Top 10 Buckwheat Recipes For You To Try

Top 10 Buckwheat Recipes For You To Try
Top 10 Buckwheat Recipes For You To Try

Buckwheat or popularly known as ‘Kuttuka Atta’ in India, is a very famous and in-demand ingredient during fasting occasions in India. Especially during Navratri, you can see the recipes prepared using this wheat in every home. It is gluten-free and is even a lot much healthy recipes that you can consume on other days as well in between your everyday grain meals. You can make out almost anything you desire using this Buckwheat as it is a perfect replacement for whole wheat during fasting. Do you know how many unique and tasty recipes you can prepare out of this one ingredient? There will be many for sure, but to give you an idea of how you can use it to prepare recipes, you can look at the below-mentioned list of the 20 such recipes.

1.Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

As, we said that you could make out any dish of your choice from this Ingredient; here is our first recipe suggestion. Pancakes are the favourite recipe of every child in present times, and making them this recipe would please them. You can make them by mixing some whole wheat flour and milk to make them soft. Remember if you are preparing it on fast day don’t add whole wheat flour.

buckwheat pancake

2.Buckwheat Muffins

Yes, these muffins prepared using buckwheat flour are also as tasty as muffins made using the regular flour. You have to keep whole process the same except replacing the regular flour with buckwheat flour. You can add cherries and nuts on the top of muffins.

bukcwheat muffiun

3.Buckwheat Bread

Buckwheat bread is super easy and delicious breakfast option that can be consumed on any day. Enjoying them along with some butter or jam spread on them is a treat to the taste buds.

buckwheat bread

4.Buckwheat Crepes

They are very similar to the pancakes, but are different in texture and taste. The pancakes are soft, but these crepes are crispy and even satiating. To enhance the flavour of these crepes, you must add some butter and cinnamon sugar to it.

buckwheat crepes

5.Eggplant And Buckwheat Patties

These patties are super soft, tasty, and worth craving when served warm and fresh. They are easy to prepare as they require basic ingredients, you have to cook eggplant along with some chillies and spices, followed by filling this stuffing into the buckwheat patties coverings and they are ready to be served.

eggplant and buckwheat patties

6.Buckwheat Waffles

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, now you can even make this sweet waffles using buckwheat flour. After preparing the fresh waffles, you must top them with some cream or ice cream, cinnamon sugar, and strawberries or any other fruit to make them delicious.

buckwheat waffles

7.Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kids love cookies, especially with chocolate in them, and when you prepare these gluten-free choco chip cookies using buckwheat flour they would even love them. You can even prepare and store them for few days, and eat on any a fast day.

buckwheat choco chip cookies

8.Buckwheat Paratha

You will find this one recipe using buckwheat flour being made in most of the Indian houses during Fasting days. They are super easy to make, you just have to prepare the dough of it like the usual ones, and them give them a shape of paratha.

bukcwheat paratha

9.Buckwheat Pakore

After parathas is pakoras; if you are bored of making regular besan pakoras, then you must try them. You can make any veggie pakora like aloo, paneer, gobi with this flour by just preparing a batter of moderate consistency.

buckwheat pakore

10.Buckwheat Cake

Yes, you can even make a cake, or a gluten-free cake using Buckwheat flour. It is delectable and pleasing in taste, prepared in a similar way to the regular cake. You can even top it with cream cheese and other flavours.

buckwheat cake

10Buckwheat Banana Bread

This grain-free bread made by combining Banana and Buckwheat flour is authentic and delicious which you can replace with your regular maida bread sold in the market. They are easy to digest for the stomach and even taste good.

buckwheat banana bread

12.Buckwheat Sweet Porridge With Coconut

You can make out a sweet porridge of Buckwheat using four essential ingredients like buckwheat, sugar, milk, and grated coconut, along with any fruit or topping of your choice. You can even use coconut milk instead of a normal to enhance its flavour.

buckwheat porridge

13Buckwheat Puri

Crispy, hot, and fluffy puris are the favourite recipe of all of us, and now they can even be prepared using this non-grain ingredient. They are tasty and can be enjoyed along with aloo ki sabzi or pumpkin sabzi; you will surely love this combination.

buckwheat puri

14.Homemade Buckwheat Noodles

If you desire to make gluten-free and grain-free noodles, then you should opt for Buckwheat as the key ingredient. They are as tasty as the regular ones and are healthy too. You will love their taste and cook them in a way you like.

buckwheat noodles

15Buckwheat Dosa

We all have eaten rice flour dosa and Ravadosa, but you should also try out this recipe of dosa made using buckwheat flour. They are crispy and tasty and can be consumed along sambar and coconut chutney; you can even have these dosas with green chutney.

buckwheat dosa

16.Buckwheat Khichdi

It is super tasty and perfect to have on a fasting day when you want to consume something light. You have to cook it like a regular khichdi by adding some veggies and spices to it and serving it warm. It will indeed become your favourite recipe.

buckwheat khichdi

17.Buckwheat Oat Cookies

The key ingredient in this recipe, along with buckwheat, is oats. These cookies made by combining oats with this non-grain flour are crispy and tasty. You can even add some nuts to it before baking, and they will become even more crunchy and delicious.

buckwheat oatmeal cookies

18.Kuttu Chilla

Just Like dosa, you can also prepare buckwheat chilla that is easy to prepare using just this one ingredient. To make it more delicious, you can add chillies, spices, and any vegetable in the batter. Prepare them freshly and enjoy along with mint chutney.

kuttu chilla

19Buckwheat Noodle Salad

This recipe made using broccoli, roasted almonds, and buckwheat noodles is a trending and latest recipe to try out. You just have to cook them along all together, and they are ready to serve in lunch or dinner.

noodle salad

20.Buckwheat Lauki Vada

They are lauki vada made using buckwheat flour, which is crispy and tasty when tasted along with mint chutney. You can prepare them on any rainy day or even other days and enjoy their taste.

buckwheat lauki vada