Top 20 Food Items to Have In Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Top 20 Food Items to Have In Sarojini Nagar Delhi
Top 20 Food Items to Have In Sarojini Nagar Delhi

Sarojini Nagar market is very famous for its shopping center. Besides that, it is also very famous for foods items. You can get all your favorite food items at an affordable cost from this Sarojini Nagar market, Delhi. Not only North-Indian dishes but also you can have popular dishes of South-India.

1. Golgappas

Being in Sarojini Nagar and not having the famous & delicious golgappas is not fair enough? Right?. You can find many shops or carts selling the golgappas in Sarojini Nagar. They have all flavors to make the golgappas more delicious. They serve sweet pani (Water), sour flavor, spicy flavor, and much more flavors. One of the best-known shops for golgappas is the Khatta Meetha shop.


2. Chaap

You can try out the different chaap from the Kulche King shop in SArojini Nagarm delhi. They serve soya chaap, Malai chaap, Masala chaap, Achari chaap, Afghani chaap, and other chaap. Most people loved the Soya chaap from this shop.


3. Chowmein

The chowmein is a Chinese dish. It is made from noodles, vegetables or meat, spices, and other ingredients. It is not only popular in china it also appears on the menu of Indian. If you want to taste the varieties of chowmein, you can taste varieties of chowmein in Sarojini Nagar KWIC bitte restaurant. They serve chaowmein- Plain, vegetables, chilly garlic, Chicken keema, chicken Singapore and more delicious chowmeins.


4. Pizza

Most people love to have pizza wherever they step out from their homes. This Sarojini Nagar also sells Pizza (Both for veg and Non-veg lovers). The KWIC bitte restaurant also has pizza on its menu. You can taste according to your choices. They have cheesy pizza, cheese pizza, veggie burst pizza, corn &cheese pizza, and more for vegetarians & non-veg – they have tandoori pizza, spicy chicken, chicken American, and more.

image 22

5. Bread Pakora

During winter, most people love to rush to have hot bread pakora. You can buy a hot bread pakora from the small vendors selling the hot and delicious bread pakoras in Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi.

Bread Pakora

6. Raj Kachori

You may have eaten Kachori in many places. But, ever heard Raj kachori?. Raj kachori is simply an addition of richness in the usual kachori. It is also called as King of all the kAchoris. This raj Kachori is available in the shops of Sarojini Nagar. You can take the royal and delightful taste of the Kachori.

Raj Kachori

7. Burgers

Almost every people love the taste of a burger. The burger is not only a snack during cravings but also a lip-smacking snack during hunger. Sarojini Nagar’s Khatta Meetha shop sells a range of burgers like Aloo Tikki burger, cheeseburger, paneer burger, and also sell their special jumbo burger.


8. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a delightful dish that almost every people love to have. Sarojini Nagar has many shops like V. Jhakkas Bombay Pav Bhaji Punjabi Bagh Wale,Gupta Ji Pavv Bhaji, Dev Bombay Pav Bhaji Centre, The Bombay King, and other shops sell Pav Bhaji.

Pav Bhaji 1

9. Tandoor

Tandoor is also a very famous & most loved food by many peoples. Tandoor also comes in both Veg as well as Non-Veg. The shop called Rasoi Plaza in Sarojini Nagar serves different types of tandoor for both veg and non-veg lovers they have paneer tandoors, roshami kebabs, chicken afghani, chicken tandoori, and more tandoor items.


10. Aloo Chaat 

Aloo Chaat is mainly had as a snack by many people. It is made from diced potatoes in a small shape with other ingredients & spices are added to make it complete Aloo chaat. Mostly this dish is served with chutney, mostly green chutney. You can have Aloo chaat from the chaat corners in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.

Aloo Chaat

11. South Indian Foods

If you are a south Indian food lover, then you can grab your favorite south foods in Sarojini Nagar too. The famous Khatta Meetha shop also has south foods on their menu. From the Idli, Dosa, Uthappam to the upma are available. Now you can have south Indian foods in this Sarojini Nagar market without having a visit to south India too.

South Indian Foods

12. Momo 

As we know, Momo is a dish made from steaming flour filled with different types of fillings. But, it was made differently, cooking the Momo by frying, and cooking it in tandoors. Sarojini Nagar serves all its varieties Steamed Momo, Fried Momo, and Tandoori Momo. You can order based on your choice and taste.


13. Kulcha 

Kulcha is a very famous dish in Delhi. Most Delhi people love the Kulcha. It is a round bread type (Roti) made from flour stuffed with vegetables or meat. Sarojini Nagar market also has many shops that sell Kulcha. You can visit the Kulcha King shop IN Sarojini Nagar to taste different Kulcha’s. They sell masala kulcha, mixed kulcha (Onion, Aloo –potato, Gobi), paneer kulcha, etc.


14. Rolls

The hunger for having rolls will never get satisfied. The RollMall shop is very famous for selling different kinds of rolls. They have Native as well as international rolls available. For international menu (rolls) they sell Desi Burrito roll, cheese roll, and chicken rolls. The best part about that is, you can choose the ingredients of rolls according to your choice. Right from the bread to the fillings, everything is according to your preference.


15. Chilli Potato 

Chilli Potato is many people’s favorite snack that tastes lip-smacking. While cooking it, the potatoes cuts are mixed with the spices. It’s a spicy snack and is mainly loved by many peoples. For having these lip-smacking potato chilies in Sarojini Nagar, you need to visit the Hot Pot shop.

Chilli Potato

16. Chole Bhature

It is a North Indian dish that is very popular not only in North Indian but also in every other part of India. This is the combination of Puri and Channa cooked with spices. You can get delightful chole bhature from many shops of Sarojini Nagar market.

Chole Bhature

17. Paneer Bhature

There is a famous shop in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi, that sells the paneer bhature. These are the only items this shop sells Single bhature, and special paneer wala bhature. You can buy from this shop called “Paharganj ke special paneer bhature shop” to try out something new besides having regular chole bhature.

Paneer Bhature

18. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is a very famous dish, and most people love it due to its taste. You can try this in Sarojini Nagar’s shop named “Bistro 57”.

Garlic Bread

19. Briyani

Tired out from the shopping in Sarojini Nagar market and looking for having full meal course, Then you to visit the Amar Jyoti shop to fullfil your hunger. From this shop, you can have Delicious biryani (Veg only), but all other Non-Veg meals are available there, like fried rice.


20. Sweets

If you want to have some desserts, then you can go to Sarojini Nagar Haldiram’s store. Besides the main course, beverages, you can have different desserts. Gulab jamun, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Jalebi, and Malpua.