The 20 Best Whitefield Restaurants In Bangalore

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Bangaloreans are on a fundamental level. At the point when you live in a town whose name in a real sense means ‘Town of Beans’, you must cherish food. Until a couple of years prior, Whitefield was likely viewed as the IT center point of the city, with its territory of office towers and corporate structures. Quick forward to now, and you’ll be astonished at how much the hood has changed. From stylish shopping centers to eateries, the spot has had a few foundations coming up, giving it a total makeover. 

The cafés have not just sprung up according to the daring adventures of restaurateurs, yet additionally remembering the cosmopolitan crowd and various ranges the residents have created. Here are the 20 best cafés in Whitefield, Bangalore. 

1. Biergarten

There are open-air local area tables encompassed by exquisite nursery scapes, with different house plants. The insides are genuinely unconventional with love seats and fleecy pads. The spiced fish fingers are very much flavored and presented with a spice dressing and are most certainly a solace food to attempt. Mustard marinated fish, completed in an oven with heavenly mint chutney. Aside from the in-house prepared lager the bar has an extraordinary combination of both heavy drinkers and non-cocktails, including mixed drinks, and mocktails.bii

 2.Red Rhino 

It has a significant enormous space, with indoor, outside and porch seating. You could check the ‘Fresh Lotus Stem’ out. A severe liberal piece in a highly Indian-Chinese sauce, if that is the kind of thing you like. For something somewhat more generous, particularly with youngsters at the table, the ‘Vietnamese Hot Pot Noodle Soup with Chicken’. The menu is huge with a blend of Indian and global. You have total suppers – platters, bowls, and such.  red rihno

3.The Whitefield Arms Pub And Microberry 

The eatery appears as though it has been in that spot since the eighteenth century. The shading code is in high contrast with complicatedly cut wooden seats. One of the marked spirits that you should try here is the Lavelle with Ketel one. It is in the memory of the Irish warrior, Michael Lavelle, behind the Kolar Gold Fields. It is essentially frosty cold vodka and gin is shaken with butterscotch and nectar. interior-of-the-whitefield-arms-pub-whitefield

4.Ji Hazoor 

The alternatives for vegans and for meat eaters is comprehensive; thus nothing to stress on that front. The standard thing ‘Tomato Shorba’ is there yet it is the ‘Paya Shorba’ that is everyone’s pick. Among the starters, the ‘Shakahari Platter’ is incredible for more excellent gatherings, else the ‘Roasted Mushroom’ is most certainly an intelligent thought. Lamb dishes you will discover in the primary course segment, with the ‘Rara Mutton’ and ‘Nihari’ being generally famous. ji hazoor

5.The Groot

Rassasy By Barcelos is a decent indoor/open-air bar, with an emphasis on Continental, American, and Mexican cooking, alongside a choice of mixed drinks, spirits, and brew. You can savor an assortment of your unequaled top options like tacos, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizzas, and different snacks. The block-walled insides of this place are elegantly finished, with stylish lights and furniture. The spot is colossal, with both indoor and outside seating.the groot

6.Smoke House Deli

A European bistro, Smoke House Deli, is a group top pick in Whitefield, Bengaluru. The spot provides a sufficiently bright and extensive mood with wooden furnishings and carefully assembled pictures on the dividers. They provide an exemplary definition of European dishes, including soups, mixed greens, canapés, pasta, burgers, alongside a couple of pastries to end your dinner. Start your culinary excursion here with their Smoked Chicken and Caper Berries Salad.smoke

7.Kava Kitchen And Bar 

The eatery serves buffets for all suppers, so that is an alternative on the off chance that you like. In the individual menu, there are a few alternatives that stick out. The Mahi Tikka, Roasted Phool, and ‘Tangdi Kebabs’ are pleasant decisions. Continue to the worldwide area, and you can decide on sandwiches like the Exemplary Club or the Kava Burger. You may likewise need to end your feast on the ‘Ginger Rasam’. kava kitchen

8.Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir is a strength eatery that serves flavorful French food. Differentiating flavors and flavors are joined to draw out a feeling of equilibrium on your sense of taste. The relaxed and fun feel matched up with a stunning outside seating that supplements the nature of the dishes. The Sauces, fixings, and flavors are uncommonly handpicked by the famous culinary specialists. cafe-noir

9.Salt Indian Restaurant 

The insides consist of uncovered block facades mixing with white smooth dividers and are mounted with eye-getting divider craftsmanship. The room is very open and happily lit. The name Salt – Indian Restaurant predicts the menu yet what you can be sure of is that they present Indian food with a style. Their additional advanced turn to the works of art brings alive their food and raises their fame. salt-indian-restaurant

10.Andhra Kafe 

It has the well-known brews on proposition and Geist, Bangalore’s own, on draft now. If it is a working day, you can go the entire hoard with unlimited steamed rice thali. Assuming you are somewhat more limited, there are incredible thalis in Chicken, Mutton, and fish. The vegan side dishes here are swarm pleasers – potato, gobi, paneer, and mushroom-based. andra

