Top 18 Japanese Restaurants In Madras, Tamil Nadu

Top 18 Japanese Restaurants In Madras Tamil Nadu
Top 18 Japanese Restaurants In Madras Tamil Nadu

1.Pan Asian

A Far-East Asian restaurant and an honour winning assortment of cookery pleasures from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Republic of Indonesia.

Elements: Reservations, individual serving, Seating, Valet Parking,  Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Accepts Credit Cards, round-the-clock service.

Cooking Style: Vietnamese, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Asian, and Thai

Address:  63, Mount Road, Madras (Madras) 600032 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 444906 5271

pan asia

2.A2 – The Park Madra 

A mechanical fashionable restaurant and bar designed by notable designer Gunjan Gupta, A2 brags of refined world-class food that provides a lightweight and easy menu. From an assortment of dishes to very tiny plate of ramen and dish, the menu fulfils every craving.

Elements: Reservations, Seating, service, Takeout,  Accessible

Cooking Styles: Japanese, Sushi, Asian

Address: The Park, 601, eighth Floor, Pakistani monetary unit Boswellia serrata close to USA Embassy, Madras (Madras) 600006 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 444267 6000

A2 the park

3.Fuji Japanese Eating House

At Fuji, our purpose is to acquaint food darlings with Washoku. Located in the curious corner of Connaught Place, Fuji brings you the foremost real Japanese food in Chennai. Fuji Japanese eating house may be a gastronomical odyssey to Japan conveyance of title delectable expertise of Japanese food and feel. From the uncommon fixings to the cutlery, everything at Fuji is handpicked, and foreign brought directly from Japan.

Fuji offers a rudimentary and careful Japanese menu that may dazzle you with its tempting organized platters, Teppanyaki, Soups, Rice Bowls, Ramen, Sushi’s, and authentic Japanese dinners. The uncommon fixings utilised in Fuji’s room square measure directly from Japan. There square measure over twelve nigiri dish alternatives and Eel, Salmon Roe, and therefore the widespread Tamago (Japanese Omelet).

Foods: Japanese

Address: Chamiers Road recent No. 10, New No. 134, Nandanam,

Chennai (Madras) 600035 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 444211 2511


4.The Oriental Blossom

A prime-notch food Pan Asian and Chinese preparation eatery have sensible expertise in state, Japanese, Korean culinary art. It gloats of a Teppanyaki barbecue for live preparation. Located on the lobby level, The Oriental Blossom is open for dinner throughout that point and lunch on week-closes.

Cooking designs: Chinese, Asian, Japanese, Korean

Address: Hotel Radha Regent, No. 171, Jawaharlal Lal national leader Boswellia serrate,

Inner circumferential, Arumbakkam, Chennai (Madras) 600106 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 446677 8899

the oriental

5.Sushi In A Box   

It is our joy to serve you with the simplest quality food and nice help at the simplest of expenses. Dish during a case of Japanese eating house can normally be content with our clear and massive food readiness that’s framed from the simplest fixings. We have a tendency to typically guarantee you that the freshest fish, meat is served for you on a crate.

The fun and well-disposed air of the eatery and the dazzling show of every dish with their exceptional and specific flavours have created dishes during a crate and our traveller to come back once more than some. Kindly get your companions a wonderful treat.

Sushi during a crate restaurant was upheld by the chance of the chief crucial aspect of thoughtfulness, a real enthusiasm for serving. The eating house tries to mirror the middle convictions of exclusive necessities through the usage of the simplest fixings and unflawed help. Inconsistent pursuit of greatness, the dish during a crate endeavour to acknowledge and keep a differentiation in Japanese preparation through modernization of dishes with old standards.

Address: 24 monument Road , Teynampet, Madras (Madras) 600018 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 98849 29111

sushi in a box


It is an extraordinary Japanese food, Japanese grill, and dish-eating house at Alwarpet. Our handy cookery consultants have dominated the specialty of preparation on the iron pan and square measure here to relinquish you downright nay plus ultra. We tend to square measure typically dedicated to serving you overall quite well, arising with a combination of flavours, surfaces, fixings, and a comprehensive Japanese encounter.

Foods: Japanese, Sushi, Asian

Address: No: 146 Ttk Road Its Floor, Chennai (Madras) 600018 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 443221 6635



Nut Cracker is the spot to encounter claim to famous food served in a fashionable climate. Our precocious cookery cluster has expertise serving a spread of preparation types-from Indian to East Asian and Continental-all with a recent pizazz. Our tortuous smorgasbords highlight tempting live-cooking stations going from close indulgences to world cognoscente’s delights square measure a treat.

