Top 20 Chaat Items In Pallvaram, Chennai

Top 20 Chaat Items In Pallvaram Chennai
Top 20 Chaat Items In Pallvaram Chennai

Even in wealthy urban areas, street sellers and food trucks are most likely the most effective suppliers found on the roads. Indeed just like the overwhelming majority of the urban communities in the Asian country, the city additionally flaunts an active street food culture. It’s out of the question that culture reflects in its food and also its sense of style. On the other hand, if you think Chaats and Idlis are the only street food varieties Chennai city is known for, then at that time you got to sure enough try the overwhelming road food sources like Parottas, Sundal, Atho Man, Muttai Curry, and Kozhi cook. Here’s a summary of the eighteen best street food sources in the city.


Among the foremost well-known road food varieties in the city, Atho is a  Burmese dish. Nevertheless, it’s become mainstream in the city that people haven’t thought about its origin. In any case, Atho Man could be a plain orange-hued noodles dish amalgamated and bestowed with new crude vegetables. You’ll see little shops of Atho Man is in just about every corner of the city where people patiently wait to buy a plate of delicious Atho.

atho man

2.Pani Puri 

Golgappas in North India, Phuchka in West Bengal, Pani puri in the cities,  nevertheless people’s adoration for these will not stop. These yummy little balls are loaded up with potato, imli condiment, ragda, and onion. Despite whether or not you wish for a lightweight meal or you are looking for something affordable, Pani Puri is all you need- trying to find the tastiest Pani Puri stalls in Chennai? Try Kailash Parbat, Sri Keshav Chaats, and Kol vogue Pani Puri, and Meenu’s Pani Puri. You can easily find them using Google Maps.

pani puri

3.Channa Sundal 

On the off chance that you just do not go gaga for the Masala Sundal sold on the perfect ocean shores and aspect of the road Kadais of the city, you need to try making it yourself and see how good it is. It is an easy street dish created utilizing coconut, crude mango, and dried peas, with a scramble of asafoetida. You’ll discover them at any point of the shores and their best eaten while enjoying the cool sea air.



Chennai incorporates completely different assortments of yummy street Chaat. Aloo chaat, Chana Chaat, and Papdi Chaat are some of them. Probably the best well-known dishes in our country and every individual in the city love our most wanted Puchkas.



Boli is among the foremost yummy street food dishes in the city. The smell of hot-hot Boli can unquestionably attract you at any time. It’s basically a sweet, refined flour paratha loaded down with mashed toor dal, jaggery, charoli, cardamom, nuts, and raisin; you absolutely should try this delicious dish.


6.Podi Dosa

Created easily and served to customers in no time, this one is presumptively the spiciest and most heavenly Dosa you may at any purpose eat. A “Chennai special food,” its absorbed unsound red Podi may cause you to sweat as you eat it, but it deserves to be tried out.



They’re just about as pleasant as they’ve typically been. The white, steamed rice cake bestowed with Sāmbhar or coconut condiment on the road is probably the easiest and tastiest food in the city. It’s a great choice for breakfast as there is no oil required to make them.



Bhaji could be a fashionable food that is found nearly everywhere in the city. Some of the bhaji shops down in the city are effectively running for a very long time and the bhajis are best devoured on a rainy day. Jannal Bhajji Stall in Mylapore is one of the best bhaji stalls in the area.



Wada, Vade, Vadai, Wadeh, you’ll decide what you want to call it. These bite are in just about every place in the city. Manufactured from flavours and Gram, these rotisserie doughnuts is a solid dish; The city sells Vadas with either Sāmbhar or coconut condiment.

vada v


A broiled, fresh nibble, Murukku is created utilizing rice flour, salt, gram flour, and cumin seeds. The bites are shaped into loops and served with tea. Murukku sandwich that contains tomato, cucumber, and mint condiment is another street food changing into the mainstream among people.


11.Kothu Parotta

Parotta is created using refined flour. It’s similar to the north Indian Lachha Parantha. What is additional, Kothu Parotta got served with meat, egg, and vegetables.  An exceptional food, this is also served in the cafe.


12.Bhel Puri

A flavourful bite, A kind of Chaat, it’s a lightweight bite fabricated from cold cereal, tomato, onion, peanuts, and tart tamarind and mint Indian relish. The dish might not be average Chennai Chaat, but it got pretty popular these past few years.



Thick and velvety yogurt, Kulfi, is often found in just about every town of India. In Chennai, you’ll see people trying different types of kulfis. From the thick Malai flavour to the small amount of coffee flavour, you will get what you wish.



Idiyappam would possibly appear as noodles, but they’re pretty different. Created with rice flour and served with coconut milk and curry, Idiyappam is a notable dish in Chennai.



A Chennai unique beverage, Jigarthanda, which signifies ‘cool heart,’ is a cold and reviving beverage very famous in Chennai during summer. The beverage first appeared in Madurai and progressively became famous among the youth. These beverages are wonderful to beat the brutal Chennai heat. This is, without a doubt, Chennai renowned drink that the locals and travellers appreciate.



Uthappam is probably the foremost sold street dish in Chennai. Uthappam is made using rice and is stacked with a large variety of vegetables like bush, tomato, and cabbage. Served with Sāmbhar and coconut Indian relish, Uthappam will certainly become one of your top South Indian dishes. Seena Bhai luncheon Centre is the best spot in Chennai that’s serving the foremost delicious Uthappam for as long as thirty-six years. Different spots in Chennai are Saravana Bhavan,  Anachi Dosai Kada, and Ratna restaurant.



To make  Puttu, rice is grounded then steamed in an exceedingly spherical and hollow tube. Puttu is then embellished with press coconut and served with a sweet dish or curry. The sweet dish served is either banana or pam sugar. Curry is made using chickpeas, fish and is served with Putti. You’ll get your hands on the tastiest Puttu below the North Usman Flyover. You can likewise visit Maplai or Nair Mess to try it. It’s quite probably the most relished Chennai Street dish.


18.Kuzhi Paniyaram

Locally called Paddu, Kuzhi Paniyaram got created out of dark lentils and rice. Kuzhi Paniyaram is one of the most famous dishes, and natives regularly make it. Visit Venkatesan Street and Dakshina Puram to eat the tastiest Kuzhi Paniyaram in your life. Bear in mind to try this when you visit Chennai.


19.Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat is common street food in Delhi and all of Northern India. It comprises seared bits of parboiled potato blended with chana and hacked onions and got liberally embellished with flavours and chutney.


20.Ragda Patties

This Mumbai staple comprises of an aloo Tikki covered with a dal produced using white chickpeas known as “Ragda.” Furthermore, what makes it an otherworldly dish is a liberal portion of Chutney and Sev.

ragda patties