Top 20 Aesthetic Cafes In Jaipur


Jaipur is also known as the pink city. The city is known for its aesthetics. You miss out on the aesthetic experience if you don’t enjoy the aesthetic cafés in Jaipur and their terrific meals. Everyone in today’s date loves to enjoy a peaceful dinner, clicking pictures and Instagramming them. Here you have a list of 20 of the most aesthetic and fabulous cafes in Jaipur, why to do a bland café to enjoy a delicious meal when you can enjoy one at a café with a gorgeous ambiance, games, books, etc.

1. Sultanat Café

This café makes you feel as if you are in a fort. It has three restaurants Sultanat, Zoya and chowk. They only serve fantastic vegetarian food. They have a wide variety of drinks. The fort ambiance gives the place a unique vibe. There is light music playing here. The service is prompt, and the restaurant has reasonable pricing.

2. Anokhi Café

This is a slight sweet café. Along with delicious food at reasonable prices, they have a shop with handmade textiles ranging from wallets, handbags and diaries to clothing. The place has a calm and positive atmosphere. The café is pure vegetarian. The food here is flavorful. This café is a must-visit.

3. Café Lazymojo

This is a pocket-friendly café with a wide variety of food. The café has a fantastic ambiance and a warm vibe. The food is exceptionally terrific. This is a spacious café with friendly and courteous staff. The service is prompt. This café is great for having a relaxing outing. They also have a banquet hall that can hold large parties, meetings, etc.

4. Café Quaint

This is a small café. It is very hygienic. The food here is incredible. This café has the option of indoor and outdoor seating. It has peaceful vibes. The café serves a wide variety of cuisine. They have also introduced a new vegetarian and gluten-free menu. They have an excellent collection of board games and books for entertainment.

5. Café Bae

This is a decent café with a cozy vibe to it. They have delicious food in  large portions. This is a spacious café. The food is a bit pricey, but it is worth it. The taste of food is incredible, especially their continental food. The food presentation is also up to mark. This café is a must-visit.

6. Wind View Café

This is a small and warm café with a terrific view of Hawa mahal. The site is good and reasonably priced. The café has a positive vibe. The staff is helpful and courteous. They serve a wide variety of beverages, from coffee to mocktails. The food presentation is excellent.

7. Stepout Café

This is a small bright café with lovely interiors. The ambiance of the café does lighten up your mood. The food here is terrific and is low priced. All the walls are covered with aesthetics. This is an entirely Instagram-worthy café. The quality and the quantity of the food is exquisite. This café can be visited for a peaceful and cozy meal.

8. Mr Jabs Café

This café has a festive ambiance with games and other things for entertainment. It has terrific fast food with a wide variety. The prices are affordable, and the staff is competent. The best thing to try here is the coffee. The food is at par. The vibe of the place is comforting and pleasing.

9. Tapri Café

This is one of the busiest and popular cafés in Jaipur. The theme of the café is exceptionally aesthetic. This is an outdoor café with limited but fantastic food options. This café is retro-themed. The vibe of the place is authentic. When in Jaipur, this café is a must-visit.

10. The Bohemians Café

The café has a unique bohemian theme. It is a reasonably priced café with terrific food and a wide range of food choices. The ambiance is warm and cozy. They have an excellent playlist that sets the mood. The service is prompt. The café is Instagram-worthy. the interiors and food of the cafe are worth visiting for.

11. The Rustic Spot Café

This is a small café with comfort and cozy vibes. This café is the perfect place to go for quick bites. The food is delicious. The staff was utterly accommodating. The theme of the café is rustic, as the name suggests. It is a bit high priced, but the food is worth trying.

12. Walker’s Stop Café

This is a fantastic café to have a peaceful quality time. The food is mouth-watering. All dishes are low priced. The ambiance of this café is cute and comfortable. They also have board games to keep you entertained. You can have a great time at this café. The staff is friendly, and the service is excellent.

13. Charis Café

This is a small café with playful vibes. The owners of the place are hospitable and make your stay exceptionally comfortable. The food has excellent taste. They have a large variety of food. The café is best suited for teenagers. The café is also reasonably priced. This café is a must-visit.

14. Nothing Before Coffee

This cafe has impeccable coffee and shakes. The café is clean and hygienic. The food is terrific. The staff is accommodating and knowledgeable. It is an aesthetic and cute café. It is the go-to café if you want to enjoy a quick bite with excellent coffee. They also have fantastic and heavenly desserts.

15. The Stag Rooftop Restro Cafe

This café has a beautiful view of the Amer fort. The vibe of the place is terrific. It has rooftop seating so the person can enjoy the sunset with delicious food. They have an extensive variety of food. The prices are a bit high. The quantity and quality of food are both up to the mark.

16. The Tatoo Café And Lounge 

This café has a fabulous view of the city palace. They have an extensive variety of delicacies.  The taste of the food is exceptionally exquisite. This is a reasonably priced, decent café. It has a purely calm vibe with a pleasant ambiance. They also have commercial photoshoots, wedding photoshoots, documentaries, etc.

17. Nibs Café Malviya Nagar

An absolutely lovely café and aesthetic café with excellent atmosphere. The food here is terrific. They have the perfect music to set the mood. This café has positive and peaceful vibes. The taste of the food is exceptional. It is reasonably priced. The view of the place is fantastic too.

18. Art Café

This is a small café located alongside an art gallery. The café is aesthetically pleasing. The owner pays particular attention to all guests. The food is exceptionally delicious. This café is in the center of the tourist destination. The prices are a bit high, but it is worth it because of the overall experience.

19. Café White Sage

This is an aesthetic café with excellent white interiors. The food is impeccable. They have a wide variety of dishes ranging from dumplings, sushi, salads, pizza, etc. The service is fast, and the staff is very helpful and accommodating. This café provides a pleasant experience. The place is well decorated and must be visited.

20. Candles Café

The café is spacious, has a fantastic vibe, and has a playful vibe. The interior is excellent. They also have a wide variety of food. you can also dance here and have a great time. They also have rooftop seating. The staff is generous and courteous. This place can also hold parties and functions. Overall, the café is a must-visit.