Top 20 Aesthetic Cafes Of Nagpur, Near Burdi And Shankar Nagar

Top 20 Aesthetic Cafes Of Nagpur Near Burdi And Shankar Nagar
Top 20 Aesthetic Cafes Of Nagpur Near Burdi And Shankar Nagar

Nagpur is a famous city in Maharashtra, not only for its culture, tradition, heritage and history but also for its mouth-watering cuisine. Destination cuisine is one of the main contents of research and analysis of the historical background of the province. Without food, no one can survive. Eating food in Nagpur will not only give you mouth-watering food, but also give you the opportunity to learn about ingredients, flavours and preparation or cooking styles.

Don’t be surprised if you smell coffee beans in the alleys of Nagpur. I have been to a few of these places myself, and the surroundings are always bustling. These cute small but beautiful cafes are a great meeting place for young college crowds to hold business meetings. In that kind of relaxing atmosphere, the cafe is an ideal place to bring colleagues, friends or dates to relax your nerves. Although you can taste the local popular food in Nagpur, please take some time to visit the local cafes in the city to taste the local coffee flavours and their homemade menus. Warm, comfortable lounge area, freshly brewed coffee, wonderful conversation-the perfect secret to create memories!

So, hop in a bus, book an uber maybe, take a metro or drive in as we are about to Witness top 20 aesthetic cafes of Nagpur City which are as follows –

1 Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a hidden gem if you haven’t discovered it already! With several patent pending items on the menu, it is without a doubt one of the must-see places in Nagpur. So let us dive into Knowing of this stunning place:

Atmosphere: Well, this facility has a typical college atmosphere, especially on the weekends. So if you’re a fan of cosy, private spaces, you might not like it. But if you are a fan of noisy and boisterous places at times, maybe you will really enjoy it!

Food: To get the best part of this place there were plenty of items on the menu: Blacksmith – One of the most popular items on the menu, this drink is a delicious and mouth-watering combo of black milk and espresso with ice. With its smooth consistency that glides on your tongue, this drink will dispel your sadness! A subtle chocolate cappuccino that isn’t quite mocha and has the right balance of mild sweetness and dark roasted coffee, this is a hot drink that you must try here! Cinnamon Bun: Ah, the good Cinnamon Bun, with the subtle, smooth cream cheese frosting on top, it is the perfect addition to everything that has to do with coffee! Falafel: The falafel is been well cooked with a nice golden crispy exterior and a flavorful filling. Served with pita and a delicious slightly spicy hummus, the dish Is an absolute Hit in house

It is indeed the best coffee place in town.  Authentic coffee aroma and selected side dishes to enjoy. The owners take pride in explaining the brewing process and their massive supply chain. Just like the rustic décor and aesthetic Appeal and a super pet friendly café nature of the place makes it great to visit again and again

Location: Temple Bazar Road St Francis Xavier Church,  Near Ghugre vada pao, inside khushboo  flowers lane, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

2 Mocha Cafe & Bar

Mocha is the country’s first fully indigenous and eclectic coffee chain, known not only for its menu, but also for the diverse experiences it has brought to expanding coffee culture in 14 branches in 12 cities. Born in 2001 in the Bylanes of Churchgate, Mumbai and celebrating its 15th anniversary, Mocha has influenced the worldview of an entire generation to provoke a social revolution.

Great place to hang out too. Though The Staff is not aware of the content of non-alcoholic cocktails and cocktails. the prices are a bit higher for drinks. The food is worth it, as they serve a competitive taste compared to dhabhas.

The café is known for its vibe, the beautiful ambience, the aesthetic lights and so great structure, some of the house specials are Chicken Peri Peri Pizza, garlic noodles, Grilled fish, Peach ice tea, cappuccino and The Lebanese platter is a steal, therefore a place you really  must go.

Location: 202, Cement Road Shivaji Nagar, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Mocha Cafe Bar

3 Three Beans Coffee

Best thing about this cafe is that it gets opened early in the morning while at the same place many cafes does not do so. 3 Beans Cafe is best for birthday parties, get together and many more things. Ambience is excellent. Atmosphere is very peaceful. So many variety of coffee. Price is very good not so high. They serve appetizing food at very affordable prices. Service is good . A quaint little cafe that changed the definition of the city’s coffee culture. Located in the back alleys of most of the city’s hot spots. It serves the best coffee from the best Indian roasters and mouth-watering dishes that complement your coffee and drinks. With indoor and outdoor seating, we provide everyone with the best overall experience to kick back, relax and enjoy! They have a large range in beverages be it in espresso, shakes or some thing else.  The meals menu is likewise elaborative, however the house special keeps changing as per the season demands. It is a glorious region to hang out with friends, have an espresso and painting or have a breakfast.  Fries have been pinnacle notch- crispy and hot and sandwiches are just the bite you need.

