The 20 Best Restaurants In Sultanahmet, Istanbul 

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The city is known as the culinary capital of Turkey, so it would be a disgrace not to attempt some heavenly Turkish cooking! In the city of Istanbul, a vacationer focal point for its guests is Sultanahmet. Here one can track down a broad rundown of activities to see and investigate across this dynamic area. Other than old monuments that offer a brief look into the past and best instances of Ottoman design, Sultanahmet likewise requests to your stomach as much as your eye. The site is home to some great cafés where you can appreciate mouth-watering dishes from everywhere in Turkey without going far! Here are the 20 best eateries in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. 

1.Balikci Sabahattin

It is a café where the main thing fresher than their fish is the energy of visiting this clamoring family-run business! All their fish is sourced day by day from neighborhood anglers. Balıkçı Sabahattin has been offering delicious fish in their unique structure since 1927. Their stuffed mussels are an absolute necessity as a starter and the ideal method to get going on your excursion through Turkish food. Besides their stunning fish, they offer the complete most superb meze plates and natural servings of mixed greens.


2.Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi café is an ideal illustration of enterprising achievement. The proprietor’s heavenly kebabs became well known rapidly among local people who regularly visited him for lunch each day until he figured out how to purchase three stories. Hamdi Restaurant is the spot to go assuming you need a sample of traditional Turkish kebabs and barbecues. Not exclusively will it please your sense of taste, however, its view and beautiful area are also dynamite.


3.Can Oba

This Istanbul eatery is on the waitlist of best eateries around and for a valid justification. From fish works of art like “ocean bass with orange sauce” to world works of art like “meat stroganoff” and “fish risotto”,,”- this spot has something for everybody. Indeed, Can Oba is the proprietor of this incredible eatery, and he is a well-known Turkish gourmet expert. In any case, in case you’re searching for a top-of-the-line eatery where the dishes will consistently be particular and perfect, this ought to be your stop.


4.Tarihi Sultanahmet Koftecisi Selim Usta

For the vast majority of local people, Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta is perhaps the best café in Sultanahmet Istanbul. Meatballs have a significant spot in Turkish food, and this café offers the absolute generally heavenly and best instances of Turkish meatball assortments. This setting is excessively well known such that you might need to make a booking. Other than meatballs, you can partake in a flavorful bean salad in this eatery. The semolina halva is amazing as well.


5.Matbah Restaurant

Matbah Restaurant is perhaps the best spot to attempt everything and get a genuine taste of history.This café is one of the last places in Istanbul that offers the most unknown and difficult-to-cook dishes of customary Ottoman food. Obviously, their menu isn’t simply restricted to this sort of cooking. You can likewise discover the absolute best instances of Turkish and Anatolian cooking styles at this foundation.


6.Hocapaşa Pidecisi

Hocapaşa Pidecisi is one of the extraordinary decisions for the people who need to partake in a super like local people do each day. This fabulous café has a basic yet inviting air and offers a wide scope of pide (Turkish pizza) types. Pide is one of the most well known suppers in Turkey, regardless of where you go. Every area has its remarkable interpretation of it, and this café offers different kinds: Black Sea pide being one of them and is our favorite.


7Sehzade Cag Kebab

This Turkish delicacy began in Erzurum and is cooked on a level plane, being not quite the same as customary doner kebab. Sehzade Cag Kebab is one of the few spots in Istanbul where you can get a really legitimate cag kebap. In such a manner, Sehzade Cag Kebab is perhaps the best café in Sultanahmet, and you need to visit here to partake in this kebab. Other than cag kebab, you can likewise appreciate natively constructed Turkish yogurt, treats, and mixed greens.


8.Hafiz Mustafa

Hafiz Mustafa is probably the most established café serving in Sultanahmet. It was established in 1864 during the Ottoman Empire time frame and has been centered around a solitary classification, Turkish treats, from that point forward. You’ll discover all your no#1 Turkish treats at Hafız Mustafa, similar to baklava, kadayif, and smooth pastries. These newly made treats will speak to your eye taste however much they appeal to your stomach.


9.Güvenç Konya

Konya is the biggest city in Turkey, and it was one of the culinary capitals of the Ottoman Empire. The cooking of Konya has affected Turkish food fundamentally on account of its assorted flavors and flavors that are utilized to make dishes. Notwithstanding their heavenly etliekmek, Güvenç Konyalı likewise serves conventional Turkish soups, kebabs, and mixed greens. One of the mark dishes in Konya is etliekmek.


