Top 20 Most Appealing Restaurants of Belgaum


1.Ajanta Café

It has to be the traditional aspect which need to be always introduced. Here’s one of them – “Ajanta Cafe.” Being one of the oldest, it has to be in the center attracting the crowd from ages. So there it is in the vicinity of the residential area, “Tilakwadi.” Belgaum is known as the second capital of Karnataka after Bangalore. It has retained its prominent South Indian touch. Ajanta Cafe is the one which keeps you down to your south indian land by serving you those typical dishes which you can never forget in your entire lifetime. Masala dosa, puri bhaji, idli fry and chutney roast are among the delicacy hit list. Nothing can evolve until you become the supreme power or unless it holds back its values throughout. The staff of Ajanta is known for their humble service and genial hospitality.


2.Tumkur Tatte Idli

Few places are always famous for their specialties like evergreen “Tumkur Tatte Idli.” They have made their name from their dish or vice versa. Idli is something that gives you yumminess of eating well cooked and nurtured rice in a different style. To engross its taste further, coconut chutney is the subordinate. The idli-chutney combo has became the star players of this joint. Starting from a small joint, its popularity has taken it way ahead to accommodate nearly 50 people at a time. They have also proved themselves in management skills by providing excellent and fast service which reduces waiting time, resulting in more people craving for food and place. The joint has made a mark near Nehru Nagar.


3.Pai Resorts

As the city went on expanding regarding area as well as diversity, there emerged the need for larger and luxurious outing resorts. Then emerged the name – Pai Resorts. They came ahead to occupy larger area close to Kakagadas circle which happens to be near the fruit market. Being situated in a decently economic city like Belgaum, their fares have been designed well to sound reasonable to a common man, aspiring to stay there. They have further excelled by ranking 14th in the list of best restaurants.



Name says it all! Annapurna – means “Goddess of Food.” This place has its serenity and politeness in members, serving from the holy blessing of its name. Magical food and taste are the obvious features of this place. To stick to age old traditions, they come up with this artistic way of presentation of food in a banana leaf taking you back in the past and making you reach the authenticity of South India.


5.Paratha Corner

To upgrade oneself with the immense diversity in India, one has to move out of their comfort zones. Same applies to food joints. Only regional food won’t attract the fast-growing diverse crowd. People always need a change in their lifestyle and same is with the food habits. Keeping this thought in mind, Paratha Corner is established close to Third Railway Gate, near famous Congress Road. This place will never let you forget the tint of North India. There has to be some specialty right? A combination of Aloo with onion filled with lots of cheese and served with pineapple raita is the one.



Everyone needs healthy and complete food especially when travelling. So Purab, situated on P.B. Road close to NH-4 acts like a saviour. They offer lunches and dinners at a very reasonable price maintaining their quality at the same time.



How is it possible that there is nothing special for non-veggies? Of course! Marrakesh is the one with Mutton Kebab and Spicy Pepper Chicken as the star. It is successful in  attracting the crowd of Shaikh College, Nehru Nagar. The ambience is also quite appealing.


8.Zuber Biryaniwala

Zuber Biryaniwala close to Bagewadi Building near Kaktives Road is a perfect place for rice lovers. Biryani and Mutton being their commands, have never dissatisfied the foodies.


9.New Grand

Name is self-explanatory. New Grand happens to be located close to College Road, somewhere next to Rex Talkies. The price tag doesn’t go with the name, so it’s a pretty cheap hangout eatable corner. Here, South Indian dishes are a must try which include poori and specifically idli vada.



Another restaurant near P.B. road is Mithila. This reminds of old-age history again. It justifies the name by equally presenting veg and non-veg. It masters in multi-cuisine. When places provide huge variety, they tend to attract a lot of crowd, especially on weekends.


11.Sankam Residency

To move towards more luxurious means of commute, we have this Sankam Residency providing stuffed mushrooms as their command. This is near Gandhinagar and quite close to Airport Road. This is not desi types.



Have you seen a huge crowd waiting and sacrificing their patience, just to taste this unique dish named Jhunk? Its main ingredient is Besan. People wait for long but never leave without tasting it. This will give you an idea of the place is.



The name is justified because its impossible to leave without eating out there. Yes! I am talking about a place where you can halt after tedious long journeys just to freshen up with veggie stuff. You have guessed it right. It is next to NH-4 highway. They provide you shelter along-with food. Paneer Butter Masala from Amar, leaves you craving for more.



Another superb hangout place for the non-vegetarians is on P.B. Road, near the market police station. Biryani is a must for non-veggies. They have made use of perfect food and market strategy by serving Falooda as the dessert.



Saffron, located close to Kirloskar Road has emerged a brand not only in Belgaum but many places all over India. Their cooking variety has no bounds. Veg Hyderabadi hits the top on the list. And yet to our surprise, Sizzler dessert is a must try.


16.Zaara Café

Nothing can keep youth away from cafes. Zaara is one of them and is located close to the Civil hospital. But they aren’t marketing only beverages but, the main course has to be their command. Chicken Biryani and fluffy kebabs have attracted the crowd over the years. The gleam of lights brings out a mesmerizing ambience appealing many guests. It’s like they have brought Hyderabad in Belgaum.


17.Sun N Sand

Sun and sand are two distinct things but are same when comes to the combination of food stuff they offer. They also provide you with real-time rooftop experience which will leave your eyes wide open. Politeness is what they have always cherished regarding their service. They will always keep up your expectations.


18.Top in Town

Name is self-explanatory, perfect enough to hit the top 20 list. It is close to the Big cinema next to Kirloskar road. Food quality hasn’t changed from ages. They have been successful in attracting the youth who end up hanging out tremendously on weekends. Improvement with time has been their motto. The unique combination of cocktails is served with non-vegetarian dishes.


19.Oye Shawa

Oye Shawa is like hitting dance floor but here it is hitting the food floor! This marks itself in the outskirts near the industrial area, so that a large amount of space can be brought to use. The space is utilized for creating a smaller version of a dance floor. Non-veg is famous especially Tangdi Mumtaj and not to forget the Sholay kebab.


20.Oye Punjabi

This one has literally made a clone of Punjab stand in Belgaum. The idea itself gets people to visit. It is somewhere close to Ramdev hotel. When you need a switch from south to north, this is the perfect place.