The Top 20 Restaurants To Dine In Dunlop, Kolkata


Kolkata, the city of cultures, boasts cultural and traditionally delicious food. Kolkata has a broad spectrum of food varieties, from mouth-watering Bengali sweets to various types of savory and spicy food. The authentic street food of Kolkata certainly needs no introduction. Chinese food and Tibetan food, adds an extra star to the food culture of Kolkata.

1.New Sher-E-Punjab Hotel

The hotel is known for its mouth-watering food and friendly, pleasant, cordial staff. The cuisine comprises Chinese, biryani, north Indian, tandoori, rolls, Sichuan, And beverages. It has a family-friendly atmosphere plus aesthetic indoor seating.

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2.Dunlop Hotel And Restaurant

This restaurant is a casual dining restaurant comprising multi-cuisine, north Indian, continental, and Mughlai food to offer. A must-try here is the tandoori chicken and mutton masala. Its ambiance is a diamond on the crown.

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3.Ambrosia Restaurant

Highly recommended and rated, this restaurant is known for its friendly, pleasant, nice staff, quick service, and superb ambiance. It is a casual dining restaurant. Dragon chicken is a must-try here.

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4.Food Village

The restaurant offers Chinese and, north Indian food, Bengali, and a wide range of food. This place is known for casual dining and ambiance.

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5.Dhaka Biryani House

Biryani is the soul of food. This restaurant offers various food ranging from Chinese, biryani, Punjabi, north Indian, and Bengali. Chicken chap and mutton
biryani is a must-try here.

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6.Dunlop Coffee House

Quick site outlet and casual dining restaurant serving fast food and a variety of coffees and start-up snacks. Good place for kids and teens.

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7.The French Street

The restaurant serves hygienic and tasty food. It comprises various French food with waffles and many sweet dishes to experience.

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This restaurant serves a variety of veg plus non-veg food starting from starters to combos and exciting buckets. The restaurant serves the top-notch quality food.

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9.Love Desi Chinese

This place is famous for its top-notch Chinese food. All Chinese cuisine to some unique add-ons. The quality and taste of the food are excellent. They serve a variety of food dishes.

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10.1972 Food Park

This place is an enjoyable spot for group parties, teens, families, and couples. It serves various snacks and dishes with exciting combos and plates and extraordinarily delicious food and taste.

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11.Asian Grill

It is a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating facilities that is one of the major attractions of this place. The place is fantastic for group outings and kid’s parties. The Chinese food available here is a must-try.

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12.Tripti Food Corner

The place is good, and the quality of the food is incredible. Biryani is a must-try in this place. The staff and the owner are humble towards the customers. The quality of food and quantity of food is worth the money.

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13.Fyde Rooftop Lounge

The rooftop lounge is a new attraction in Kolkata as this is a rooftop restaurant serving various foods such as snacks, north Indian, food, and Bengali sweets. Its ambiance is the attraction point of this place as at night its, beauty elevates to the next level.

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14.Aashi’s Bristo

Aashi’s Bristo is one of the major attractions in the area, as its ambiance is extraordinarily fantastic and, the quality or quantity of food is worth the money. The cafe’s aesthetic ambiance is a top attraction to youth and teens.

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15.Sprout Kitchen

Displays promise the best hygienic food and quality food. The ambiance is moderate and relaxing. It serves various food options.

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16.Krishna’s Treat On The Street

A highly rated and hype restaurants treat on the street. It serves a variety of food items that are excellent in taste and quality. The store is well-maintained and hygienic. The staff is good at service.

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The takeaway food serves multi-cuisine and Chinese dishes. Its takeaway service is good it is fast, excellent and, affordable at service.

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18.Petook Restaurant

Authentic is the second name of this restaurant, as it is a casual dining restaurant suitable for groups and small kids. The promptness of the order is excellent. The food is mouth-watering.

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19.Fryde Café

The place is a must-try with family and friends as it serves delicious food. The ambiance is simple and, soothing. The food is of excellent quality. The must-try here is the barbecued season wings and the spicy pizza.

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20.The Southern Pantry

The restaurant serves authentic South Indian food comprising all varieties of South Indian food from dosas, idlis, and medu vada.

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