10.Giritli Restaurant

Giritli Restaurant is inviting its visitors into an old and reestablished Sultanahmet house. Girit or Kriti, (Crete) is a Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. Giritli Restaurant is probably the best café in Sultanahmet with its rich and Mediterranean menu. The menu here is loaded with new fish and Mediterranean cooking.


11.Pandeli Restaurant

Pandeli Restaurant is situated in the renowned Spice Bazaar in Eminonu. Pandeli’s café is the ideal spot to encounter a sample of Istanbul. They offer in excess of 70 distinctive dish decisions, including chicken, fish, and different meats like hamburger or sheep, with bunches of veggie lover determinations. You can’t turn out badly requesting anything off this broad menu – regardless of your preferences or diet limitations since they have it covered from soup to servings of mixed greens to pasta top choices dishes and pastries including Turkish espresso.


Bitlis 12.

Bitlis is a city situated in the eastern piece of Turkey and renowned for its nearby cooking. Bitlisli Restaurant offers the absolute best instances of Southeast and East Anatolian food to its visitors in Sultanahmet. In case you’re a flavor darling, the kebabs at Bitlisli will be a perfect fit for you. You can browse a huge number of various choices at this Sultanahmet café. They offer kebabs, pides and lahmacun, just as conventional “sarımsaklı Antep lahmacun” (lahmacun with garlic).


13.Erol Lokantası

Lokanta is a Turkish expression that can be characterized as a café in English. Nonetheless, it has an extraordinary style, in which food sources are displayed. Erol Lokantası is a self-administration café with flavorful Turkish suppers. All food varieties are cooked toward the beginning of the day, and you can make your own menu by straightforwardly conversing with gourmet specialists holding up behind the counters.



Deraliye is perhaps the best eatery in Sultanahmet, which serves Ottoman food to their visitors. There are two reasons that make this eatery famous among local people and guests. The first is a direct result of the flavorful food, and second, being their cooking classes which show you how to cook customary Turkish food.This is an incredible spot in case you are searching for some place close by with delectable food.


15Fish Home Restaurant

Fish Home Restaurant serves mouth-watering new fish day by day. The spot is cordial with a little patio in the event that you like to eat outside.Your experience of food here will be intriguing from the start as far as possible. Start with a mix of Turkish style hors d’oeuvres, and from that point, continue on to a fish and fish platter. Then, they serve new fish from the day, impeccably cooked and barbecued with rice and potatoes. In case you are an agreeable child, the proprietors might astound you by offering free Turkish pastry and tea eventually.


16Queb Lounge

Queb Lounge offers you a chance to have the best encounters of your existence with an all encompassing perspective on the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Bosphorus. Here, at Queb Lounge, you can partake in the flavor of conventional Turkish food or different dishes from world cooking, contingent upon your decision. It additionally offers good to go customary Turkish breakfast. Turkish espressos on the house, also. The taste and assortment of food are pluses.


17.Balkan Restaurant

Balkan Restaurant is truly outstanding in the area and some other various areas of ​​Istanbul. At the point when you head inside, check out you. Here, you can look over different Turkish natively constructed and road food. The spot may appear to be unique from a normal café. It has an individual menu. The ordinary menu is shifting from meat dishes, dishes made of meat and veggies, and just veggie dishes. You should likewise give a change to the customary Turkish soups.


18.Café Amedros

The menu of Café Amedros has a decent assortment of kebabs, veggie lover well disposed, and without gluten dishes from Turkish, Ottoman and world cuisine.In general, Amedros brings the plans arranged hundreds of years prior at the castle for the Ottoman rulers into the light. It offers them their valuable clients in their blustery environment. The treats of Amedros likewise have a decent preference for their dishes. Bistro Amedros merits the visit. It is arranged in the core of Sultanahmet.


19.Divella Bistro Restaurant

Divella Bistro Restaurant is perhaps the best café with an extraordinary climate in the town. In its area near Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum, culinary specialists of Divella Bistro offer strange dishes from Turks and Ottoman cooking made of new and excellent items. It is beginning from the principle course to the cake and beverages. You potentially get three delightful ideas: the sheep ribs with sauce, the chestnut dish with meat, and conventional Anatolian kebabs.


20.Namli Rumeli Koftecisi

Namli Rumeli Koftecisi was opened in 1982 at Hocapasa in Sirkeci. In the event that you wish to begin your feast with soup, you can go for either lentil soup or yogurt soup. Additionally, home-made ayran (yogurt drink) at Namli Rumeli Koftecisi is truly delectable and most certainly worth the difficulty. This shop is renowned for its meatballs, yet you can select to have chicken sticks or sheep sticks as well. Also, haricot bean salad and old style salad at Namli Rumeli Koftecisi are similarly delectable.

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