The Most Preferred Chats By Bolpur People


Bolpur is also known as the cultural and educational hub of West Bengal. Bolpur is also famous for its street food, especially for its vast number of street vendors. With all the college students coming from outside, Bolpur has places for all with its extensive range of street food with various cuisines such as North Indian, South Indian, Chinese sea foods, and many more.

1.Dahi Fhucka /Puri

Every person’s first preference who goes to a chat shop in Bolpur is Doi Fuchka. With all the whole spices and sweet chutney, it makes the dish a pleasure to the mouth. It’s an effortless dish made of a water ball that is small puffed puri, stuffed with a potato mash with many spices and curd, topped with sev, onions, and lastly with sweet chutney.


2.Papri Chat

Papri chat is best for people who prefer something crunchy. Papri is made traditionally from dough, which is then structured like a flat wafer and pan-fried. Papries are then crowned with chickpeas, boiled potatoes cut into small squares, spices including chat masala, garam masala, sev, dahi, and finally with coriander chutney and sweetened tamarind chutney. Papri chat takes even less time, and its taste is mesmerizing.



With the immense production of rice in West Bengal, puffed rice is a go-to dish for every bong. Bhelpuri is made of puffed rice mixed with onions, chickpeas, boiled potato, tomatoes(optional), crushed papri, and stirred with mustard oil and spices. Lastly, sweetened chutney is added for a sweet and crispy taste. People like to munch on bhelpuri while walking, working, or gossiping with people.


4.Aloo Chat

An easy-to-make dish with few ingredients is aloo chat. Aloo Chat is a very preferred dish by many people in Bolpur and is also easy-to-make at home. It is made of boiled potatoes cut or sliced into small pieces seasoned with masala and spices. Then chickpeas and raw onion are added. Then it is finished with chutney, lime juice, and generously sprinkled with chat masala. This easy-to-make dish is extremely delicious and fulfilling.


5.Chana Chat

Chana Chat is an incredibly tasty and healthy dish. High in protein, this dish is made mainly of beans and a mixture of finely chopped veggies like onion, tomato, and chili, then seasoned with spices. It also includes herbs like coriander which makes this dish even healthier. Chana Chat is an extremely preferred dish for all the light snack eaters and people who are into fitness.


6.Aloo Tikki Chat

A popular snack for every person in Bolpur is aloo tikki chat because of its great taste. Aloo tikki is made from boiled potato mashed with peas, onions, and spices. Small parties like segments are made from the mixture, which are dipped in besan and then fried. These fried patties are then drowned with dahi, and chutney, and sprinkled with sev. People enjoy Aloo Tikki Chat as it tastes so good and is mouthwatering.


7.Dahi Vada

Dahi vada is a perfect snack for both random times and on any occasion. First, the vada is made from the paste obtained by grinding soaked lentils with some ginger paste and salt. Then the paste is dropped into a hot oil-filled pan a little by little on every spot to form small balls. Then these balls are topped with dahi, coriander chutney, and sweet chutney. Dahi vada is very delicious, with all the vada instantly melting in your mouth.


8.Kachori Chat

A large puffed kachori is stuffed with potato, beans, and onions and then topped with dahi, chutney, and sev. Kachori Chat is an excellent alternative to dahi puri, with all the same ingredients going into a single large puri. Many people like kachori chat after giving it a try, and they enjoy its crunchy texture and taste.


9.Sev Puri

A crispy dish with many tastes is sev puri. It is a canape-like snack in which crispy fried flour discs are overtopped with potato, onions, chili, herbs, and lots of sev. Then spices are sprinkled on top for the spicy, tangy, sweet, salty flavor. Sev Puri is a crunchy chat that is preferred by many.


10.Masala Puri

Masala Puri is a street food created with layers of crunchy puri, spicy and creamy peas gravy, and many spices and veggies. Finished with sev and crunchy pieces of golgappa. Sweetened chutney is also added sometimes according to customers’ choice. With all these ingredients, masala puri results in a satisfying snack with a great texture and tangy bold flavors.