Cooking designs: Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese

Address: Days building Madras OMR, 245/1, recent Mahabalipuram, Padur,

Chennai (Madras) 603103 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 443000 1444


8.Jonah’s Bristo

Jonah’s eating place may be a relaxed banqueting restaurant serving Italian, Asian and Continental preparation. But the inside of the restaurant is simple and splendid. Located in Alwarpet, Central Madras, Jonah’s eating place is the ideal spot to eat with loved ones. Mainland food, Japanese, Indian dishes got served in a hip modern lounge space.

Foods: Italian, Japanese, Cafe, Fast food

Address: Velachery road Lower Ground Floor, Phoenix Market town, Madras (Madras) 600042 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 444351 6374

jonah bistro

9.Asian Station

Asian Station tries its utmost to be a one-stop objective for every Asian food darling. It can be a result of the endeavours of the cooks here, who are knowledgeable in planning the varied dishes that it’s gotten conceivable. The great climate of the easy-going uptake eatery is very twinkling, strikes you at the first spot and takes that predisposition. At Asian Station, it’s ensured that tasting good food ought not take a secondary lounge at high prices. The menu offers Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Seafood, and Asian change of state designs that covers every heavenly dish. The spot got situated within the north-western piece of the city – Pakistani monetary unit Nagar.

Foods: Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese

Address: 26/31 third Street twenty four AA Block, Shanti Colony, Pakistani monetary unit Nagar East, Chennai (Madras) 600040 Bharat

Phone Number: +91 98402 66066

asian chennai

10.New Seoul Hotel Restaurant

Clearing a path for a generous feast in New Seoul Hotels in the city. Established in the year 2014, this spot is indistinguishable from heavenly food, which will satisfy all food yearnings. It is home to absolutely the most likable foods. To own the choice to require under consideration a colossal range of cafes, it possesses an excellent space at Alwarpet. Inverse Ethiraj Marriage Hall, No 406, Ttk Road, Alwarpet-600018 is the place where one visits the scene. Graciousness to the present essential space, foodies in and around the space, will stroll into the present edifice helpfully while not try any issues known with driving to the present piece of the town. It’s maybe the foremost pursued Restaurants in Alwarpet. offers a complete knowledge of the eatery.

New national capital Hotels at Alwarpet ensure one has unprecedented food expertise by providing deeply satisfactory food. The various administrations offered at the scene incorporate Ac, Dine in, worth for two at Rs. 2100.

Food: Asian, Korean, Japanese

Address: Third Floor Tt Krishnamachari Road 406 1’ St Street, Chennai (Madras) 600018 Bharat

Phone Number: +91 444213 8884

new seoul


Principle cooking specialist Scott chae:

Nearby most cherished cooking specialist Scott chase’s energy and terrific, knowledgeable dish cook can guarantee to serve economic and neighbourhood cordial Japanese food. Exemplary to the current interpretation of Japanese food has happy Portland’s different uptake swarm. Gourmet knowledgeable Hiroshima has knowledgeable Hiroshima from Hokkaido Japan and 50years of expertise as a dish cooking specialist and businessman of Japanese eatery. Gourmet specialist Hiroshi attracts motivation from each Japanese custom and western cooking strategy. You will appreciate secret gap layers of flavour on all his plates.

Cooking designs: Japanese, Sushi, Asian

Address: 24/1, 1st street, TTK Road, close to Bean Town college, Alwarpet, Chennai (Madras) 600018 Bharat

Phone Number: +91 444500 0715


12.Raku Raku

With a room headed by the documented Yasukui Tsuruyama, the Raku eatery is an unprecedented Japanese enjoyment. They have astonishing assortments of Japanese brew, Soju, and purpose, among others. The word ‘Raku’ itself means simplicity, satisfaction, or solace, which philosophy effectively reflects in their menu and their feel.

Cooking designs: Japanese, Fusion

Address: 2 Ethiraj incense tree, Radisson Blu city centre, Chennai, India, 600008

Phone Number: +91 443040 4444

raku raku

13.Sante Spa Cooking

Veggie lover – vegetarian – protein Free – Kato Friendly – protein Free One will encounter Spa cooking created utilizing the freshest, healthy, regular, natural and with our insight into consolidating these to satisfy your yearnings. We tend to provide a very sound makeover to your daily food propensities. Sante no heritable is the freshest and anywhere conceivable natural fixings, greens, and miniature greens from better homesteadsa and close organizations around. The restaurant likewise utilizes plenty of crudes and non-white turns out to urge you to the natural flavours that are real to our underlying foundations.

