Top 20 Authentic Bengali Thalis

 Top 20 Authentic Bengali Thalis

Talking about authentic Bengali Thali, the picture that flashes before our eyes is a large platter of bell metal dishes or a huge cut out of a banana leaf. Many small bowls with portions of dal, vegetables, fish, meat, chutney, and dessert, are eventually served, which completes the platter. Rice enjoys the center role in this royal arrangement, accompanied by vegetable fritters, wedges of lime, whole green chilies, and perhaps a bit of pickle. The cherry on the cake will be a spoonful of ghee in the little hole made in the middle of the mound of hot steaming rice. Bengali cuisine is a mix of textures which includes crisp Bhajas, that sensuous smell of mustard oil, and yes of course that secret spice of every Bengali food, ‘Panch Phoron!’

1.‘Mach, Mishti And More, ‘Golpo Holeo Shottie, ‘Shobuj Dwiper Raja’

These are interestingly the names of the signature Thalis of 6 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata. It serves you the best local Bengali cuisine and a vintage Bengali environment. Mach, Mishti, and more and Golpo Holeo Shotti are both non-veg thalis, Padma Nadir Mach is the popular Ilish thali and bestseller thali is the Shobuj Dwiper Raja which is veg thali but you can adjust your choice of non-veg items in it. The platter is curated with Steamed Tice, Loochi(4 pieces), Bhaja(2 types), Dal of the day, vegetable(3 types), special vegetable (2 types)/ fish/ meat, chutney, papad, mishti doi and sweet. Enough to satisfy you and your tummy, right!!!


2.Express Lunch Thali

This elaborate Thali is served by Oh, Calcutta, a food hub that hints at the rich Bengali food history.This is the most popular thali of the place, which comes both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A Bengali nonveg platter is never complete without fish. So the non-veg express lunch thali provides fish lovers with Chingri Cutlet, Murgir Jhol, Chingri Malai Curry, Hing Aloor Dum, Aloo Bhaja, Cholar Dal, Luchi, steamed Basmati rice, tomato, Khejurer Chutney, Malpua, Bhapa Sandesh. The veg expresses lunch thali items are also very carefully handpicked, just to replace the non-veg items with traditional Bengali veg delicacies like Mochar Chop, Chanar Kalia, and Phoolkopi Shorshey.


3.Bhajaharir Thala

The name itself tells the house it belongs to. A homely Bengali tinge persists at every bit of the treatment it offers. It may be the same traditional plate but one can understand the difference that makes it stand a part. Luchi, Cholar Dal, Begun bhaja, Rice or Bengali Pulao, Shukto, choice of 2 vegetables, Chutney of the day, Mishti Doi, and Mishti, this entire bunch of delicacies are sure to stir up your foody instinct.


4.Mahabhoj Thali

If you are up for a big fat classy Bengali meal, then this thali is for you. The Mahabhoj Thali of The Bhoj Company sets the table for you with their exclusive collection of typical Bengali delicacies that include Ilish/Chitol/Chingri Malaikari/Bhetki Paturi/Pabda/ Chitol Macher Muithya, Fish Fry, Luchi(4 pcs), rice, Pulao, Moong Dal/Masoor Dal, Bhaja of the day, Sabji of the Daay, Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa, Kosha Mangso, Mishti, Mishti Doi, Chutney. The vegetarian Bengali foodies are also served with the same set with just a little updated menu like Poster Bora, Luchi, Aloor Dom, Dhokar Dalna/Chanar Dalna, Potoler Dorma/Aloo Phulkopir Rosa in place of the non-veg items.


5.Saptapadi Jumbo Thali

This platter shares its name with the restaurant offering it. The place is named after a Bengali classic, Saptapadi. The same classic feeling continues with the plate along with its authenticity. With rice/Pulao, Luchi(2 pieces), Bhaja of the day, Bhetki 1 piece, Ilish 1 piece, Chingri 1 piece, Chicken 1 piece, Mutton 1 piece, Chutney, Papad, Salad, Dessert, you are rarely going to miss anything.