11.Samosa Chat

Samoa chat is a lip-smacking chat with samosas and chana or chickpeas. Onions and herbs are added to enhance the taste and topped with chutney and spices. Samoa chat is very much preferred by people in Bolpur as they love samosa and it’s also fulfilling.


12.Pav Bhaji

Although being a Maharashtrian dish, people in Bolpur like to try pav bhaji because of its delightful taste. Pav Bhaji consists of two parts, pav, and bhaji. The pav is fluffy bread toasted with butter. The bhaji is made by boiling and frying many veggies like potato, tomato, peas, and carrots and then smashed to form a paste with added ginger, garlic, and many spices to form a thick gravy. Both are then served together and enjoyed with great pleasure.


13.Baro Bhaja

A very easy-to-make and healthy dish is baro bhaja. It consists of boiled peas, chana, beans, onion, tomatoes, chili, cucumber, coriander, and boiled potato. Mixed with little tamarind water, rock salt, spices, and sev added later. This makes bar bhaja a very textured and spicy dish with a tangy taste.


14.Mix Chat

A perfect balance of sweet and salty is Mix Chat. As the name implies it is a mixture of crushed kachori, chana, peas, beans, sprouts, onion, boiled potato, sev, Bombay mix also called chanachur, and spices. Mix Chat has a great taste consisting of both sweet and salty mixed.


15.Sweet Corn Chat

Sweet corn is a versatile ingredient utilized in many dishes including chat. To prepare sweet corn chat, sweet corn is mixed with onions, tomato, chili, veggies, and added spices. Not only easy-to-make but also super delicious, sweet corn chat is consumed by many people.


16.Chole Bhature

Chole bhature is a very delicious dish and is prepared with chickpeas. Chole bhature is cooked with lots of spices. Tomato, garlic, chili, and ginger pastes are made and added to a pan with hot oil, many cumin seeds, red chili powder, hing, and turmeric powder which are mixed well to make a thick gravy. After that, the chickpeas are added. The Bhatura is a soft, fluffy, and big puri of maida. Chole bhature cannot be disliked by anyone.


17.Moong Dal Chat

A very delicious and healthy chat is moong dal chat. It consists of moong dal, salt, ginger-garlic paste, chopped onions, and tomato, which are mixed with oil and lemon juice. Lastly, garnished with sev, squeezed lemon and coriander leaves. Moong dal chat is a convenient and nutritious snack that can be eaten anytime.


18.Bread Chop Chat

A very fulfilling and tasty dish to try in the evening. A paste of boiled potato and spices is made and stuffed between two bread slices. Then the bread slices are dipped into flour batter and fried. After that, the fried bread is cut into pieces and plated with spicy chickpeas, beans, and pea gravy and ended with raw onion and coriander leaves on top.


19.Peanuts Chat

Peanuts Chat is a tasty and very time-efficient dish. Peanut chat only requires boiled raw peanuts, chopped onions, carrots, boiled potatoes (if preferred), and cucumber. Mixed with spices like red chili powder, chat masala, and a squeeze of lemon. Peanuts Chat is a simple and great source of good fats.


20.Dal Vada Masala Chat

Dal vada masala chat is a super appetizing dish with lots of seasonings and a bold taste. Chana dal is soaked and then grounded. Onions, a few spices, and coriander leaves are added later to the chana dal paste and mixed well. Then the paste is shaped into either ball or flattened like papri. Balls or papri are stir-fried, which form a crunchy textured pakora. These pakoras are then presented with a spicy, thick gravy of peas and beans and finished with onions on top. Dal vada masala chat has an incrediThese pakoras are then presented with a spicy, thick gravy of peas and beans and finished with onions on top. Dal vada masala chat has an excellent taste and is also healthy.