Top 20 Northeastern Tribal Dishes of India

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Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram and Tripura are called the land of the Seven Sisters. These are the states of India where not much light is thrown upon. Aside from terrific tourism, the districts are additionally famous for their interesting cuisine, and involvement with themselves. The conventional food sources handled and prepared by ladies of the Northeastern district are intimately associated with their socio-social, biological, profound life and wellbeing.

The processing and making of ethnic food sources do not just show the innovativeness and fortune of the food legacy of tribal ladies yet, in addition, their incremental learning to sustain the life and environment all in all. From spot-on flavors to vivid dishes, the food of the northeast will satisfy a genuine foodie’s sense of taste. Let’s explore the most elite dishes.

1.Khar – Assam

The Khar dish of Assam is the character of Assamese individuals. Each Assamese is an admirer of this dish. Khar implies ashes, and the main ingredient of the platter is banana ash, which is sifted in water and utilized in exceptionally fewer amounts. The other constituents are unripe papaya and pulses. This load of ingredients is boiled in water till the papaya gets cooked. The taste is refreshing to the senses. In the end, the dish is served hot collected with mustard oil. It is for the most part consumed with sticky or plain rice and is exceptionally sound for the body.


2.Kumurat Diya Hanhor Mangxo – Assam

Kumurat is the Assamese name for Ash gourd. Haha implies duck. Duck meat is the most loved dish of each Assamese family. It is one of the most delectable meats. Duck meat cooked with ash gourd is a splendid delicacy one should not miss to taste. It is by and large prepared in high mustard oil content and spices. Nonetheless, black pepper and squashed cardamom add an extraordinary flavor to the supper, making you hungry for more plates of serving. This dish is a typical celebratory dish during events.


3.Pitha – Assam

Pitha is the most well-known nibble of Assam. It is accessible in various structures and prepared with rice powder, known as Bora saul. It is both sour and sweet, depending on the type you are going for. The spherical peethas are prepared with either salt or jaggery, broiled in oil and devoured with tea in breakfast. Then there are the long peethas. The long peethas are prepared with rice powder broiled to the state of a stick. They are loaded down with either black sesame seeds or ground coconut and sugar. They are additionally consumed with tea. These peethas are broadly prepared during the Bihu celebration. Then there is another variety of peethas, which are prepared through steam inside empty bamboos.

pitha4.Fish Tenga – Assam

Assam is home to different types of fish. Fishes of various sizes are consumed with extraordinary enthusiasm. Individuals get to fish with their nets from close by lakes and lakes. Individuals even have their fisheries at their homes. Fish Tenga is a tart fish dish. Tenga means sour. This tart or tangy dish is prepared with enormous bits of fish and OuTenga, Outenga is the Assamese name for Elephant Apple, which adds a tart flavor to the dish. Various spices are added according to taste. In any case, black mustards add a gritty flavor to the dish. The fish is first fried in mustard oil and afterwards cooked with Outenga sauce. It is consumed with white rice.

fish tenga5.Sanpiau – Mizoram

One of the famous cuisines of Mizoram is the Sanpiau, which is an impression of their rich culture. This well-known bite is broadly prepared in all Mizoram families and sold as road food. The main components of the dish are pasted coriander, onion, black pepper, tangy fish sauce, and finely powdered rice. It is considered an exceptionally tantalizing tidbit. It is a veggie-lover dish. Be that as it may, now and again, egg Sanpiau is likewise prepared.

sanpiau6.Vawksa Rep – Mizoram

It is a luxurious dish to drool upon. It is Mizoram’s exceptional smoked pork dish, delicately cooked that it consistently falls off the bones and melts in your mouth. This is the most loved dish of each Mizoram family, prepared amid exceptional merriments. However, there are distinctive methods of cooking pork this one is special. It utilizes gritty flavors, local spices and fresh green veggies and leaves. Every one of the spices and green leaves used in the dish is their nurseries by individuals.

vawksa7.Smoked Pork – Nagaland

Pork is consumed in immense numbers in the northeastern states. Smoked pork is a top choice for each pork sweetheart. Even though you can get smoked pork in various parts of the northeast, the Naga smoked pork is the one you ought not to miss trying. To set up the dish pork cuts are marinated with salt and spices and steamed in conventional manners. Then they are sautéed with bamboo shoots or interesting matured soya bean or aged sweet potato leaves to bring out an unmatched taste. Very little oil is utilized in its planning since the pork meat is now high in oil content. Just local spices in large quantities are used in the preparation of smoked pork. The Raja Mircha or Bhoot Jolokia, the spiciest chili on the planet, is used in its making.

smoked pork8.Bamboo Steamed Fish – Nagaland

Bamboo steamed fish is a Naga style Steamed Fish, which is an authentic dish prevalently found in all Naga families. This dish is simple to get ready. The main ingredients are red dried chilies, fresh fish, garlic, bamboo shoot squeeze, and salt. This dish isn’t steamed in ordinary utensils like the traditional method of steaming. It is, instead, cooked with the steam inside a bamboo steamer. Thus, the dish is full of rich and authentic unpretentious bamboo flavor. It is served hot with plain steaming rice.

bamboo9.Nga Atoiba Thongba – Manipur

Nga Atoiba Thongba is a disintegrated fish curry, which is a famous delicacy prepared by Manipuri families. It is an unquestionable requirement have for every one of the non-veggie lovers. It is a conventional dish of the Meitei clan of Manipur. To set up this dish, fish is cut into small pieces and mashed a little. Other ingredients utilized in the platter are boiled potatoes, fresh inlet leaves, onion, cumin, chilies, and chives.

