Top 19 Restaurants To Visit In Sikkim For Dinner

Top 20 Restaurants To Visit in Sikkim for Dinner

Sikkim is the land of serenity and beauty. If you visit Sikkim once, you will never be able to get over the lush green mountains and the cool breeze softly ruffling your hair. It is an amazing place to be. The trip will become more joyous when you are a big foodie. Sikkim offers variety of places with some dishes which would be a totally new experience for you as you wouldn’t have had that kind of a lavish spread ever. Looking this article in entirety, this article will be briefing you about the top 20 diners which you can visit while you are in Sikkim to experience a wholesome and an amazing dinner. The following article will guide you while you are travelling to Sikkim:

1. Mu Kimchi

It is totally worth climbing more than eighty steps to Mu Kimchi, whose interior is its highlight as it cleverly cultivates a spectacular ambiance, by balancing ceilings made of original bamboo and hand woven lamps with a contemporary minimalism which matches the sound systems bass-heavy mash-ups. This place serves perfect authentic Korean cuisine with all the flavors infused with the special cinnamon spice.



This restaurant is placed adjacent to the Sikkim Tourism Centre and is one of the most renowned vegetarian diners in Sikkim. The restaurant is furnished properly and its location gives a classy and elite look to the place. The prices might be a little higher than the normal circle rate however it is guaranteed that you will be able to enjoy proper authentic Sikkim cuisine.


3. Dekid

This diner offers classic Bhutanese food and it is vouched for that it would be the best diner you would visit in Gangtok. It is three tabled place and offers just two main styles from which you can choose from: red ‘Shakam’ curry and the spiced ‘dashti’ cheese. It is a pure non-vegetarian restaurant so vegan people should skip through this diner. Plus point of this place is that if offers a glass of ‘Saino’ which is the Sikkim special wine along with the food served.


4. Cafe Culture

This cafe is a pure multi cuisine restaurant which tends to offer all sorts and varieties of dishes which are appealing to the palate of a person. The Tibetan plain bread and the ‘Shyaphale’ served along with the Tibetan meat pies are the special aspect of this place. Also this cafe is extremely cheap and will not be heavy on your pocket.


5. Gangtalk

This restaurant is near the Yama Tower in Sikkim and it looks beautiful at night with the lights glistening and gleaming beautifying the whole cafe. This restaurant will offer you some lip smacking dishes which will leave an everlasting impression on your taste buds. It serves steaming dim sums, non- vegetarian delights and some ‘ thukpas.’ Also because this diner is open till late in the night it serves as an exquisite hang out spot for youngsters.


6. Crumbs N Whips

This restaurant is more of an open shack which is just amazing to just look at as the location of this place is beautiful. This place is a coffeehouse cum pizza joint wherein you can enjoy both these delicacies together. Also it serves a range of western style dishes the most common being pasta, from being covered in cheese to tomato sauce, everything will be available here.


7. Dynasty Wine And Dine

This place is not definable as it is simply amazing and mystical. The majestic grace this place owns is marvelous to behold. This diner offers Chinese and traditional Sikkimese cuisine. The cherry on the cake is that it offers jasmine tea in the very beginning which is just so refreshing that it energizes you throughout the dinner. Also the deserts offered here are a must try as they are rated as finger licking good.


8. Parivar Restaurant

If you ever want to have North Indian or Punjabi food then this is the place for that. The food offered here is probably better than what is made in Punjab itself. The place is a replica of a five-star restaurant and it does justice to it also. The only point of concern for some people could be that the food is extremely spicy. So people who are for bland food should not at all try out the ‘karahi paneer’ of this place.


9. Little Italy

It is placed on the highway directly and so is always open till late. As the name suggests this place is a small version of the food served and prepared in Italy. The pizzas baked here are so diversified that you would want to try out almost all of them off the menu. Also this place is extremely cheap and so it would not be a problem for you to have more than one or two pizzas.


10. Mama’s Kitchen

This place is a typical half-timbered worn out building which gives it a rustic kind of look. The hostess of this place, Pema is an ever smiling lady wearing an apron. She prepares the meals on her own and then serves the people. So people usually go to this place if they want to have a genuine Sikkimese home cuisine. She also bakes fresh muffins in all shapes which are cute and yummy to eat as well.


11. Bakers Cafe

It is located in the middle of the city and is beautifully decorated with artifacts collected all over the world by the owners of this restaurant. This might not offer you a variety of options from a dinner’s perspective but if a thousand types of pastries and cakes and muffins are present in front of you then who needs to have dinner. This cafe is probably the most famous cafe wherein you can get food at a reasonable price along with some delicious pastries and tarts.


12. Snow Lion Restaurant

If you are a fan of classic and traditional Tibetan food then this is exactly the place who should visit first. The traditional Tibetan dumplings, Thukpa and other dishes which are the specialty of Tibet are all available there. The dumplings are served on a hand crafted tray decorated with green leafy vegetables alongside and various types of sauces to make the dish look appealing.


13. The Square

This restaurant is a place which is conveniently located in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the state. It is an attractive restaurant with boards signifying witty remarks all over. This place serves the best chicken wings possible and the waiting line for them is huge. So therefore the waiting period is a little boring and long but when the food arrives everything seems worth it.


14. Dynasty

This place is an impressive place to hang out with friends as the view visible from this cafe is just awesome and a person surely would remain awestruck for some time. It is a Chinese restaurant however it does some passable appropriation of Thai food as well. This place also does offer some differently mixed and infused cocktails which are very soothing to the palate.


15. Taste Of Tibet

This restaurant is probably the most famous and has obtained the highest reviews by the people in Sikkim. It is privately funded place wherein you can enjoy for hours just by looking at the beauty and ambiance of the place. Coming to the food, it serves authentic Tibetan food. However, unlike other restaurants it has a different style of serving the dishes which ranges from a plastic bulb to a renewed and recycled designer tray.


16. Thakali

Symbolized very well by its name only thakali options are available here in the menu but the food prepared is warm and delicious. It is simply prepared and somehow is soothing to the taste buds even though very different types of spices and herbs are used in the dishes. It might seem a little restricted regarding options in the menu but it is more revolved around its bar wherein it serves various types of fancy cocktails and mock tails.


17. Green Valley

It is the most exciting stand alone restaurant in whole of Sikkim. It stands alone amidst all the greenery serving a treat to more than hundred people on a daily basis. The style of food it offers is international and continental which appeals to every person irrespective of the age of the person. The price might be a little high however it is completely worth a visit.


18. Masala Restaurant

This is typical metropolis styled restaurant with metalized columns and sheer waterfall windows along with royally furnished furniture and a beautiful chassis bar counter. This image of this restaurant is a little high standard for a vegetarian restaurant but the food is just mind blowing. There is a sign saying “Food Scientists at Work’ outside the kitchen promising wonderful and exquisite dishes to people.


19. Enchey

It is a simple place which is run by the monks in Sikkim. The seating and the dining area might not be of an elitist class however the food radiates sheer love and passion with which it has been made. Therefore, you should visit this place once in a while for basic peace of mind and yummy food.


This was the list of top 20 restaurants to visit in Sikkim which serve an exquisite and lavish dinner and you will be awestruck after having the food of these above-mentioned eateries. Also these diners offer a spectacular view and therefore if you aren’t a foodie you still should go to enjoy the view.