Location: Plot no 5/19, JB Thakkar Marg, Janki Apartment, Gorepeth, Nagpu, Maharashtra 440010

Three Beans Coffee

4 Bouffage Cafe And Bistro

Craving for tasty food/shakes with beautiful ambience? Bouffage is the answer!
This place is just perfect!
Everything on the menu has it’s own unique taste.
Bouffage never fails to create a fine vibe for its beloved customers. More than a bistro, an address that is passed by word of mouth. A place of life where we love to make an appointment to share. Bouffage is a place of labelled delicacies, located in Shankar Nagar, besides L.A.D College and close to Wockhardt.  Bouffage Cafe And Bistro is the best place to try different types of coffee. Has a Fresh environment. The setting is nice and comfortable. Ideal for social gatherings, birthday parties and informal meetings. The lights and decorations give the bistro an incredible look. The staff is friendly and cooperative. Easily accessible, right next to LAD College. 2 minutes’ walk from LAD Square subway station. It costs 400 for two people. Amongst everything here’s the excellent house specials – Mashed Potatoes, Lasagne, Peri Peri Fries, Kabab, Chilli Paneer and the Mocktails.

Location: Sanskrutik Sankul Complex, Lower Ground B Wing Ambazari Road Wockhardt Hospitals Rashtra Bhasha, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440009

Bouffage Cafe And Bistro

5 The Common Ground 

Looking For A Romantic Place To Hangout?

No need to Find More Just Walk In At The Common Ground Coffee Bar

Special Arrangements Are made on Requests and they Provide Arrangements for Parties and Bulk Booking.  Come by This kid-friendly restaurant, where they serve-up a delicious menu which includes halal food and vegetarian options. They also offer outdoor seating and catering. Wheelchair accessible parking and seating available. Menu is extensive.

Worth trying their signature dishes like: ulta vada pav, Saoji wings and thecha bombs!! People love latte here and it’s the best served here!! It’s the only place serving Indian fusion food with corridor seven roasters coffee! Visit here to witness yourself! This place is just perfect for any occasion be it a date, birthday party, friends meet-up or binge watching our cricket matches. The Highlight of the café is how they have managed the seating area. It also has a box cricket space to chill out. The food is said to be lovely and the generous food portion adds up to the cafes good points. The manager Arjun and captain Sunil make sure the service is always on time.

Location: Coffee Bar, Chowk, Central Bazar Road, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

The Common Ground

6 Lush House

If you want to spend some time with your friends and want to chill this is your go to place. As a matter of fact they provide good tasting food. The Ambience is extraordinary and they have two dogs, if you are a dog person you are going to love this. The café is manged to be a pet friendly restaurant in Nagpur. Food is that great, staff is young, ambiance is great but ventilation feels distinct. A highlight being that the café has a small pet adoption centre on the side where you can go pet dogs and adopt one if you bond with the animal. Has a special menu for your pets as well, which I feel is the USP. If you like pets roaming around while you eat or take your dog out dining this place is the place to be. So to sum up about the lush house The café  is divided into 4 sections including an open and outside seating. It is ideal for birthday parties and anniversaries. The food is good and quantity is also good. The service is fast and the staff is friendly and co-operative also you can take your pets there .  Overall it’s a pleasant dining experience.

Location: 75, Abhyankar Nagar Rd, Opposite Kalyan Jewellers, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Lush House

7 Collective Blends Cafe

It is an indeed a very amusing experience to be in the small vibrant joint tucked away in Shivaji Nagar. A place with full of youngsters which always makes one feel young. The staff is very courteous and the hospitable owner finds time to come and talk to the customers. The café is legit pet friendly you have space for Coffee here is very authentic and the breakfast options are also delightful. Great place for coffee lovers.  At first, you might think it is just a coffee place, but unlike CCD, it has a vast menu. You can get everything from breakfast to brunch. The vibe of the location is really cool. Although small, they have different types of seating for all ages. The decor is simple and chic. The food was is very good and elegant. The food takes 15 – 30 mins to arrive but it makes the wait totally worth. Now let us talk about the in-house jackpots you should try once – All day Brunch, TUXEDO coffee the house original, Egg Kejriwal, Caesar Salad and the Clt Sandwich.