11.Chez Mariannick

Get some information about where to track down the best pizzas in the hood, and they’ll point you towards Chez Mariannick. A French boulangerie and creperie, these folks offer a combo of half or whole pizza with salad, bread, and beverages. Gracious, and at the end of the week, they serve crepes and galettes. While you’re grinding away, don’t miss their day’s new heats like croissants and sweets.chez-mariannick-w21-1583093759

12. Toscane

An Italian food lover’s nirvana with something to fulfill and amuse many preferences. The menu covers tempting pasta, fish, steaks just as our unique broiler prepared pizzas. The culinary experts’ unmistakable dishes are a long way from tasteless and supplemented by a great determination of global wines. The mark blended serving of mixed greens of goat cheddar, cut pears, pecan, asparagus with red wine vinaigrette is signature and an unquestionable requirement attempt. The Norwegian salmon is roasted flawlessly. toscano

13.AB’S – Absolute Barbecues

This spot has some expertise in Indian, Chinese and Italian food. As a cafe, you will barbecue on your table by picking your meat, fish or vegetables served on sticks. Eat like a genius with a decision of marinated vegetables, meats and fish at your table. Chasm on the choicest grub they have to bring to the table, including the Roasted Pepper Dumpling Soup, Lasuni Methi Paneer, Country Club Chicken, and parcels more! Leave some space for the Apricot CheeseCake, and hair-raising Mango Pudding. abs

14.Galito’s Framed Grill Chicken

Strangely suggestive of Nando’s, this eatery, which is likewise essential for a chain café from South Africa, is for two sorts of individuals: the people who live in Whitefield and that broadway, and the people who can’t think past chicken. Get a side request of spinach and potatoes if you like that blend. Their twin platter is very great for two individuals and accompanies two of everything. Individuals love Grilled Chicken, Fried Chicken Breast the most at Galito’s Flame Grilled Chicken. galitos


Shizusan Shophouse and Bar is an easygoing feasting eatery that conveys lovely tones and unpretentious insides that satisfy you the second you step in. The Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Asian, and Korean dishes that the spot serves go through a significant deal of throwing and preparing and afterward arrive at your plate to astound you with their flavors. The menu vows to improve your sense of taste in a flash and not consume your pockets. The culinary experts here are tireless at giving particular flavors to various dishes that you search.shizusan-shophouse-bar11-1585621954

16.Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill is one of the most unmistakable fine-feast Punjabi eatery networks, and this superbly selected space fits directly in. The champions on the menu incorporate the ‘Beetroot Kanji’, ‘Salmon Tikka’ and ‘Rahra Meat’. Vegans are taken care of as well, though not with similar energy as their meat-eating partners: ‘Rawalpindi Chana’ is standard issue chana without the fancy odds and ends of, say, ‘Kadai Murgh’. The ‘Tarkari Kesari Biryani’ is worth a try. punjab-grill

17.ALT Rooftop Bar And Lounge

With fantastic and exquisite air, this café has three distinctive guest plans to browse. It may work well among the best roof eateries in Bengaluru. The ‘Seared Calamari’ is a decent canapé and is served with chorizos, artichokes, and fresh chime peppers. It is then finished off with delectable egg shavings, and presented with tapenade bread garnishes. They have a pretty poolside, a shamiana, and a standard patio seating segment. Drink lovers should attempt their unique mixed drinks. alt

18.M Cafe

Like most the entire day feasting eateries in a five-star inn, M Café presents a menu that covers American, Indian, European and a bit of Asian food. For a speedy yet healthy feast, the club sandwich is a well-known decision, or you could attempt the Marriott burger. In case you are going for a more drawn-out dinner, try the nectar-coated child back. m cafe

19.Noodle Bar

Noodle Bar has been around for some time, and one reason it is so cherished, other than its food, is that it can give you a ring-side perspective on the open-air stage at Phoenix Mall. An incredible method to get some great shows and food simultaneously. All dim sums served here come in sets of 6, so attempt the ‘Spinach’, ‘Coriander’ and ‘Corn’ or the ‘Szechuan Dim Sum’. For your introductory course, consider the ‘Combined Chinese Greens’, which includes one pak choi, broccoli, asparagus, and Chinese cabbage. For those searching for a stew hit, ‘Satan Chili Eggplant’ and ‘Tofu.’noodle bar

20.You Mee

This much-discussed current Pan-Asian café is at Forum Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bengaluru. It has some expertise in Japanese, Thai, and Chinese foods, this spot is one where you can savor an assortment of sushi, faint totals, ramen, and also, mixed drinks, wine, and spirits. The insides of this spot, for the most part, include wooden style with eccentric trinkets embellishing it. The seating region is very open and agreeable. Go for their ‘Banana Fritter Sundae’ and ‘Seared Orange Basil Ice-cream’, for the sweet tooth in mee