Top 18 Tea Places in Kolkata


When it comes to selecting a beverage, chai in a bhar (which is an earthen cup) is what each calcuttan would choose. You’ll observe people from all walks of life standing outside small tea stalls and taking a break with a cup of tea in this city.

1 Arun Tea Stall

Considered legendary, this tea stall has the best kesari chai at the cheapest price. There is no seating arrangement available but that doesn’t stop the crowd for pouring in for one cup. If you want to grab a bite, then you can definitely try the khasta kachori with sabzi. It has one more outlet in Kolkata.

Address: 25/1, Shakespeare Sarani, Theatre Road, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 100


2 Dolly’s – The Tea Shop

This is a heaven for tea lovers. You get assorted teas from Darjeeling, Assam, Uttaranchal, and Nilgiri. Even Ice Teas range from peach, green ginger, and blackcurrant. It is the modest place which has been owned by the one family for ages. It was started by Dolly Roy, India’s first tea taster and the world’s first tea auctioneer.

Address: G62, Dakshinapan Market, 2 Gariahat Road South, Dhakuria, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 350


3 The Box

The new tea hub in town, the box has the largest bhar’s you’ll find in the city. There is enough parking space to chill there in a car with friends or just sit on the grass beside the road. This place is open all night and is a good hangout spot for youngsters.

Address: 1/A, Sector B, Metropolitan CHS, Science City Area, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 100


4 Russel Punjabi Dhaba

Every Calcuttan has visited this place at least once or have been introduced to this place by their parents. It’s the best-known place for masala chai around the clock. They, in addition, make delicious coffee, but chai is the staple drink.

Address: 41, Chowringhee Road, Chowringhee, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 450


5 Shamol’s Tea Stall

If you’re in Jadavpur, then this is the tea stall you should head to. Always flocked by students, Shamol Da’s tea and the classic rock and indie’s music provide a comfort to anyone who had a completely hectic day.

Address: 188, Raja S C Mullick Road, Jadavpur University, Gate no. 4, Kolkata


6 Tripti Tea Stall

A small tea stall located near Gate 6 of the Rabindra Sadan Metro Station. The menu includes chocolate chai, malai chai, tulsi chai, and kesar chai. Open from 9 am to 10 pm, this tea stall is a venture started by three brothers. At the mere price of 25, experience two wonderful flavours collide.

Address: 35B, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rad, Lake Gardens, Kolkata


7 The Tea Place by Manjushree

If you want to feel bougie, then visit this place in your cutest attire and take in the aroma which is constantly flowing in the Tea Place. It’s located in the Great Eastern Hotel, it also offers tea cakes which go well with their several types of tea. They have different varieties of Darjeeling and Assamese tea, along with cold variations of these teas.

Address: 256, Purana Das road, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 500


8 Yule Tea Lounge

The taste of their teas gets enhanced by the surrounding greenery. Some favourites are Rajgarh Strawberry and Darjeeling Jasmine. For anyone who requires a temporary release from the city and some quiet time oneself, then he/she should visit this place.

Address: Eco Island, Eco Park, Gate 3, New Town, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 500


9 Tea Time Stories

The first cafe which provides the perfect atmosphere for tea lovers. Their detox tea does exactly what it says, while the cold pour is perfect for a summer afternoon.

Address: 178A, Kankulia Road, Gariahat, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR  250


10 Flury’s

Kolkata’s true vintage tea place. It is attended by customers early in the morning or late afternoons. Your Darjeeling or Assamese tea go splendidly with their scones and small cakes. When you order their warm tea, order their heritage ‘Baba Cake.’ The place has 18 outlets in Kolkata.

Address: 18, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 1350



The Whistling Kettle

The teas are sourced from Nathmulls Estate in Darjeeling, you can choose from varieties of Black Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea, and Green Tea. All teas are available throughout the year and they hold tea festivals and workshops biannually. Tucked away in Golpark, this tea place obtain a treasure for tea lovers.

Address: 23/3, Gariahat Road, Near Mouchak Sweets, Golpark, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 600


12 Tea Junction

Small pockets of refreshment are offered at these outlets; customers visit this because of their hygiene factor, express service, and good seating arrangements. Their Masala Tea and Kesari Tea are undoubtedly well made. Not long ago, they launched their take on the bubble tea which is the first time Calcutta is acquiring a taste of this concept. It has around 31 outlets in Calcutta.

Address: 71, Park Plaza, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 200


13 Maharani

If you’re looking for a bustle of crowd and constant chatter, this chai dukan in Lake Market Area is ideal. Around 20 years in the past, the owner came from Uttar Pradesh and opened this stall. It’s extremely crowded after 5 pm when a queue starts forming to take a sip of the spice tea.

Address: 174, Sarat Bose Road, Lake Market Area, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 100


14 Maharaj

The sole purpose of the shop was to compete with the tea shop Maharani. The shop is bigger and the cheapest dish remains only 7 rupees. This chai stall is larger with more varieties.

Address: 195A, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 300


15 Sharma Tea

It is strategically placed in Ballygunge area for party goers who require caffeine after partying. Since it’s one of the only most convenient options, it is in addition comparatively more expensive than the rest of the chai places. Also useful when you feel drowsy after an early morning drive. It has 3 more outlets in Kolkata.

Address: 53/5A, Hazra Road, Ballygunge Road, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 100


16 Just For Today – Cha O Nachiketa

The tea stall is adorned with a number of posters of the vocalist Nachiketa. Regulars converse about whether the ‘Doodh Chai’ tastes best in the ‘Bhaadh.’ This tea stall acts as a conversation starter at Jadavpur’s 8B and always plays music by the renowned vocalist.

Address: Patuli Lake Side, Kolkata


17 Chai Break

This chain of cafes started when two friends realized that all cafes served coffee but none served diverse kinds of tea with spaghetti or pizzas. This is how they embarked on their venture, and their outlets have increased throughout the city. So if you want to enjoy some quality food with the homely feeling of chai and then you know where to go. There are 9 outlets.

Address: 53, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Near Ice Skating Ring, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 700


18 Eighty8+ Kafe

This place makes their chai with the Tandoor, which is perfect for Masala or Kesar Chai. The chai is made by boiling the tea over a red-hot tandoor. They introduced the method from Pune and made it their own. Best tasted with rusk or cheese balls.

Address: Ground Floor, 88, Chowringhee Road, HDFC Bank Building, Near PC Chandra, Elgin, Kolkata

Cost for two: INR 800