Top 20 Amazing Brazilian Dishes

top 20 amazing brazilian dishes

Brazil is the largest South American and Latin American country. It is famous for its exquisite beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and the Amazon rainforest. The carnival of Brazil is the most fabulous celebrated event in the country. Apart from this, Brazil is a culturally diverse region and is popular in sports as well. The city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Brazil also shares a vibrant cuisine with a variety of delicious delicacies. Here is a list of top Brazilian dishes that are must-have.

1. Coxinha

Coxinha is the famous Brazilian chicken croquettes. The dough is shaped into a drumstick and filled with chicken salad. Eggs, veggies, and breadcrumbs are used in its preparation. It is deep-fried.


2. Farofa

Farofa is toasted cassava famous in Brazil. It can be made vegan as well as non-vegan. It is made with cassava flour and has a crunchy texture. The flavors are ideally soaked up by the cassava flour, and give a mild taste. It is a delicious and easy-to-make recipe.


3. Molho A Campanha

Molho A Campanha is the famous vinaigrette salsa of Brazilian cuisine. It is prepared with tomatoes, onions, and green bell pepper. It has a strong vinegar base. It is a straightforward recipe that can be easily made and enjoyed.

3.Molho A Campanha

4. Arrumadinho

Arrumadinho is the dried meat recipe. It is prepared with beef and beans. Farofa and vinaigrette are also prepared along with it. Onion, garlic, and spices are used to enhance the flavor. It is a delicious recipe.


5. Churrasco De Picanha

Churrasco De Picanha is the beef steak prepared on the grill. It is a very delicious and easy-to-make recipe. Salt and seasoning are rubbed over the steaks, and it is put on the grill. It is a trendy barbecue dish in Brazil.

5.Churrasco De Picanha

6. Moqueca

Moqueca is a simple and famous Brazilian fish stew. It is prepared with fish and simmered in coconut milk. Onion, chili, lime, and tomato are added to this dish. It is a delicious and easy-to-make seafood recipe.


7. Paçoca

Paçoca is the popular peanut candy in Brazil. It is a traditional Brazilian treat with sugar, peanuts, and salt. It can be made easily by mixing the ingredient and crushing them until they become sand-like. It is a mouth-watering treat.


8. Mandioca Frita

Mandioca Frita is the fried manioc popular in Brazil. Fresh mandioca is cut into chunks and removed from the peel. It is them boiled and deep-fried. Salt is sprinkled over it and enjoyed.

8.Mandioca Frita

9. Bauru

Bauru is traditional Brazilian sandwich. It is a quick and easy snack with layers of tomatoes, roasted beef, and mozzarella cheese inside the bun. Few spices and veggies are also added to the taste.


10. Feijoada

Feijoada is the black beans stew popular in Brazil. It is made with beef, and the farofa is topped over it. Veggies and sausages are mixed to get an authentic taste. The stew can be stored for upto three months in the freezer.


11. Quindim

Quindim is the Brazilian egg custard with coconut. It is a delicious recipe with eggs, coconut, butter, and sugar. The mixture is baked and refrigerated before serving.


12. Cachorro Quente

Cachorro Quente is a famous hot dog recipe of Brazil. This recipe has a lot of ingredients into it. Corn, peas, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, and potato sticks are some of them. It is a quick snack.

12.Cachorro Quente

13. Vatapá

Vatapá is a traditional Brazilian shrimp stew. A lot of ingredients go into it. Coconut milk and palm oil are added to give it a luxurious texture. Bread is used to thicken it. It is served with rice.


14. Beiju De Tapioca

Beiju de tapioca are a popular Brazilian street food. They are crepe-like pancakes. They are made with tapioca flour and stuffed with sweet and savory fillings like coconut, cheese, or chocolate. This is a vegan and gluten-free recipe, a quick make at home.

14.Beiju De Tapioca

15. Bolo De Rolo

Bolo de rolo is famous roll cake in Brazil. They can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. It is made with sifted flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla extract. It is a marvelous treat and can be eaten over a cup of coffee.

15.Bolo De Rolo

16. Pato No Tucupi

Pato no tucupi is a duck recipe popular in Brazil. It consists of roasted duck with tucupi sauce. The duck is finely cooked with tucupi sauce and other ingredients. It is served hot with rice.

16.Pato No Tucupi

17. Pastel De Queijo

Pastel de Queijo is Brazilian cheese pastries. It is a popular street snack. Both sweet and savory fillings can be used while making it. Vinegar and alcohol are added to the dough to make it authentic. It is served with a refreshing drink.

17.Pastel De Queijo

18. Carne De Sol

Carne de Sol is the Brazilian sun-dried meat. The meat is preserved by salting and dried in the sun. The meat is thoroughly cooked and seasoned with chili pepper and corn couscous.

18.Carne De Sol

19. Sagu De Vinho

Sagu is the famous Brazilian red wine tapioca pudding recipe. It is made with tapioca pearls. Wine can be substituted with milk or grape juice also. Other ingredients are cinnamon sticks, sugar, and cloves that give it a deep flavor. It is nicely cooked and served with ice cream.

19.Sagu de vinho

20. Arroz Carreteiro

Arroz Carreteiro is the traditional meat and rice dish of Brazil. It can be made with steak and sausages. The meat and rice are cooked together. Red diced bell peppers are also added to this dish and garnished with coriander leaves.

20.Arroz Carreteiro