Top 20 Apricot Drinks And Dishes

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1 Apricot smoothie

The taste of apricot smoothie is yummy and full of health benefits. You can add mango or peach in the smoothie as per desired as the taste of plain apricot smoothie with other fruits is simply yummy. If you love yummy drinks, then you must try this smoothie. You can garnish the apricot smoothie with chopped apricot and cherries as well.


2 Apricot syrup

The taste of apricot syrup is simply delicious. The best way of having apricot syrup is by cooling the syrup once prepared and relishing it with ice cream or another dessert.


3 Chicken with apricot

Adding apricot enhances the taste of chicken. Crispy and deep fried chicken dipped in spicy, tangy gravy with apricot served along with tandoori roti is so good. Apricot can be used in two ways in the dish – As a garnish or add apricot paste in the spicy gravy. The tastes are different both ways and tasty.


4 Apricot cakes

Cakes are the best desserts due to its soft and creamy texture. The taste of apricot cake is similar to that of apricot pie. In the cake, you add small pieces of apricot to the batter and also as a topping to the cake. The taste of apricot cake is simply fantastic and refreshing.


5 Apricot rice pudding

Rice can be used to make variety of dishes from savory to desserts. One of such dish is rice puddings that are tasty. And, Apricot rice pudding is a variety of the rice puddings. The combination of apricot and rice simply enhances the taste and look of the pudding. The taste is refreshing due to the apricot and makes it more flavorful.


6 Apricot panna

We all are aware of the taste of mango panna, pineapple panna, etc. The taste of apricot panna is tasty than other panna recipes we have tried. The recipe of apricot panna is same as that of other panna dishes but the taste is little bit special. You can add dry fruits if desired.


7 Apricot jam

Jams and preserves are used in our everyday life and they come in so many varieties – mango jam, orange jam, mixed fruit jam and many more. Similarly, apricot jam is made but tastes a little different from other jams and yummier. Jaggery can be used instead of sugar to make preserves healthier.


8 Apricot and pineapple salad

Amongst the number of different salads, apricot and pineapple salad is one of the tastier ones. The combination of apricot and pineapple itself is very tasty and the salad makes it better. The fruits are cut and grilled together, then tossed into a salad bowl with a touch of lime. Cherry can be added if required. This is just a version of the salad. You can prefer not to grill the fruits and it will still taste amazing.


9 Mango apricot smoothie

The smoothie with mango and apricot is refreshing. A few tea spoons of lemon juice to the smoothie enhances the flavor even more.


10 Apricot salad

Another version of salad and you can give your salad a totally different taste as you desire. Adding sprouts to the salad along with a few more fruits increases the health benefits of the salad.


11 Apricot blackberry pie

The taste of apricot blackberry pie is simply yummy. You can add other fruits also just to enhance the taste and health benefit of the pie. The pie is famous among kids an the combination of fruits makes it so delicious.


12 Apricot blueberry cake

This dish is nothing but the updated version of apricot blueberry pie. You can try different varieties of this combination. The cake version of apricot and blueberry is simply yummy.  You can add cherry also.


13 Baked apricot chicken

Baked chicken is always healthier than the fried recipes. Chicken mixed with apricot flavor and baked with nuts enhances the taste of the dish. Chicken tastes juicy and flavorful.



14 Apricot glazed chicken

The taste of apricot glazed chicken is simply out of the world. Chicken is baked in a sauce made of apricot jam, honey, mustard and soy sauce. Chicken lovers will love the taste and the combination of the flavours.


15 Apple apricot smoothie

The apple has a number of health benefits. The apple and apricot smoothie is scrumptious and has many health benefits.


16 Peach and apricot smoothie

The taste of peach and apricot smoothie is also tasty. Yes, it is not as tasty as the taste of mango and apricot smoothie but is tastier than the peach and apricot salad. You can add nuts and cherries to enhance the taste of smoothie.


17 Apricot juice

The apricot juice is very refreshing and yummy in taste. To enhance the taste of juice and give it a totally different yet healthy touch add lemon juice in the apricot juice. The combination of both is simply fantastic in taste.

apricot juice

18 Apricot jelly

This apricot jelly is very famous amongst kids. Jelly is easy to make. It is a healthy option to freeze jelly and transforming it into yummy candy for kids.


19 Apricot almond cake

The apricot and almond cake has many health benefits apart from being tasty. You can garnish the cake with chopped almonds.


20 Apricot barfi

Indians love barfi and this is a different version of barfi. The barfi form of apricot is made with apricot puree and dry fruits. It is tasty and healthy as it is high in fiber.