Top 19 Different Flavours of Popcorn You Should Try

pop corn

Popcorn can be considered as the ultimate happy food which is crunchy, buttery, and full of carbs. Serotonin found in popcorn has relaxing and mood-lifting effects which make it a party snack. Most importantly, no movie is complete without a bag full of popcorns. It’s better not to opt for packaged varieties of popcorn as you might not know the quality of the butter and ingredients used as they might be artificial. Prepare your flavours using fresh ingredients.

Here’s a list of all the flavours that you might want to try:

1 Apple Pie Popcorn

Want your popcorn to taste just like Apple Pie? Well, here is a simple recipe which has all the flavors just like the pie. Make sure you add cinnamon, vanilla, and apple pie spice to the popped corn so that it takes less time as usual. All the flavors of the ingredients remain intact while preparing this item.


2 Salted Caramel Popcorn

Salted Caramel is not a distinct flavor to most of the people. Dissolve sugar in maple syrup to get a healthier version of it rather than using saccharine syrup. Coat it over the salted popcorns, and you are good to go.


3 Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Popcorn

Mint Chocolate is a combination which tastes great with any food item, so why not experiment it with popcorns? Make a honey or maple glaze and add a little amount of mint extract and chocolate chips. Spread it over the popcorns to give them a coating that adds extra crunchiness to their taste.


4 Vanilla Almond Popcorn

Want a dressing that can be added to other desserts as well as popcorns? Well, Vanilla Almond Popcorn might make you fall in love with its sauce. Blend dates, almonds, and coconut oil into a smooth puree and add it over the popcorns. To make caramel, you can use date sauce prepared with dried dates as it is a healthier version and tastes just similar.


5 Lemony Kale Popcorn

Never want to regret on having “too much” popcorn? Kale Popcorn is your savior! Kale might have tough leaves which can make it tough to swallow. You can grind its leaves with sea salt, lemon, and grape-seed oil. Toss them with buttered popcorns and enjoy a healthier version.


6 Spicy Cilantro Lime Popcorn

Heard of Chipotle’s signature rice dish? You can prepare it in fifteen minutes with a healthier variation of the flavors. Use lime juice, cilantro, and two tablespoons of butter. Add them to the popcorns, and now, you are ready for your movie night!


7 Buffalo Wing Popcorn

If you are a lover of spicy flavor, then Buffalo Wing Popcorn is a perfect fit for you. Add buffalo sauce and three tablespoons of butter into the popcorns to moderate the hot sauce which might burn your tongue and stomach.


8 Coconut Curry Popcorn

Are you a Thai food lover?  Well, Coconut Curry Popcorn is a perfect fit for your cravings. This flavor includes coconut flakes and salted popcorns toasted in coconut oil to give the popcorns the crunch.


9 Vegan Cheese Popcorn

If you are a dairy-free eater or a vegan, we have a fix for you! It serve as an alternative for cheesy popcorn. Instead of cheese, nutritional yeast is added which is a plant-based source of flavor like cheddar.


10 Skinny Buttered Popcorn

Just as the name suggests, Skinny Buttered Popcorn is just what you think it is. Popcorns full of buttery flavors along with a classic movie make a perfect pair.

Container of popcorn with popcorn spilling out

11 Dark Chocolate Popcorn with Sea Salt

If you are craving for bittersweet popcorn with a flavor of sea salt, then Dark Chocolate Popcorn is the flavor you would want to go for. It boasts of an ingredient like dark chocolate having 80% cocoa content combined with buttery popcorn and sea salt. Its black and white appearance along with its sweet and salty taste steals the show. Chop the chocolate finely and sprinkle over the popcorns.


12 Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn

Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn is a perfect treat when you are binge watching any romantic movies or series. Make sure you put coconut flakes into the oven so that they get flaky before adding them to chocolate chips and popcorns.


13 Pumpkin Popcorn

Pumpkin as a flavour of popcorn? Well, it tastes unique just like its name. To make this flavor, you need to add two tablespoons of sweeteners and a tablespoon of canned pumpkin. Perfect for a movie night!


14 Mexican Churro Popcorn

If you are into sweet popcorn, then Mexican Churro Popcorn is the flavor for you. It does not require any deep frying. Just melt the cinnamon chips over the popcorn and dust sugar and cinnamon over it. Pair it with hot cocoa for a sweet treat.


15 Dorito Popcorn

Tired of having a bag full of Doritos? Well, get your nacho cheese and add to the salted popcorns to indulge in a world full of cheese. The bonus part is, you can slurp of the entire cheesy orange residue from your fingers at the end.


16 Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn

Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn has all the fresh flavors of rosemary (not dries), popcorn, and parmesan. Make sure you have got a huge quantity as hungry snackers might jump in!


17 Masala Popcorn

Bollywood movie is incomplete without masala so, why not combine them both? Just temper chili powder, turmeric, and curry leaves with oil in a pan for even distribution of flavors. Add salted popcorns, and you are good to go.


18 Salted Peanut Butter Popcorn with Bacon

If you are concerned about the sweetness of the Caramel Popcorn, then fret not, as you can substitute peanut butter to enhance the sweetness. Add bacon, peanut butter, salted peanuts, and popcorn to the bowl and enjoy your movie night!


19 Caramel Apple Popcorn

Ever wanted to have the flavors of Apple and Caramel together? Well, this recipe is full of it. Salty and buttery popcorns combined with cinnamon and apples enhance the taste. Add dried apples to increase the crunchiness.