Top 20 Delicious Vegan Snacks You Can Have Anytime

Top 20 Delicious Vegan Snacks You Can Have Anytime
Top 20 Delicious Vegan Snacks You Can Have Anytime

Are you having a difficult time to find the yummy yet healthy vegan snacks to satisfy your hunger anytime?, Then read further to know about the best such snacks which require only less preparation time!

1 Corn

Corn is indeed a beautiful crop and you can quickly prepare it. It is light on the stomach and it is refreshing too. Just boil the corn and add some chilli powder or pepper powder to it along with salt. It is really good for a nutritious quick bite.


2 Spiced Raw Mango

Most of us love the tangy flavour of raw mango. And when you add chilli powder and salt to it, you get a yummy dish. Children and adults will love it equally.

Spiced Raw Mango

3 Raw Almonds

A quick serving of raw almonds will give you all the required vitamins and proteins. But the key is in not adding any flavor or salt to it. It is learnt that these crunchy foods are good at keeping chronic illnesses like diabetes at bay.

Raw Almonds

4 Sweetened Multi-Grain Balls

These balls are not only delicious but are nutritious too. This healthy laddoo is prepared with jaggery to give it the required sweetness. The highlight of this ball is that it is hard on the mouth; however when it gets into your mouth the taste is just great. It has all the nutritious grains as ingredients.

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5 Poha

Poha doesn’t need any big preparation and it is also light on the stomach. Just prepare it and eat it sometimes when all you want is a light food.


6 Bhel Puri

Who doesn’t love Bhel Puri when the need is to just have a light and spicy snack? With the delicious preparation from puffed rice, Bhel Puri is a clear winner when it comes to the crunch and munch effect.

Bhel Puri

7 Pani Puri

Pani Puri is one of the favorite vegan snack of most of us and its taste is just irresistible. When you make a hole on the puri and fill it with sweet/sour tamarind water and other stuffings, the taste is just delicious. The best part is that Gol Gappa aka Pani Puri is also healthy.

Pani Puri

8 Puffed Rice

Puffed rice or murmura is very easy in preparation and you will start having it many times as your snack once you try it. It can be a spicy snack by adding spices and nuts to it or it can be a sweet snack by mixing sugar. It’s entirely up to you.

Puffed Rice

9 Chilled Cucumber

All you need is some slices of cucumber along with some good sauces to give you satiation. The crunchy taste that is gives will surely make you want more and yes it is healthy too.

Chilled Cucumber

10 Lime Edamame

Are you in look out for an easy recipe that is fast to make, something different, and which is healthy too? Then try Edamame with honey and lime in it. You can also spice it as you want with pepper or add sugar to it.

Lime Edamame

11 Roasted Chickpeas

If you are not yet aware of this snack, then try it and you really enjoy its crunchy factor. When all you need is a crispy and crunchy snack that you can munch anytime, then cook quickly and spice it up along with seasonings.

Roasted Chickpeas

12 Buttermilk

When you are looking for a quick refreshment, buttermilk can be the ultimate choice. Even when you are travelling, you can have a bottle of it along with you. And with coriander, green chillies added to it, it indeed adds more refreshment to the drink. Should I say more?


13 Green Moong Dal Curry

Having a sudden wish to eat? Then try moong dal curry! In order to get the good taste of the moong dal for a quick bite, all you to do is to boil this moong dal (which only takes some time) and season it with spices. You can even have it non-spicy. Overall, it will definitely nourish your body.

Green Moong Dal Curry

14. Spiced Mixed Nuts

Walnuts or peanuts are a great choice when you want to have a quick bite when you get hungry but are not interested in taking something like chips or other oily items. Nuts are always delicious and when the health element is added to it, then it’s indeed a treat for you!

Spiced Mixed Nuts 1

15. Dried Fruits

Just as fresh fruits are good for you and also can be a quick bite at times of hunger, dried fruits are also a great joy, especially for travelers. Having some dates too will help keep hunger at bay.

Dried Fruits

16. Energy Balls

You would know which food would give you energy and thus you can prepare the simple energy balls at home. You can then tailor them as per your preference of nutritious composition.

Energy Balls

17. Oatmeal (nuts, fruits and seeds)

Oatmeals is preferred by most of us. There is no hard and fast rule that you should eat oatmeals only for breakfast. Some days you can have it just simple and plain while on other days you can have it with nuts, fruits, and seeds. Whether you want the sweetness or crispiness, you can use the ingredients accordingly.

Oatmeal (nuts, fruits and seeds)

18. Vegan Cookies

Now you would surely question which are the best vegan cookies, more so because of the health factor. It is definitely a no-no for vegan cookies that are pre-made. During this pandemic time, you can make them at home itself. All you have to do is to decide on your favorite ingredients and prepare it.

Vegan Cookies

19. Masala Tea

This is a typical India drink prepared with whole spices. Are you getting a headache when you don’t have your favorite cup of tea? Then why don’t you enhance it by adding some ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and tulsi? You can either add lemon or milk along with these ingredients.

Masala Tea

20. Popcorn

Popcorn is not only favorite for children but also for adults, especially when watching a movie or even just relaxing after a long day. This nutritious snack is healthier compared to the oily chips that you buy.


When you are really feeling hungry or want to have a quick bite, then just go ahead with these food.
They will not only satisfy your hunger but also give a delicious taste.