Top 17 Natural Food Preservatives

Top 17 Natural Food Preservatives
Top 17 Natural Food Preservatives

Preservatives are always used by humans to extend the shelf life of several foods. This helps in the sustainability while maintaining the nutrients. You may know of artificial preservatives but there are less chances that you know about natural preservatives. Now lets look into some natural food preservatives that will help in sustaining the long-lasting nature of the food.

1. Lemon

As you may know, lemons contain citric acid and can be regarded as a great preservative. You can use it as a preservative for fruits that are kept in the fridge and also for homemade juice.


2. Sugar

Sugar and salt surprisingly have the same use regarding removing water. They preserve the food for a good span. For example, jams and jellies can be preserved by adding sugar.


3. Cloves

Cloves are used for years together as a natural preservative and their antioxidant properties prevent food from decaying.


4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon also has a good effect on preserving your food from being spoilt when kept for a long time. When you add cinnamon to certain recipes including your breakfast food, the food won’t get spoilt.


5. Neem

In order to ensure that rice, grains, flour etc., are not decayed, prepare a bag of neem leaf and place it in the specific containers. Neem oil can also be used in food preservation.


6. Red Chilli

Red chilli can be placed in the containers of grains and flours to protect from insects and also not in getting decayed.

Red Chilli

7. Sweet Flag (Vasambu)

Sweet flag also can be placed in the containers of flours and grains to safeguard from insects and maintaining the quality.

Sweet Flag (Vasambu)

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is composed of fermentation of sugar and water solutions and is regarded as an effective natural preservative. The acetic acid in vinegar is instrumental in eliminating microbes and stops food including vegetables from decaying. Pickling is a generally followed method of making use of vinegar as a preservative.


9. Tea Extracts

It is found that tea extracts can even be powerful natural food preservative in food including meat.

Green powder matcha tea

10. Oregano

Oregano contains anti-mirobial properties and is a good natural food preservative. It is useful in not getting the meat or certain breads decayed.


11. Castor Oil

Food grains are generally preserved by the application of castor oil. Rise, pulses and wheat will not get spoilt when this oil is applied.

Castor Oil

12. Herb Extracts

Herb extracts will act as a good natural preservative. For example, pomegranate peel and grape seed are touted to have antibacterial properties when used with food items like cheese as natural preservative.

erb and Spices

13. Salt

Using salt as a food preservative is an age-old practice. Some of the food that are preserved using this common ingredient in kitchen are pickles, fish, vegetables etc. Salt does its preservative role by drying food and giving a protection surface to the food by killing bacteria. Even a pinch of Himalayan sea salt can aid in preserving your food in a healthy manner. It is used in the quantities as used for pickling and not like that in adding more taste to the food.


14. Mustard Powder

Mustard powder is used as a preservative for pickles. It contains antioxidant properties and helps the pickle not getting stale when kept for a long period.

Mustard Powder

15. Honey

Honey is rich in nutrients and it has been used as natural food preservative for years together. The highlight is the huge concentration of sugar in honey as well as the antibiotic substances which stops certain food from decaying.


16. Rosemary Oil Extract

Nowadays Rosemary oil extract is also gaining momentum as a food preservative. Studies are considering it effective in extending the shelf live of certain foods.

Rosemary Oil Extract

17. Garlic

Garlic consists of anti-viral properties and it combats bacteria in your food. Garlic is considered effective in preserving food items like meat.


There is an increasing need for safe and effective preservation of food through natural ways. You can stop your food from prematurely decaying by using these natural food preservatives. These substances can act as a safe alternative to the synthetic preservatives that are nowadays considered unsafe.