Location: 23B, near HDFC bank, Om Sai Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Collective Blends Cafe

8 The Next Chapter Cafe

It’s a must visit. The café atmosphere is extremely pretty and kind of cosy.  People generally appreciate the generosity on the amount of food the café offers on a plate however it might seem slightly expensive compared to different cafes. The workers are very polite and the songs utterly do justice to the atmosphere here and it all matches the vibe. In a nutshell the next chapter is certainly known for –  Elegant and aesthetic ambiance, Abundance of desirable books to read, delicious food, Friendly staff, Experienced chef. This Place Is Known For – Quiet, Fancy Crowd, Variety of Pizza, Great Ambience and Friendly Staff.

Location: 168, W Shankar Nagar Rd, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

The Next Chapter Cafe

9 9 3/4 Central Perk Cafe

Friends & Harry Potter-themed hangout showcasing creative beverages & hefty comfort foods.

The whole cafe area has F. R. I. E. N. D. S and Harry Potter things, that’s what the name suggests!  They have a separate Harry Potter compartment which I think should have more stuff from the book or movie, the outside environment is pretty well maintained which Is found to be more accessible, then the compartment, but if someone needs privacy, he/she can opt for the separate bay.

Speaking of the menu, they have a wide choice and the main thing is that they offer their extensive options of both drinks and snacks. Coffee, brownie shake and red berry mocktail. Vegetable lasagne to pizza everything is good and has a unique taste. The amount of lasagne comes to be sufficient for the price. The pizza comes in customizable options.  All the drinks lives up to its name in terms of taste. The staff is friendly, helpful and approachable. They also have a Harry Potter themed box to keep your check available for you which Is found very convincing and cute. Overall, the place is satisfactory in terms of atmosphere, menu and staff.

Location: 31, Ambazari Rd, opposite Lane of Dharampeth Science college, Ambazari, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Central Perk Cafe

10 Toss Cafe & Restro

Modern café with hearty home-style dishes, desserts and Chinese cuisine as well as vegetarian dishes. Words to define this place can be – Affordable, Gastronomical Experience, Ample Seating Area, Fusion Dishes, Variety of Veg Options, Relaxed Atmosphere it is literally very pocket friendly I.e., Average Cost

₹550 for two people (approx.)

Professional Staff | Happy Vibes | Sanitized Place

Toss is always well sanitized. All the Staff members are very helpful and suggest you try the best of the café and the best dishes. Sandwiches are a must try. The ambience of this place is very soothing. The taste and service are considerable. You may feel the price is little more but it is all worth it.  The quantity and Quality of food has seen no compromises A good place to hang out with friends or even a date.

Location: Besides Mini Punjab, East Shankar Naga, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpu, Maharashtra 440010

Toss Cafe Restro

11 Indian Coffee House Co-operative Society

One of the oldest vicinity for breakfast in Nagpur! The Indian coffee house has its very own vibe, it`s dusty décor, old dark academia aesthetic, a mediaeval waiter’s gown and a few warm clear out filter coffee and bread omelette!

You can take a seat down for hours ordering espresso, and that they have all day breakfast options. They also are well-known for his or her Kerela parotta!

The atmosphere continues to be the equal the manner it turned into many years back! But such locations simply do not want fancy atmosphere to draw the customers! It’s a legacy! This place itself is an unforgettable experience! Open since 1986, this branch is located near the Veeraswami restaurant in Sadar. He also has a shop next to the medical school.

You can feel the old-fashioned atmosphere even before entering. It’s not a fancy decoration, but it’s calming!! The menu is simple but thoughtful. It mainly includes breakfast items such as eggs, South Indian, various types of coffee, etc.

It is a place which will take you back to the good old days where there is old classic vintage charm. It is a place where generations of city folks have dine in.  Simple menu simple food and simple yet memorable memories. You will feel time has stopped and you are along with your friends.

The staff is well mannered and food is tasty and less expensive as compared to others restaurant.

