Top 20 Dine-In Cafes And Restaurants In Jamshedpur

Top 20 Dine-In Cafes And Restaurants In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is a vast city discovered between the Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. The city boasts of the expansive Jubilee Park, which is lined with trees and houses the Tata Steel Zoological Park with various animal species, such as tigers and leopards. Towards the east of the city lies the Bhuvaneshwari Temple, situated atop a hill with an intricate 5-story entrance tower. Further north of the site, the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is home to roaming elephants in the forests. Sattu and Poha are some traditional items liked and consumed by the local people of Jamshedpur.


Novelty restaurant has its legacy and still stands by the same. The food service and ambiance are marvelous. They serve quickly. They have various cuisines, including Chinese, north Indian, and Italian. Their drinks are pretty good too. Their starter Paneer Chilli is delicious. Do try this place for a satisfying visit with your family/friends.

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2.La Gravitea

Are you a big-time chai lover? Then La Gravitea is the perfect place for you. Even if not a chai, this place will leave you mesmerized. Visit on weekends for the best experience. This place is better experienced than just reading a review. The ambiance inside is calm and rejuvenating. The food is delicious and very versatile. Try the cardamom and ginger tea if you happen to visit this place.

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3.Time Out

Time Out is a vegetarian restaurant at Contractor’s Area in Jamshedpur. The menu boasts a variety of items, from North Indian to South Indian, (Indo) Chinese, and even (Indo) Italian Pizza. The taste and quality of their food are unmatched. Their service is quick, friendly, and attentive. The ambiance and crowd are decent. According to the price point, it’s a little expensive but worth it. Recommend this place.

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4.Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is a top-notch restaurant about taste, quality, and quantity. The ambiance is subtle, with a clean atmosphere. The staffs are friendly and helpful in the selection of food. This place owns a good location with adequate parking facilities. It includes some of the best Mughal cuisine, like dragon chicken, chilly chana, and cheese chicken sheek kabab.

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5.Up N Above

Up N Above is a decent restaurant for a dining experience with family and friends and enjoying other Alcoholic beverages with a new restoration ambiance. They have an open Lounge area with an excellent food experience with a riverside view beside the road. Moonlit dinner can be a great option here. Service is fast, and food is also good.

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6.Café Coffee Day

Coffee is never out of season or out of interest for coffee lovers. In a cold winter, a hot cup of coffee with a friend is all you need to lighten your day or mood. From couples and friends to old friends’ hangout places, thus CCD is a go-to place for all generations. CCD has many stories of first teen dates. It has the perfect privacy or talks with the coffee that makes a perfect coffee date. It’s not just a cup of coffee but emotions.

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Unplugged is one of those places which deserve a 5-star rating. Good food is pleasing to the eyes before it pleases your taste buds, and the prices are also competitive. The staff is well behaved and friendly. The music can get a bit loud if you want a quiet meal, but it depends on the person(s). A place to be checked out, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a cute little pocket dimension!

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8.Beyond Temptation

Beyond Temptation is a vegetarian restaurant and a decent place to chill. Enjoy hazelnut coffee (must try), and chit-chat with your buddies and loved ones. With a fantastic and exceptional set, it delivers a variety of foods.

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9.The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room cafe is heaven for chocolate lovers as it has a quiet aura place to sit and indulge yourself in chocolate. It has vast chocolate-related stuff, including brownies, cakes, sundaes, and shakes. The price can be a little on the upper side of what you can call as affordable. The staff put adequate effort into serving you.

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10.Café Regal

Cafe Regal is one of the heritage cafes in Jamshedpur. It gives an old vintage NeoGothic vibe. They serve the best authentic Parsee dishes and have a great collection of pastries for people with a sweet tooth. The cafe has the best view of any cafe in the city.

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11.Bombay Brew Café

Bombay Brew Cafe is a rooftop cafe and well planned. There is ample seating available. You will fall in love with the quality of food. Everything a customer wants is available. In simple words, a luxury cafe at an affordable price. Do visit once and make your evening a beautiful one.

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12.Rockwood Café

Rockwood Cafe is an authentic Chinese food, especially for Chinese lovers. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. It has fantastic drinks, food with an attractive interior, and decorative chairs and services. The staff are very pretentious and make great recommendations. You will love it, come and try it once.

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13.Brown Town Roastery

Brown Town Roastery Cafe is one of the warmest and most premium quality experiences worth its range. Food quality and price charges are budget-friendly. Burgers, fries, avocado toasts, and northern delights like paneer butter masala and chole kulche deserve mention and must-try!

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14.The Dugout

The Dugout is good to visit with families or friends. Whether you like open-sky dining or loud music, everything is available. The Sky dining starts at around 5:30 pm, and the sunset view is incredible. The price is moderate and affordable according to the ambiance and vibe of the place.

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Chanoya is a super aesthetic and gorgeous cafe. It feels like spellbound warmth given by the owners and the staff. The service and timing are perfect. The food and in-house bakery are a surreal blend of mouth-watering taste and presentation. For a place like Chanoya in Jamshedpur is a blessing.

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16.Le Bon

Le Bon is a cute little restaurant with a pleasant ambiance that makes you feel nostalgic. Good place if you have some sweet cravings or some sandwiches/bread. The right place for some light breakfast or evening snacks. The atmosphere is good, the service is good, and the food items are not expensive, but not on the lower side of the budget as well. It is a must-visit for a sweet tooth experience.

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17.Pool Café

Pool Cafe is an open-air restaurant with a good ambiance and lights. From the starter to the dessert, the quality of the food and everything is outstanding at the offered price. Even the staffs are so supportive and helpful.

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18.Little Italy

Little Italy is a great rooftop restaurant for Italian food in Jamshedpur. The pizzas, pasta, appetizers (lime shrimp, peri peri chicken), tiramisus, and mojitos were all delicious. It stands out as the sole restaurant offering wood oven pizza, making it feel like a secluded haven separate from the bustling city. The staff’s courtesy is genuinely outstanding.

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19.The Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond is a good family restaurant to visit. Due to the prime location, it is very accessible from all the parts of the city, which makes it a little crowded during the peak hour, especially during the weekend. It has got both the option that is vegetarian and non-vegetarian, so it is one of the preferable restaurants among people considering that they also provide food at a very reasonable rate without compromising the quality.

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20.Anand Veg Restaurant

Anand is one of the oldest Pure Veg Restaurants in Jamshedpur. It is pocket friendly, and all the food items are mouth-watering. The staff is well-behaved, and it is very hygienic as well. The ambiance is simple and homely. It serves North Indian and South Indian dishes and has delicious dosas, served with tasty chana-dal-chutney and lovely dal-sambar.

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