Cooking designs: Italian, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian

Address: 4, town Gate two ND Street, Chennai (Madras) 600006 Bharat

Phone Number: +91 98200 22860


14.Yaki Eating Place

The word ‘Yaki’ signifies baked over direct heat or Barbecue. As the name proposes, a substantial heap of the dishes got baked over direct heat at the table. In distinction to alternative Barbeque Restaurants, what makes America novel is the grill that we tend to use? These are those that got used in several of the best grill restaurants in Japan and Korea.

Foods: Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Singaporean, Korean

Address: 32 Ramalingam Nagar Kottivakam close vacation hostel building Opposite Indian Oil gasoline station, city (Madras) 600041 Bharat

Phone Number: +91 75502 55666


15.Island Japanese

The customary preparation of Japan depends on rice with miso soup and alternative dishes; there is an accentuation on occasional fixings and flavours. Apart from rice staples, likewise, incorporate noodles (Soba and Undo). Fish is traditional frequently cooked, nevertheless to boot served crude as a dish or in the dish.  Similarly, Japan has several boiled dishes, such as fish things available (Oden) or meat in dish and Nikujaga.  Their facet dishes often include fish, pickled vegetables, and hard-baked vegetables available. Japanese food has gotten the foremost standard at some point in the globe.

Foods: Japanese

Address: Cenotaph Road just about Ganeshpuram, Teynampet, Chennai (Madras) 600018 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 444201 6997


16.Sora Jima

Clearing a path for a generous dinner is Sora Jima (Accord Metropolitan) in Madras. This spot is undividable from flavoursome food, which can satisfy all food needs. It is home to all told chance the foremost likable preparation styles. To possess the selection to oblige myriad burger joints, it includes a positive area at T Nagar. Preparing to Gemini Flyover and Vani Mahal, No 35-37, C/O Accord Metropolitan N Chetty Road, T Nagar-600017 is where one can visit the scene. Politeness to the present essential area, foodies in and around the area can stroll into the building. It’s quite presumptively the foremost pursued Restaurants in T Nagar. offers complete data of the eating house. This may be one of the eminent Restaurants in Madras.

Sora Jima (Accord Metropolitan) at T Nagar ensures a fantastic food experience by giving exceptionally acceptable food. The varied administrations offered at the scene incorporate Bar, Smoking Areas, Alcohol, Wheel Chair Seating Services, Ac, the price for two for Rs.2050, Fine consumption, Fine consumption.

Foods: Japanese, Sushi, Asian

Address: 35 G N Chetty Road the Accord Metropolitan, Thiyagaraya Nagar,

Chennai (Madras) 600017 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 98404 84137

sora jima


Flavours is a multi-cooking eating house that serves an oversized scope of food from one side of the globe to the other. Against the setting of a satisfying feeling, get pleasure from consumption the Rs.64000 dishes at their best by our master eater consultants at Flavours. Partake inside the platter till the last piece.

Cooking styles: Japanese, Indian, International, Chinese

Address: V7 Hotel, 3/191, Thelliyar Agaram, Mount Poonamalle Road, Porur Opp to Shri Rama Medical school,

Madras (Madras) 600116 Republic of India

Phone Number: +91 442476 4777


18.Potentate Authentic Chinese building

Clearing a path for a great dinner is an authentic Chinese building in Madras. This spot is undividable from luscious food, which can satisfy all food needs. Its home to complete the foremost likable preparation styles that incorporate Chinese, North Indian, and ocean Food. Therefore, the selection needs to consider an enormous type of low shops; it possesses an open area at Mylapore. Inverse AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam, New No 118 previous No eighty-four Karaikudi Chettinadu building, Dr. Radha Krishnan Boswellia serrata, Mylapore-600004 is that the place where one can visit the setting. Civility to the present essential area, foodies in and around the area can stroll into the building. It’s pretty presumptively the foremost pursued Chinese Restaurants in Mylapore. offers complete data of the eating house. It may be one of the eminent Chinese Restaurants in Madras.

Potentate Authentic Chinese building at Mylapore ensures one includes a new food experience by giving profoundly agreeable food. The various administrations offered at the scene incorporate Buffet, Home Delivery, Non-eater, Eater, and Ac.

Foods: Chinese, Japanese

Address: 118 Dr Radha Krishnan Boswellia serrata near to Karaikudi Chettinadu building,

Mylapore, Madras (Madras) 600004 Republic of India

Phone Number: 28111128

ptent chinese