If you are in Nagpur do visit this place, it is actually part of history.

Location: Mount Rd, Near Smriti Theatre, Liberty Chowk, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Indian Coffee House Co operative Society

12 Mustard Restro Lounge 

Best place to eat, drink and dance. It’s the perfect setting with Chinese lighting, seating sofas, a bar for thirst quenchers and a great place to dance to great music. Great drinks are served here. Nothing beats the same decade old taste of Biriyani at this place, soft juicy meat chunks in biriyani with salan just rules your senses added with warm passion for hospitality. The restro gets its glow in the evening and runs busy after 7pm, the availability of variety of cuisines like – Continental, North Indian, Chinese, Bengali, Italian, Hyderabadi and Goan makes it more approachable to the people

It is a close knit, warm and a heartful place to go with family or close colleagues

Chicken Hot & Sour Soup, Cheese & Spinach Roll, Veg Anarkali, Paneer Lasuniya, Baked Vegetable, Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and Chicken Fried Rice are among the best sellers of the Mustard Menu.

Location: Plot no. 16, Vijay arcade, Ambazari Rd, Shankar Nagar, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Mustard Restro Lounge

13 Nineties Café

When you walk into the doors of the nineties It’s time to order some truly delicious grilled chicken, chicken sandwiches and butter chicken. At this café, visitors can sample delicious cakes, waffles and Nutella pizzas. A vibrant throwback to childhood of 90’s, it’s a cosy place to kick back and relax. The drinks are on the better side of the graph.  Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the delicious beer. A great iced coffee, hot chocolate or milkshake will make your meal even better and will definitely come back. A great place to hang out with friends and feel nostalgic for lost cartoon art. There are some really cool cartoon scenes originally from Cartoon Network. Be sure to try the butter chicken sandwich.

Food Delivery – A significant advantage of the ’90s. The success of this establishment would not have been possible without its delightful staff. Here guests agree to professional service. A reasonable price is expected here.  You will definitely appreciate the beautiful atmosphere and beautiful decor.

Location: Buddha Vihar Marg, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Gorepeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Nineties Cafe

14 Barista Café

Great place to have coffee!

Beverages and snacks include delicious coffee, favourite cappuccinos and frappe. Cheese garlic bread is very soft and delicious. A number of quick bite options are also available. Atmosphere and service: There is a seating area inside and several tables outside. The seats are very comfortable and the place is clean and suitable for work. The staff are polite and helpful. Property offering takeout and delivery. They accept electronic and card payments which is always accessible. The barista crew conducts interesting open mic events in order to keep cities spirits high. There is a variety of food. Great place for casual gatherings and late fun.

Location: 03, Ambazari Road Shankar Nagar sqaure, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Barista Cafe

15 Firangish Cafe & Courtyard

It’s easy to find Firangish Cafe & Courtyard due to the visible position. Guests visit this place to order great frappes, ice tea or cold coffee. The competent staff works hard, stays positive, acts super friendly and makes this place Flawless. The pleasurable service is commodity these restaurateurs watch about. You’re to be pleasantly impressed with affordable prices at this spot. The admirable scenery and nice air let callers feel relaxed then.

4.2 is what this cafe got from the Google standing system.

The place has an aesthetic vibe of its own which would definitely make you blend in; you can sit inside (very cosy) as well as in the courtyard.

The place has reasonable prices. It boasts of traditional Indian seating which is quite unique for Nagpur and the laid-back vibe that would take one back to Pushkar. The variety of food being offered is often generous and very cost efficient.  The restaurant is managed by youngsters who aways carry a smile on their face and are willing to accommodate your every little request with open arms.

They have a facility for a party hall which is available for rent at about Rs 2500 which covers heavy decoration, balloons, flower petals, a half kg cake and food worth 800 Rs. overall Firangish is a wholesome place for anything and everything.

Location: Opposite Taori Maketing, Bhagwaghar Layout, Shankar Nagar , Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Firangish Cafe Courtyard

16 WTS- What The Sandwich

As the name itself suggests WTS is a heaven for sandwich lovers, it is reviewed to have one of the largest or huge built sandwiches including 5 layers of toppings, liquid cheese and availability on season specials they are also open to customization and make amends if anyone has a specific allergy against an ingredient(s)

They have a huge a variety with amazing combo and choices in their respective menu which makes the place to stand out. The rates are too affordable according to the food and its taste WTS never compromises on quality and quantity and serves its customers with Abundance and richness.