nga10.Tromba – Manipur

Tromba is an ethnic dish of the Meitei people group of Manipur. It is an immaculate dish prepared with aged fish. It has a solid sharpness as the fish is aged first. The rest of the components are mashed potatoes, green leaves, and red chilies. The dish is put together with an exceptionally less amount of oil. This dish, a lifeline of Manipuri cuisine, is consumed as a side dish with a course feast. It is likewise usually consumed as a snack. Despite the impactful smell, the recipe is mouth-watering in taste.

tromba11.Jadot – Meghalaya

Jadot is a famous dish, essentially an authentic delicacy of the Khasi clan of Meghalaya. It is a delicious pork and rice dish, an absolute necessity at each party and significant functions in a Khasi family. The variety of components include onion, ginger, turmeric, salt, pepper, coriander, and bay leaves. It is prepared with minimum oil. The presentation of the dish is like Biryani, be that as it may, the taste extensively shifts. This dish is rich in fragrant flavor.

jadot12.Tungtap – Meghalaya

Tungtap is a mainstream dish of Meghalaya. It is just a fish chutney dish. Charred fish is blended in with onions, green and red chilies to bring out a fiery flavor in this delicacy. Little slices of fish are charred or fermented to set up this dish instead of big slices. Fishes are sundried for 3-4 days kept in jute packs before mixing them with other ingredients. This dish is consumed by the Khasi and Jaintia tribes of Meghalaya. It is eaten as a savoury pickle alongside any main course dish.

tungtap13.Github – Sikkim

Github is a Thukpa dish from Sikkim called Noodle Soup in layman’s terms. This well-known dish from Sikkim is to some degree inspired by the Tibetan Thukpa dish. It is essentially a boil delicacy that contains thick spaghetti noodles, boiled veggies, and cuts of meat. Commonly used homemade spices are added to bring out an authentic Tibetan flavor to the dish. This dish can also be prepared without meat.

github14.Chikhvi – Tripura

Chikhvi is a luxurious delicacy from Tripura to drool over. The main components of the tantalizing plate of food are bamboo shoots along with pork. Pork meat is cut into smooth pieces and cooked with pan-seared bamboo shoots. It is an ideal equilibrium of spiciness and smokiness. The pork is so impeccably cooked, that there is a tinge of moisture in each nibble. On the off chance that you end up setting your feet in the territory of Tripura, you ought not to pass up satiating your taste buds with a platter of Chikhvi. Just homemade spices and home-grown spices are used in the making of the dish. Chikhvi is, for the most part, consumed with steamed rice for lunch and dinner.

chikhvi15.Zan – Arunachal Pradesh

Zan, an authentic dish of the Monpa clan of the area, is one of the most mainstream dishes of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a porridge dish prepared with millet flour and boiling water. The state has a tremendous yield of millets, maize, and wheat. Thus, a large portion of the dishes has these as main ingredients. The dish can be consumed with fresh veggies and boiled meat mixed in with the dish. It is considered a healthy bite and consumed in breakfast or as evening snacks. It very well may be consumed with bread cuts and tea. Home-grown natural spices are added to intensify the flavor.

zan16.Puhelin – Meghalaya

Puhelin is a traditional dish of Meghalaya, prepared with rice flour. Even though it is found in other Indian states, it owes its origin to Meghalaya. This dish is famous for its burst of flavors. The ingredients are rice flour, pure sweetener, and refined oil. In the first place, the batter is prepared with rice flour and unadulterated sweetener and southern style in refined oil. The dish is lightweight and has a fleecy surface. It is consumed as breakfast and supper with some brewing tea. It is prepared amid merriments.

puhelin17.Masor Tenga – Assam

Massortenga is a tangy fish curry broadly prepared in the province of Assam. There are distinctive manners by which this dish is prepared. The fishes are privately caught from lakes and ponds. Smaller fish slices are utilized instead of big slices. The main ingredients other than fish are sundried tomatoes, lemon skins, and green chilies. Apart from those, just home-grown spices are used. Mainstream spices are unused in the planning. A unique tanginess is offered by the addition of the sundried tomatoes.

masor tenga18.Sha Phaley – Sikkim

This Sikkim delicacy is a Tibetan origin dish that is a genuine threat to the taste buds. It has all of the most loved ingredients of a foodie soul i.e bread, meat and oil. To set up this delicacy bread is loaded down with ground hamburger, onion, cabbage, chilies and pan-fried in oil. The shape of the dish is like that of a dumpling. It looks hot and steaming and tastes delectable on the inside. Presently various varieties have been added to the cuisine to fulfil the need of different travellers.

sha phaley19.Mui Borok And Chuwarak – Tripura

Mui Borok is a conventional dish of Tripura. The primary component of the dish is Burma. Burma is a dry and aged fish, which is the main ingredient of nearly every dish of Tripura. This dish is cooked with homegrown spices. No oil is utilized in its preparation, which is the reason it is very healthy. Chuwarrak is the customary cocktail of Tripura, which is consumed in the state. It is cooked with Mami rice, pineapple, and jackfruit, which has an intriguing taste. The MuiBorok is by and largely consumed with Chuwarak close by.

mui borok20.Laksa – Assam

Assam laksa is a regular Malaysian fish-based sour noodle soup. It is one of the various assortments of laksa, famous noodle soups inescapable all through Southeast Asia. The dish includes rice noodles, shredded fish, and cut vegetables. It has a tangy taste, a sour ingredient liberally used to flavor the dish. It is possibly the most famous road dish found, and a top choice with the local people and travellers.