Top 20 Sindhi Lip-Smacking Dishes


Sindh is famous for its rich culture and festivals but what makes it more distinctive is its Sindhi cuisine which tastes lip-smacking with its ingredients and spices. When it comes to the aroma of the food, it is unexpressive. I will say it is food from heaven.Studio-Session-Sindhi-Food1.

Sindhi Curry

Sindhi curry is especially known for its mild spices. It is made of chickpea flour and Vegetables. It is made by the Sindhu community moreover and even other communities love to taste this delicious curry.


This is an authentic dish people love to eat with chai. This item is specially made at a Sindhi Culture festival called thad-di. This item is made with wheat flour and really crispy to Eat, this item can be used for more than five days; we can store this and take it with us while traveling somewhere.


Gach is also a kind of dish which people love to eat with chai (tea). It can be both a sweet and spicy dish. It is basically made with wheat flour, semolina, and sugar. One must try it.


Sindhi dhodha is an authentic rice roti that is famous all over India. Everyone loves to eat and enjoy it with pickle this is most favorite breakfast of Sindhi’s.


5. Biryani

Biryani is another hit from Sindhi’s. Biryani is basically made with cooked plain rice and which is then added with spices, other veggies and to make it tastier we eat it with raw curd. This is the most loved dish by everyone.

Mongi Mithayi

Mongi mithai is a famous traditional Sindhi sweet. We made this sweet at all the festivals and is made from very basic ingredients like besan, khoya, and sugar. It gets ready in about 10 to 15 mins. Try and have it on your festive.


Pulao is a one-pot rice dish made by cooking rice with aromatic spices, herbs & sometimes stock. There are many kinds of pulao recipes made in India like vegetable pulao, Matar Pulao, Tawa pulao, Coconut milk pulao, zarda pulao, Kashmiri pulao & Chicken pulao. People usually have it in the winter season. It’s a kind of Seasonic dish.
pulao sindhi8.

Dal Pakwaan

Dal pakwaan is a rich and popular breakfast of the Sindhi’s. This adds crispy samolina puris with dal. Sindhi communities have a great taste for dal pakwan. This may take 30-45 minutes maximum to make it. I must say one should try making it and have it with its mouthwatering aroma.


Muthiya is a famous sweet of the Sindhi’s. People themselves make it at their home very easily, it contains suji, wheat flour, and besan. They always have it after every meal during the Day and this sweet dish fits for health too.
muthiya n ew

10. Satpura

Satpura is a Sindhi sweet which is prepared in the month of the Saptami festival. The process is a bit tricky, but a Sindhi lady can be so perfect in making it. It is crunchy and sweet in taste and everyone loves to eat it raw, with milk or tea.

Daag Vali Sabji

The term daag refers to gravy cooked with brown onions and it can be of many types. You can add soya beans tikki, aloo, dal tikki and so much more to have a fantastic taste. It is More often made as lunch where you can serve it with besan chilla or plain roti.

sindhi sabji12.

Besan Ki Sabji

Besan ki sabji is mostly made for lunch with roti, we can have it with either salad or pickles, to make it more delicious. In this dish you will get all aroma of spices and will have some crispiness in It. Besan kii sabji is a gift from the Sindhi community and it is famous all over other Communities too. We can add tikkis in sabji to have that crispiness in the mouth.

Seyal Bhaji

Seyal bhaji is the best Sindhi vegetable dish. People love to eat it with dhodha and it includes all the Basic vegetables like ladyfinger, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, and some Indian masala which gives the best spicy taste to it.


Malpua is an Indian Mithai that can be made for any Festival. It’s so famous for its taste and it’s totally easy to make it, by baking in just 10 minutes. It contains cardamom powder, sugar, and milk. It is crispy in taste.

Bhey Ki Sabji

Bhey ki sabji is another level of taste. You can have it with roti. It is too healthy for us too. Our old generation loves to have it and we also need to have a taste of this amazing masala of Bhey ki sabjii with its wild spices.
bheysabji new16.

Sindhi Khichdi

Sindhi khichdi is known as the healthiest food in India. We always eat them with pepper potatoes whenever we get sick. It is made from mixtures of green daal and rice.

Sai Bhaji

Sai bhaji is a Sindhi vegetarian curry, consisting of dal, palak and other vegetables. It forms a staple part of the local cuisine and is considered a rich source of nutrition due to its mix of various greens. It is a popular household dish in Pakistan, India, and among the Sindhi Diaspora.
s bhaji18.


Bhori is a Sindhi breakfast. The whole wheat flour rotis are cooked and crumbled with sugar and desi ghee. Delicious in taste, you can have it with papad, parathas and curd with red chili on the top over it. Bhori gives you an amazing breakfast combo.
bhori new19.

Juar Bathu

Bathu is a porridge made of grounded millet, seasoned with cardamom powder. This is perfect for chilly winter mornings as it helps to keep your body warm. It is seasoned with Spluttered mustard seeds in ghee or oil and served piping hot. This porridge is a must-try option for all fitness enthusiasts.
juar new20.

Sindhi Kheer (Sabudana)

Kheerni is a Sindhi kheer made with Sabudana. It is usually made in all the Sindhi homes on Festive and auspicious days. People love to have it after the meal. It’s a sweet dish. Try and have an amazing taste.