Top 20 Breakfast Places In Kolkata


The city of joy is also the place for quality, inexpensive food. You can get delightful meals at a great price in this city. Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, or dinner, Kolkata has it all. Hence, if it comes to breakfast, the eateries of Kolkata are ready to welcome you. As the city awakes to a new day, the morning breakfast is ready at the different breakfast points. Be it a common person’s eatery or a posh restaurant, every place is prepared to break the ‘fast’ of the city people. Kolkata has a wide range of menus in its breakfast platter, which few cities have. From Bengali to North Indian to Chinese to South Indian, the breakfast platter is large enough. Below are twenty such eateries and restaurants, which you are to visit on a morning food walk in the city.


Flury’s is a much older tea room established in the year 1927. Every aspect of the shop, be it the backdrops, crockeries, vintage furnitures, or high ceiling everything retains a colonial vibe. It is crowded most of the time. The English breakfast here is a must-try. Besides, it serves a wide variety of continental food.

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Maharani is well known for its breakfast. It serves the classic Bengali roadside breakfast, which is ‘Kochuri’ and ‘aloor dom’.’Kochuri’ is a counterpart to ‘puri’, and ‘aloor dom’ is a variation to ‘dum aloo.’ The breakfast ends sweetly with ‘jilipi’ or ‘Golab jamun.’

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3.Ekdalia Cocina

Ekdalia Cocina is a great place to dine. It has a European ambiance and a pretty décor. You would like to sit by those large glass windows, and enjoy breakfast. It generally serves European breakfast. But apart from that, they also serve South Indian cuisine for breakfast.

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4.Abar Baithak

It is a theme-based café. It is based on a Bengali detective character created by Oscar-winner Satyajit Ray. It is a Special place for Bengalis and is a favorite amongst the locals. It has a beautiful ambiance. They serve an English breakfast here that is ample for starving people. This place also has a bakery of its own.

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5.Balwant Singh Dhaba

Balwant Singh’s Dhaba is one of the most famous breakfast joints in the city. People start gathering in this place from 5 am, to get their breakfast done. This place is renowned for its club kachoris and curry. Beverages like Kesar tea or doodh cola are also famous here. Balwant Singh’s Dhaba is open 24/7. Hence you can walk into the place at any time of the day.

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6.Territi Bazar

In the early morning, there is a cluster of breakfast stalls in territi bazaar. These stalls gets closed to give way to the traffics as the day proceeds. It is an early morning breakfast destination. All these stalls are run by Chinese people who have settled in this part of the city. These stalls open as early as 6 am. To have a Chinese breakfast like steamed baozi buns, dumplings, fish meatball soup, or congee, one should come here. This place is also a must-visit if you are on an early morning food safari in Kolkata.

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7.Ramakrishna Lunch Home

It is a well-known South Indian food joint in Kolkata. Although the ambiance of this eatery is simple, great food is what it is famous for. It is light in the pocket. Dined once, you shall return to this place for perfectly cooked Idli, Vada, and Dosa and to consume great coffee.

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8.Russel Punjabi Dhaba

Russel Punjabi Dhaba is well known for the morning food it serves. It is famous for its Kesar tea and various parathas like aloo, gobhi, onion, etc. It opens as early as 7 am. It also serves khasta kochuris, samosas, and many more. Generally, it is an excellent place for tea and aloo paratha.

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9.JW Kitchen (Marriot Hotel)

JW Kitchen in Marriot Hotel, Kolkata is a great place for morning breakfast. It has an elegant décor and polished décor. It offers a great variety of food. North Indian, Continental, Italian, and Mediterranean are some of the cuisine that they serve.

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10.China Town

It is another place in Kolkata where you can find classic Chinese breakfast. There is a series of old eateries that serves the best Indo-Chinese in the city. China town is dwelled by Chinese people who left China in 1930’s due to civil war. These Chinese people later came to the food industry, and through them Indo-Chinese cuisine was born.

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11.Banana Leaf

Here is another place in the city that serves South Indian Delight. According, to the general reviews, the food here is excellent. You would like to enjoy their coffee along with Idli or Dosa that you order.

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12.The Wise Owl Steak House

General reviews say that it has the nicest rooftops in the city. It is a fabulous breakfast place. The site is peaceful and away from hassle. This café serves vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods.

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13.Bombay Shiv Sagar

It is a must-visit for vegetarians. Bombay Shiv Sagar is one of the finest pure-veg restaurants in Kolkata. It has an excellent ambiance along with great food. The service here is good as well.

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14.The Corner Courtyard

This place is perfect for a cozy morning breakfast. It serves continental and Italian food. The decoration here is pretty, and it brings a homely feel.

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15.Roastery Coffee House

It is an excellent place. One of its primary attractions is the greenery all around. The decoration here exudes a colonial air. The ‘ikat’ curtains, silk hanging lamps, handcrafted crockery, everything adds to its elegance. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant and serves a wide range of food. However, its continental menu is excellent.

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16.Tasty Corner

Tasty Corner is one of the most underrated breakfast points in Kolkata. It is an absolute delight for vegetarian food lovers. It serves excellent heeng Kachoris with chholar dal . Apart from this, they also serve jilipis, khasta kachoris, singaras, etc.

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17.Desi Cuisine

This restaurant is an ‘oasis’ for vegetarian food lovers in the city. It offers Gujarati, Jain, and North Indian food. This place is plain without any fancy décor, but their food is excellent and pocket friendly.

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18.The Country House

This place is well known for its English breakfast. It has a great ambiance. This place is also known for its pancakes and coffee.

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19.Gupta Brothers

With simple décor, this place is known for its tasty food. It is quite a pocket-friendly place. A range of Chinese and North Indian food is served here.

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20.Social Kitchen

Social Kitchen is well-known amongst the travelers in the city. For a delightful breakfast, you can surely visit this place. The dining area here exhibits a trendy and modern look. The food here is tasty and fitted to the price.

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