Top 20 Aesthetic Restaurants In Kanpur

Top 20 Aesthetic Restaurants In Kanpur

Kanpur, the second largest city of Uttar Pradesh, is known for its cultural and industrial heritage. Kanpur is also famous for its largest leather industry in the world. The food culture here is diverse and represents various and vast culinary traditions. The social media development in our country is rapidly growing and enhancing, and we came across a very viral and well-known Instagram term, “AESTHETIC,” which means eye-pleasing and visually appealing. Below is the list of the Top 20 Aesthetic Restaurants in Kanpur

1.Offline Café 2.0

Offline café 2.0 is located in Swaroop Nagar and is famous among youngsters for its food quality and taste. Offline Café 2.0 is a successor of “Offline Café”, both the successor and predecessor have one food item in common which is their signature dish, “ BUTTER CHICKEN FRIES “. Offline café 2.0 is a very presentable and Instagramable café/restaurant with a very eye-pleasing ambiance with good food. The best part about Offline Café 2.0 is that it’s a 24/7 restaurant and would be a perfect option for a night out.

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2.Little Chef Restaurant

Little Chef Restaurant is located in Civil Lines and is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It is a very desirable place for Vegetarians as they serve very delicious vegetarian meals with a beautiful ambiance and elegant atmosphere. There is a wide variety of Cocktails and drinks available at Little Chef Restaurant. It is a very photogenic and appealing restaurant. One must visit it with their family and friends.

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3.Atmosphere Grill And Café

Atmosphere Grill and Café that is located at Mall Road in J.S TOWERS. It is hands down one of the best, again, one of the oldest restaurants in Kanpur. What makes this place appealing is its ambiance, one of the most beautiful and pleasant ambiance. The quality of food served at Atmosphere Grill and Café is imposing and very filling, and best according to prices.

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4.Jo Hukum Restaurant And Bar

Jo Hukum located at Mall Road. It is one of the most perfect restaurants for family dine-in. It is themed as a card deck. Its ambiance is very harmonious and eye-catching, which makes it an Aesthetic restaurant. The most recommended and most ordered food type here is Indian, but they do serve a large variety of continental food and have a massive menu.

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5.Godown Café

A newly opened but impactful restaurant, Godown Café, is located at Saket Nagar, and it is a beautiful, impressive, and pleasant restaurant in the city. Everything about this place screams aesthetic, wheather its ambiance, food presentation, or dine-in. It is one of the finest restaurants available for college students because, according to its price, the quality and quantity are the best. And it is a must-visit.

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6.Central Courtyard

Central Courtyard is located at Khalasi Line, Swaroop Nagar. This restaurant has made a separate fan base and made a significant impact on people’s minds and tastebuds. And it is a very photogenic place to be in. The ambiance is very soothing, very catchy, and full of aesthetic elements. They serve almost every type of food. The vibe and taste that is provided here, will make you drool over this place and will make you come here again and again.

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7.Lush Garden And Café

Lush Garden and Café, located at Kanpur Cantonment. Lush Garden and Café is one of the very few garden dining Restaurants that is primarily famous for the views, looks, ethnicity, vibe, and fantastic ambiance. The food served here is marvelous and the tastiest. This place gets one hooked and attached to itself. It is a type of place that whenever you’re confused about where to go for an outing and quality food, this place comes to mind.

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8.Glass House Café

Glass House Café, located in Swaroop Nagar. It became famous because of its ambiance and its aesthetic elements, making this place stand out. You can feel a very breezy and delightful vibe and atmosphere here. The food served at Glass House Cafe is lip-smacking, and as good as the vibe, one can enjoy and fulfill his hunger here, with an impressive view.

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Cairo, located at Mall Road, is a garden restaurant with a catch. Cairo also has a dine-in place to enjoy drinks and food. Most people prefer the garden side because it is impressive, aesthetic, and perfect for clicking pictures. They serve a large variety of continental food with authentic taste. They also serve cocktails.

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10.Chung Fa

Chung Fa, located at Mall Road, is an authentic Chinese restaurant with an impressive and immaculate vibe and ambiance. They serve the food in classic Chinese style, which leaves you impressed. The aesthetic element of this restaurant is its Chinese theme. People’s first choice of Chinese food is Chung Fa because it has that element of authenticity, which reflects in their food quality and taste.

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11.Pandit Restaurant

Pandit Restaurant is a Marvadi-themed restaurant famous for its generous and marvelous Marvadi taste and ambiance. They even have a live music center where people wear typical Rajasthani outfits and will never let you get bored.

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Dhuaan is a restaurant that has given people a place to create their core memories because the vibe here will leave a mark because it has the best and most enjoyable ambiance. It has engaged the young crowd as well as the millennials. Their ambiance is aesthetically pleasing and full of abundance. The Mediterranean food served is very appealing and delicious.

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Mocha is a perfect type of restaurant for brunch. The elegance and aesthetics this place holds are hard to catch up with. There is a large lawn that leads to an elegant, closed-top restaurant. That lawn is a perfect place to click pictures. The food quality here is impressive but a bit overpriced. It is overwhelming how the food and vibe will impact you.

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14.Sapphire: Sky Lounge

Sapphire is a lounge/restaurant filled with fun, aesthetics, music, and a dance floor. A medium-sized corridor is specially given, designed, and decorated for clicking pictures. The insides of Sapphire will amaze anybody who prefers a blend of elegance and a hard-core party theme. The food here is madly impressive. The glass-covered kitchen makes it easier for you to ensure the quality and hygiene of food.

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15. Sidewalk

Sidewalk is undeniably a fantastic place with a delightful ambience, soothing music, and captivating interiors. The moment you step in, you are greeted with tranquillity that instantly puts you at ease. The attention to detail which goes in here is mind-boggling. The emphasis laid on the taste and quality of food is impressive.

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16.Terrazza 9

Terrazza 9, known as T9, is a rooftop restaurant and bar. The view from here is just amazing. The music and dance floor will make you groove. The ambiance is very aesthetic and pleasant but full of energy. It is a perfect place to spend your night and enjoy parties here. The aesthetics this place holds is wonderfully surprising.

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17.21 Wall Street

On the list is another rooftop restaurant with dining facilities. 21 Wall Street is where everyone wants a photo because it is so aesthetic and enchanting. The most aesthetic part of this restaurant is the places available to click pictures. The menu here is in an untearable newspaper, and it seems like you’re ordering with incredible generosity. The vibe you get here is impressive. The food served here is good but at a higher price range. A one-time must-visit.

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18.Insta Cafey

As the name suggests, it is a picture-perfect place for Instagram and aesthetics. It is a light and very cheerful-themed restaurant, and the best part is it has certain spots to click pictures. They are designed in such a way that the images that get clicked here are eye-pleasing. The food quality, which is maintained and coped up, is delightful.

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19.2 Kaudi Ki Chai

It would be an injustice if you judge this place by its name. There are lots and lots of aesthetic elements which you must experience and enjoy. This is an open restaurant, and it is shaped like a tea kettle. For a hint of nostalgia, they have benches placed under a large tree, which makes it airy and breezy. The menu is priced under 150 rupees, so it’s super affordable and marvelous.

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20.Mi Casa

Mi Casa is a place that will make you fall in love with it. The whole ambiance is exquisite and very delegated. It delivers a very classy and aesthetic vibe. The warm tone here makes it cozy and comfortable for the eyes. The food quality is over the roof. It is an underrated place that deserves more exposure.

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