of crumbled peanuts, sugar and coconut, black sesame seed paste and red bean paste. But a modernised version is also available which has diverse flavours like mango, chocolate or green tea etc. It is a very popular Chinese dessert traditionally eaten to celebrate the last day of the Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival.