Top 20 Places To Dine In Jaipur


1.Handi Restaurant

Located on MI Road, Jaipur, this restaurant serves as a dining place for friends and family. They also offer the takeaway service and also entertain online order and delivery of foods.
It is known as the best North-Indian Food Restaurant. It is one of the favorite dining spots for tourists as well as the local residential.
Handi makes people feel at home with its tantalizing food. It is a place where one can find the best Tandoori and Mughlai food.


Dragon House

Located in Jaipur, Dragon House is one of the best places to eat Authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine.
This place has full Wi-Fi connectivity so that you lavishly enjoy your meal along with browsing.
Staff members are courteous.
The ambiance is top class.
Their servings are worth the money.
They have an excellent master chef Daniel and all the credit for such sumptuous food owe to him.
Chinese lovers enjoy dining here.


Sanjay Omelette

Located in Jaipur, Sanjay Omelette serves as a unique place to enjoy delicacies made of eggs.
This Restaurant is led by Chef Sanjay who had participated in the India’s MasterChef competition.
He has won a lot many hearts by serving the best delicious and unique foods to the people residing there as well as to the tourists.
They serve egg pizza’s and whole lot variety of egg dishes.
It serves as one of the best street food chains for eggs.


1135 Ad

Located in Ajmer, this restaurant is famous for its North-Indian, Mughlai and Rajasthani Cuisine.
They have a classic interior decoration with gold and silver engravings. Their ambiance depicts royalty and gives its customers a platform to enjoy the luxurious life.
The food here is awesome and gives the pinch of royal delicacies.



Midtown Multicuisine Restaurant

It is a Veg Restaurant and serves North-Indian, Italian, Rajasthani and Mexican cuisines.
They have an extensive menu which serves from starters, main course and desserts.
Their ambiance and service are good. The staff members are very courteous. This place is best for dining in with your friends, family members, and your loved ones.
It is the best place for celebrations and organizing parties.
Their popular dishes include Club Sandwich, Mixed Vegetable Korma, Baked Cheese Marconi, ginger fried rice and cold coffee with ice cream.


Kalyan Restaurant

Located in Jaipur, this Restaurant provides indoor as well as outdoor dining.
It’s a simple restaurant which serves a wide variety of dishes.
Being a rooftop restaurant, it feels you rejuvenated after a tiring day and lets you breathe in the fresh air while gulping in the delicious food.
It has wooden texture interiors.
They serve Rajasthani, Italian, and Chinese Cuisines.
It is known as the best place for meetings, celebrations, and parties.


On The House

On the House Restaurant serves European, Continental, Arabian, Italian and Continental cuisines.
This place is best to spend some quality time with family and dear ones.
The ambiance of the restaurant is good, and the staff is excellent.
Their popular dishes include Chicken Steak, Falafel, Bacon Burger, Siciliana Pizza, Cake, Belgian chocolate truffle, Apple Mojito and Lemon Tart.
They serve brilliant coffee.


Anokhi Cafe

This cafe’s vibe will give a sense of nostalgia, 100 percent recommended unwinding after a hectic work day, to enjoy the simple and healthy food.
They serve salads, bread, and cheesecakes with ingredients grown on their farm. They are mainly known for their international flavored Cuisines.


Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar

They serve Rajasthani, Chinese, North Indian and South Indian Cuisines and sweets.
The closest place from here is Johari Bazar. It is well known for its sweet delicacies that attracts many tourists as well as the local residencies.
Service and ambiance are good.

Laxmi-Mishtan-Bhandar-image Laxmi-Mishtan-Bhandar


Tapri Central

It’s a well-known place to hang around with friends.
They have a wide variety of dishes which forms an extensive menu. The dishes are appropriately priced to minimize your expenses.
Their popular dishes include Pesto Khakra Pizzas, Cheese Puchkas, and Flowery Flirt Tea along with most demanded special Vada pav.



Located in Jaipur, this Restaurant is known for its well-trained and professional eager to serve you staff. It has great interior and well-lit ambiance to enjoy the spectacular beauty of food.
Heaven for not just the locals but even for the overseas meat lovers. It has gained popularity for its ethnic food and international cutlery.




This Restaurant is well known for its delicious Continental cuisines along with North-Indian, Italian and Asian delicacies. They provide good service and have out of the box ambiance.
Outstanding style of presenting the food.
They have a well-trained professional staff.


Choki Dhani

Chokhi Dhani serves all kinds of Rajasthani Cuisines.
This place gives an authentic feeling of Rajasthani culture. It is an ethnic resort which exemplifies the beauty of Jaipur.
It serves a wide variety of delicacies which makes the locals as well as the tourists to visit this place again and again.
Their Halwa is very famous, and it includes Moon dal Halwa, Gajar Halwa, Gond park Halwa and much more.




This Restaurant serves North-Indian Cuisines. It gives an immense joy and feeling of having a luxury dining.
Their non-vegetarian, as well as vegetarian dishes, are top class.
To add on to this, they serve mouth-watering deserts.
Ambiance and service are worth appraisable.
Many celebrities have endorsed this Restaurant.


Jaipur Modern

This Restaurant serves Mediterranean and Italian Cuisines.
They provide Wi-Fi access for all its visitors.
It attracts many tourists as well as the locals, being in the heart of Jaipur.
They have a good ambiance and professional staff.
They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Their beverages are top class.


Spice Court Restaurant

This Restaurant serves Chinese, Indian and European Cuisines. They have a great dining room and a garden area wherein people can dine under the light of sun and moon.
They have an excellent interior.
They are best known for their Rajasthani Cuisine.
Their popular dishes include laal maas and other non-vegetarian items.
They also conduct puppet shows in the evening to entertain people.



Suvarna Mahal

Suvarna Mahal Restaurant is famous for its looks, decorations, interiors and their delicious Food.
They offer North-Indian and Mughlai Cuisines.
They provide a luxury Dining.
They also have an outdoor seating for those who like to have their meal in the midst of nature.
They are best known for their authentic ambiance, and they provide a hoard of exotic Cuisines.




It’s a restaurant that combines the Contemporary and traditional touch. They provide delicious meals serving only Indian Cuisines.
Their architecture and interiors are worth praising.
They offer a luxurious style for dining and top class food which attracts the people from all around.
The staff is humble and professional.


24/7 Restaurant

Located in Jaipur, this Restaurant serves Continental, Italian, Asian and North-Indian cuisines. This place is very spacious and has a great ambiance.
They have a humungous menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies which include soups, cheese platter, Rajasthani dishes, and salads.
They have a friendly and cooperative staff.

24 7restaurant


Marble Arch

Marble Arch owns brilliant staff ready to deliver on your every demand in the most pleasant manner.
They serve Chinese, Continental, and North-Indian Cuisines. The food is excellent offering an extensive menu list. This place is completely worth the money.
Great place to spend time with family and plan a get-together with friends.