6.Aahelir Mahotsab And Aahelir Bhuribhoj

The oldest Bengali food joint Aaheli almost serves a piece of Bengal in their thalis. They have their Thalis specially set up keeping in mind the taste of different customers. Aahelir Mahotsab is a complete vegetarian course of Bengali meal, Aahelir Bhoj, and Aahelir Rajbhoj serves you an entire Bengali meal with two and three choices of non-veg items consecutively. Aahelir Bhuribjoj comprises both veg and non-veg authentic Bengali dishes all in one for a true Bengali food lover. Aahelir Abar Khabo is a special thali that presents all delights of Bengal.


7.Sadharon Thala

This Thali may comprise of the same old Bengali course but the x-factor is that it comes from the recipes of the same family that runs the joint, Kewpie. The popular Sadharon Niramish Thala serves you with a simple yet delicious veg meal of Gobindobhog Bhaat with ghee, Phulko Luchi, Shukto or Aloor Dom, Dal, and Bhaja of the day, Chutney and Papad, Mishti Doi and Sandesh, Paan. This Sadharon Niramish Thala also goes well with a choice of 1 veg item from the A-La-Carte menu followed by a choice of 3 NonVeg dishes from the Non-Veg A-La-Carte menu or Fish and Meat special menu, which makes it Kewpie’s Mahabhoj Thala.


8.Maharaja Thali

Kasturi offers you a little off-beat taste through the recipes of Bangladesh. If you are on for tasting something unique apart from the traditional Bengali course then Maharaja Thali is the right choice for you. A neat plate presents you with steamed rice, Shona Moong Dal with peas, Jhurjhure Aloo Bhaja, Kochupata diye Chingri Bhapa, Basmati Pulao, Mutton Kosha(2 pieces), Chutney, Papar, and Mishti Doi all, all wrapped up with Bangladeshi spices.


9.Mahabhoj Thali From Koshe Kosha

The name Koshe Kosha truly suggests the rich and spicy food it offers. This Thali comes in both veg and non-veg, bringing up to you a plate filled with plain rice, Sona Moonger Dal, Roti/Basmati Pulao, two types of Bhaja of the day, two types of Sabji of the day, Salad, Chutney of the day, Papad and Mishti. The non-veg lovers are always welcome to add to it their choice of Fish and Meat. The menu may be the same but taste varies.


10.Mahabhoj Non-veg Thali From Sholo Ana Bangali

Very few Bengalis can think of their course of meals without fish. Sholo ana Bangali, as a result, specializes in Non-veg Bengali food courses for those Mache Bhate Bangalis. Mahabhoj Non-veg Thali with Rice, Dal, Bhaja of the day, Shukto, Non-veg curry of the day, Pulao, Ilish, Mutton(2 pieces), Chicken (2 pieces), Chutney, and Mishti, is ready to fill the hungry Non-veg stomaches.


11.Grameen Aahar, Jamindari Aahar

The pages of the history of Bengal speak characteristically about Bengal peasants and Zamindars. Sonar Tari rightly justifies the name of the two Thalis Grameen Aahar and Jamindari Aahar to keep the History of Bengal alive. Both the Thalis are different in their ways. Grameen Aahar brings to you a different veg Bengali cuisine like Doi Jeerer Ghol, Gobindobhoger Bhaat, ghee, Mushur Dal, Shim and Aloo Bhate, Dhone Patar Bora, Begun Bhaja, Kalo Jeera diye Shukto, Aloo Phulkopr Rosha. The Jamindari Aahar is majestic in its Zamindari style with Gondhoraj Lebur Shorbot, Gobindobhoger Bhat, ghee, Posto Bora, Beguni, Bori Bhaja, Aloo Bhaja, Shak Bhaja, Thakur Barir Shukto, Koraishutir Diye Aloor Dom, Golda Chingrir Malai Curry, Sonar Tarir Kosha Mangsho, Sona Muger Dal, Koraishutir Kochuri, Reshmi Pulao, Chutney, Papad, Gurer Makha Sandesh, Gurer Chanar Payesh. This truly reflects the luxurious lifestyle the Zamindars led.


12 . Bahubali Thali

This elaborate platter is presented by Kopai follows by the name of the Kopai River at Bolpur. The refreshing feeling of the riverside wind seems to match their light and fresh Bahubali Thali. Ampanna/Lime Soda/Cold Drink, Fish Fry, Rice, Pulao, Dal, Laccha Paratha, Aloo Bhaja, Begun Bhaja, Mixed Veg, Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Tok Dal, Papad, Chutney, and Salad, it gives you everything with the peaceful restaurant ambiance.


