Top 20 Restaurants In Porbandar, Gujarat

Top 20 Restaurants in Porbandar Gujarat
Top 20 Restaurants in Porbandar Gujarat

Porbandar is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat, best known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sudama. This city has a significant tourism-led economy and infrastructure. The beach in the city locally known as ‘ Chowpati’ has a long, sandy expanse along the ocean. It has been furnished with well-arranged seating for tourists and commuters; there is also a skating rink for children. The ground is also used for ‘Janmashtmi Fair’, an annual fest held here every year. There are various temples also located in the city, like SudamaJi temple and ShriHari temple. The city also has many restaurants near the beach or other areas of the city, where you can eat tasty dishes with your loved ones. We have mentioned 20 such restaurants in Porbandar.

1.Kathiyawadi King’s Gujarati Restaurant

This restaurant offers almost every dish without onion and garlic, which is commendable. They serve a wide range of Gujarati meals, but the Gujarati thali is the best and most fulfilling. The place is best to visit before 4 PM, as the lunch items are all fresh and hot.

Location: MG Road, near kore mobile, Khojakhana, Porbandar

Kathiyawadi Kings Gujarati Restaurant

2.Shree Kansar Restaurant

It is a popular restaurant famous for offering authentic Gujarati thali. The Gujarati thali offered on Sunday is special and different from that served on other days. They also serve many Gujarati sweets that are tasty and tempting.

Location: Above SBI NRI Bank, MG Road, near Satyanarayan Temple, Porbandar

Shree Kansar Restaurant

3.Vimal Restaurant

It is a restaurant serving regional dishes of Gujarat, especially making thin chapatis that are soft. They offer dal, rice, vegetables, roti, papad, buttermilk for Rs.100 only and that too unlimited. The desserts are delicious, especially Puranpoli.

Location: Near Railway Station, Uganda Road, Porbandar

Vimal Restaurant

4.Saffron Restaurant

This restaurant serves tasty dishes like tufani paneer tikka masala, veg club sandwich, Dahi vada, aloo Tikki chaat, hot sizzling brownie, and many other dishes in a relaxed dining area with dim lighting. Their menu includes various dishes from Punjabi cuisine.

Location: Sahjanand Complex, Panjarapor Road, Porbandar

Saffron Restaurant 1

5.Swagat Restaurant

They offer north and south Indian snacks and mains and Chinese fare in a family-friendly dining area. They have snacks items like veg pizza, noodles, soups, paneer chips, all of them being tasty. They also serve mixed vegetable with butter roti, which tastes excellent.

Location: MG Road, PanchHatdi, Porbandar

Swagat Restaurant

6.AmrutParotha House

It is one of the best places in the city to enjoy pure, and authentic flavours of Gujarati food. The chapatis are soft and the vegetables and curries served are spicy and flavorful. They also serve tasty parathas at their outlet.

Location: MG Road, near HathiTaki, Porbandar

AmrutParotha House

7.Siddhi Restaurant

Their menu consists of dishes from Punjabi cuisine. They serve dishes like dal fry, Punjabi sabzi, paneer kulcha, butter Tawa paratha. The overall experience of having lunch or dinner at this location will be great. They also serve late-night snacks.

Location: Porbandar-Dwarka Bypass Highway, New Porbandar

Siddhi Restaurant

8.National Restaurant

It is an unpretentious restaurant offering local and Chinese fare like noodles, biryani, tandoori items. The noodles are spicy and delicious. They serve meals for lunch and dinner and also accept payment through various modes.

Location: opposite Dreamland Cinema, Porbandar

National Restaurant

9.Food Castle

It is a simple yet vibrant fast-food café offering burgers, pizzas, garlic bread, sandwich, Maggie, pasta, fries. All the dishes are available at a reasonable price and served in good quantity also. It is an ideal place to visit for quick bites.

Location: Madhav Arcade, Foodcastle, Porbandar

Food Castle

10.The Galaxy’s Sun Fast Food

It is a simple, straightforward location offering vegetarian sandwiches, pizzas, and fried rice. The only service option available is takeaway. The jumbo sandwich served here is tasty, cheesy, and filling.

Location: Shop No. 7, Rani Baug, PanchHatdi, Porbandar

The Galaxys Sun Fast Food

11.Bombay Restaurant

If you want to enjoy Gujarati meals and thalis that too in unlimited quantity only in Rs.80, then you must just hit this place. The dishes served are dal, rice, vegetables, roti, etc. and are served warm. All the dishes are lip-smacking and worth tasting.

Location: opposite Dasani Guesthouse, Hotel Silver Palace, Porbandar

Bombay Restaurant

12.Nilesh Dining Hall

This restaurant serves tasty Gujarati thali for both lunch and dinner. The dishes tastes like home preparation and are worth tasting. The cost of each thali is Rs.100 and is wholesome and filling.

Location: Rani Baug, PanchHatdi, Porbandar

Nilesh Dining Hall

13.Paresh Ghugra House

It is an ideal breakfast spot for Gujarati’s as this place offers perfect and crispy ghugra for breakfast with chutney. In the evening time, they serve dabeli or double roti that is fantastic in taste and worth craving for.

Location: Liberty Road, SudamaPuri, Bhatia Bazzar old, Porbandar

PareshGhugra House

14.Saltwater Restaurant

It is a relaxing restaurant with a terrace dining arrangement. They serve traditional regional dishes as well as Chinese snacks options. The veg Hakka noodles and chilli paneer are tempting and commendable. The American nuts ice cream will be an ideal choice for dessert.

Location: Bokhira, Porbandar

Saltwater Restaurant

15.Kasumbo Restaurant

It is a low-key restaurant serving Punjabi cuisine and Chinese fare in a down to earth dining room. Their menu includes dishes like a sizzling brownie, Hara bhara kebab, Punjabi thali, and other items. The gulab jamun is soft, sweet, and hot.

Location: MG Road, above Param Times, Porbandar

Kasumbo Restaurant

16.Shri Raghuvanshi Dining Hall

This is a Gujarati restaurant providing regional dishes or thali at the cost of only Rs.120. The preparations are hygienic and tastes like home preparation. You can take unlimited food without any extra charges. The quality, taste, presentation are excellent.

Location: Bhatia Bazaar Old, Porbandar

Shri Raghuvanshi Dining Hall

17.Royal Dream Restaurant

This restaurant serves tandoori items, gravy curries, biryani at a small outlet. The dishes served here are liked by the locals. The quantity of dish is also appreciable. You can visit this place with friends.

Location: JakatnakaViradi, Porbandar

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18.Murlidhar Dining Hall

This restaurant serves Gujarati thali consisting of dal, rice, salad, pickles, chutney, roti, vegetable. You can also ask for more vegetables if you need more. The dal served is tasty and of good consistency. They serve delicious and wholesome meals at a reasonable price.

Location: Kamlabagh, Porbandar

Murlidhar Dining Hall

19.Food Affairs

It is a fast-food restaurant popular for its pizza and garlic bread. The sizzling brownie and blue ocean mocktail is also tasty. You can also try cheese sandwich, cheese Maggie, burger, pasta from this place.

Location: opposite Khojakhanna, MG Road, Porbandar

Food Affairs

20.Gangotri Restaurant

It is a spacious fine-dining restaurant suitable for family dinner or lunch plans. They serve large thali having a variety of Gujarati dishes served. The buttermilk served is spicy and tasty. They also serve dhokla in the thali, which is delicious.

Location: MG Road, Khijadi Plot, PanchHatdi, Porbandar

Gangotri Restaurant