The service was prompt. Now let us know the house hits and the menu ‘MUST TRY ‘

Fuji Sumo Sandwich (The maasive sandwich in Nagpur with 5 layers loaded with all different stuffing’s inside along with liquid cheese on the top makes you with it. Only foodie sumo can have it alone.) Oreo Shake, Nutella Choco Lava Sandwich, 7″ Corn Ok Please Pizza, Salsa Mayonnaise Fries, Punjabi Tadka Maggi / WTS Special Maggi and the infamous Nachos.

Location: L8, Sanjay Rajani appartment, opp. Mini Punjab Restaurant, Shankar Nagar Extension, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

WTS What The Sandwich

17 Oggy’s Cafe

As childish the name is but the place is opposite to it, the cafe is in dark aesthetic and entertains people of the adult population as they provide the services of offering Hookah too apart from this what makes Oggy so interesting is – This Place is Surprisingly Big. From front you see a 300-400 sqft room but if you Rome inside the cafe you will notice that there is an Underground Room structure where they have created 3 partition with some sofas and table’s. And on Upper side of the cafe you will find 4 compartment where 10-15 People can Sit in Each Compartment.

Basically it’s a 3 Story Cafe

1) Underground

2) Ground

3) And first Floor

If You Are Fan of Darkness Then This Place is for You, Only source of Visibility is Lighting. Painting on the Walls and Designs Reflect Hukka Culture.

It is Actually Designed That Way.

The place has CCTV installed at every corner and super safe for girls too, Cold Coffee , shakes and Corn vegetable pizza are the must haves.

Location: East Shankar Nagar, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Oggys Cafe

18 Arabian Nights

As it says it is that “shawarma “place you should try, the speciality of this hunch is the lip-smacking shawarma both in veg and chicken, a haul it is more than a café where you kick on with your buddies grab a roll or a falafel maybe and sit down to eat all home style, the menu is definitely limited whatever the nights promise it delivers, if in Nagpur you should try here especially the meat lovers, the rush happens in the evening when it opens at 4 and closes the door at 11, some of the bestsellers are – Chicken shawarma and falafel roll .

Location: Shankar Nagar, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Arabian Nights

19 Fuel Station Cafe & Restro

Fuel Starion is a hangout with multiple branches around the city as this one in Shankar Nagar and the other one at the Hingna T point, in a total the café aims to serves Casual classics from European & American cuisine are served at this no-nonsense quick-serve venue. If you are looking for a Cool, Decent & budget friendly Cafe for Hangouts and some rejuvenation then this is a perfect place for y’all…!!!!

They’ve got: –

~Good Ambience

~Cool Decent prices

~Overall Good Taste

~Staff is Polite

There Pasta Variations are must Try.

The cafe is cool & very appealing to young people. The young population has the café filled all the times people do not hesitate to come here again and again cause that’s how such ana impact the fuel station has created.

Overall Fuel station at Shankar Nagar is one of the best cafe when it comes to price with quantity. Every connoisseur must have visited here can get the best Alfredo white sauce and hot sizzling brownies here. The ambience has dim lights and gives an aesthetic appeal to the indoors, munchies such as fries, cheese fries, noodles, frappe, brownie milkshake, thick shakes and pasta are is what people eat the most and visit the café again and again.

Location: Kamlakar Palace, opposite NIT Garden, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Fuel Station Cafe Restro

20 Yahi Cafe & Restro

People Say This Place Is Known For being an Awesome Spot to Hangout, Very Affordable, Clean and Hygienic Place, a place with a Nice Concept, and for making a Healthy, Delicious, Elaborative Menu and of course the food.

Its open from 4pm to 4am Which makes it a Very Great place for the late-night Foodie lover cravings, food is very delicious and mouth-watering.

The most ordered are the chicken Salad, MATAKA Biryani, Mutton seekh roll, Masala Maggie, BBQ Nachos (chicken) and Keema Pav ,

To surprise the place runs busy after 12 am and keeps bringing orders till 4 am, The quality and quantity of the food are total satisfactory and people order food again and again from here , it is a place which you will find every Youngster and gym freak person recommending to you in order to eat in here once.

Location: Shop no 21 Dwarkanath Complex, Central Bazar Road, near Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Yahi Cafe Restro