13. Veg Thali At Bonolokhi

A mud hut offers a veg thali with a simple meal but the striking feature is that the vegetable comes fresh from their very own kitchen garden, the rice from their very own field and cooked in their kitchen by themselves. The plate is served with Lebu, Beguni, Sak Bhaja, Banskathi Chaler Bhaat, Gawa Ghee, Aloo Posto, Chatni, and Moshla Papor Bhaja. The Fancy urban restaurants can never give you something as much fresh.


14.Bhuri Bhoj

Named after the age-old culture of Kolkata, Babu Culture is all set to preserve your bhuris(tummy) with their Bhuri Bhoj Thali. Welcome Drinks, 1 piece Bhetki Fish Fry, 1 piece Mutton Deviled Egg, Beguni, Basmati Rice, Luchi(2 pieces), Jhur jhure Aloo Bhaja, Sona Moong Dal with peas, Bhaja Masala Aloo Dum, Shukto, Veg of the Day, Amsatto Pulao, Kosha Mangsho(2 pieces), Salad, Chatni, Papad, Mishti, Daaber Payesh and Mishti Pan, everything fit for the Kolkata Babumoshai tastebuds.


15.Pulao Combo

It is almost irresistible to control when it comes to Bengali Pulao. That fragrance of garam Masala and Ghee is just maddening. Aami Bangali has brought the rare Pulao Combos with Paneer Butter Masala/ Chicken Kosha/Mutton Kosha/Egg Kosha/Doi Pona, Salad, and Chutney. Bengali Pulao can team up with anything, yet would be just as yummy!


16. Rajakiyo Thali

Luxury and food are the two prime weaknesses of the Bengalis. What if you are offered to enjoy Royal Bengali food amidst the luxury of a Royal Heritage? Yes, you heard it right! The Rajakiyo Thali of the Kolkata Rajbari provides you with a Royal platter. Starting from Welcome Drinks to starters like Fish Fry, Gondhoraj Chicken, Paneer Ball, Crispy Aloo, and who can forget the main course which includes Basmati Rice, Rajbarir Pulao, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, Sona Moong Dal, Special Veg, Special Chanar Dalna/Mix Veg, Katla Kalia, Bhetki Bhapa, Rajbarir Chicken, Mutton Kosha, and Desserts like Chutney, Papad, Payesh, Rosomalai, Bhapa Sandesh to end with it.


17.Duck Egg Thali

Another favorite Bengali delicacy is the Duck Egg. Palli Bangla restaurant presents that rare Duck Egg Thali that brings Hansher Dim Curry along with Basmati Rice, Mixed Veg, Dal, Jhurjhure Aloo Bhaja, Bori diye Shukto, Khejur Amshotto, Chutney, Papor, Chanar Payesh, and Salad.


18.Mach Much More Thali

How can a Bengali Thali be complete without fish? Chilekotha comes with an interesting Mach Much More Fish Thali, a simple fish lunch with Rice, Special Bata, Dal, Topshe Fry, Sabji of the day, Fish(Pabda/Katla), Chatni, Papad, and Payesh. Simple yet tasty!!!


19. Gan day Pin day

This interestingly named thali is also known as Khati Damodar Seth Mahabhoj Thali after the name of the restaurant as it offers everything together. Rice, Lebu, Kacha Lonka, Shukto, Macher Matha diye Dal, Poster Bora, Aloo Posto, Katla Kaliya, Chingri Bhapa, Ilish Macher Matha diye Kochu Shak, Fish Fry, Pulao, Kacha Lonka Bhapa Chicken, Mutton Kosha(2 pieces), Papad, Chutney, and Rosogalla makes a truly authentic Bengali dish as all these dishes are age-old traditional Bengali recipes.


20.Bangalibabur Special Thali

The special thali of Bangaliana, as its name depict, is a simply authentic Bengali dish. Right from the Bengali kitchen Bangali Babur special Thali offers you Rice, Basanti Pulao, Dal, Aloo Bhaja, Choice of Veg and Choice Non-veg of the Day, Chingri Malai Curry, Mutton (2 pieces), Chutney and Sweet.‘Rannaghor’, Or the Bengali kitchen is the place where the magic happens and is the center of all Bengali households. In many orthodox families, one can start cooking only after taking a bath and wearing fresh clothes. This is why authentic Bengali cuisine is so pure and famous.