Top 20 Authentic Cuisines Of Haryana

top 20 authentic cusines of haryana

The Wonderland of all Desi cuisines, Haryana is the treasure of the wealthiest authentic cuisines. Haryanvi cuisine is like the people of Haryana – simple, earthy, and inextricably linked to the land, filled with immense love and respect. Haryana is a state where food is given priority and is wholesome, exotic, and unique. Haryana is well-known for its cattle wealth and agriculture and crowned the title of ‘The Land of Rotis and Grains. No wonder milk and milk products are abundant in Haryanvi food culture; rotis of different flour holds the crown of being the queen of Cuisines.

Let’s get introduced to the Top 20 Authentic Cuisines of Haryana-

1.Besan Masala Roti

The Authentic Cuisine of Haryana is Besan Masala Roti served with Alumni Ghee. This dish has a relishing taste. Besan is the main component of this dish, which gets mixed with authentic hand-blended spices that give it a unique identity. Besan Roti is a must-try dish.

Besan Masala Roti

2.Singri Ki Sabzi

The vegetable which stands still unknown from the Haryanvi cuisines menu is Singri Ki Sabzi. Most people do not know about the existence of such authentic cuisine. This dish comprises the desi grain that is singri beans. First, these beans are soaked overnight and boiled in water for approximately 20 minutes. Then they are to be blended with authentic traditional spices until it becomes ready to be served.

Singri ki Sabzi

3.Mithe Chawal

Rice and sugar syrup are the main components of the dish mentioned above. Mithe Chawal is a must-try. Rice is added to boiling water, adding sugar and cardamom that emits an appealing aroma of sweetness. This dish is a mixture of rice and sugar. This dish tastes great when served with curd or milk.

Mithe Chawal

4.Churma Dal

The best blend of the sweetest dish and spiciest gravy is what this dish serves. Churma is tortillas ground into small, tiny pieces blended with sugar and emulsified butter. Dal is all about lentils soaked in hot water and adding authentic spices. This combo is a must-try.

Churma Dal

5.Bathua Raita

Yogurt blended with spices, Chenopodium, cumin powder, and black salt is Bathua Raita. This dish is complementary to a full-fledged meal in Haryana. This dish is not only eaten solely but also served with every type of meal; Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. This dish takes only 5-10 minutes to get prepared. This dish gives a delicious taste and is a must-try.

Bathua Raita

6.Bajra Khichdi 

The Healthiest cuisine of Haryana is bajra khichri. This dish is about bajra; The grain yielded from the land of Haryana is cooked in the pressure cooker until ready to be eaten. This dish is a must-try. This dish is an ideal match for those who don’t want to have rice khichadi. Bajra is first soaked in water overnight and then cooked with moong dal and spices in the pressure cooker. This dish is tasty and appealing as well.

Bajara Khichdi

7.Kadhi Pakora

This dish is a cuisine made with yogurt and gram flour. First, the pakora from gram flour is stir-fried and then blended in gravy. This dish is a must-try.

Kadhi Pakora


The Indian version of pancakes is called Malpua. Malpua made with white flour, loose dough, and sugar makes a delicious dish. This dish tastes too good if served with a condensed milk-based sweet dish and dry fruit garnishing. If you are a sugar-loving person, you must try it.


9.Methi Gaajar

Methi Gaajar is a healthy cuisine. Small pieces of carrot with fenugreek leaves and authentic spices are added and blended, giving a garnishing of coriander. This dish is unique and delicious.

Methi Gaajar

10.Hara Dhania Cholia

This dish gives authentic essence to choliya called green channa. Green Channa with various vegetables like onion, carrot, tomato, and spices is blended. This dish is a must-try. It flavors best when served with roti.

Hara Dhania Cholia

11.Kachri Ki Chutney

This cuisine is a classical Haryanvi dish. Chutneys are something that is an integral part of Indian food. Wild cucumber is the element of this dish which is grown in Haryana. This dish is a complementary dish with Roti and Lassi.

Kachri ki Chutney

12.Kachri Sabzi

Kachri sabji is a typical Indian cuisine. This dish is spicy, flavorful, and delicious. Kachri is a kind of vegetable grown in Haryana, peeled off and mixed with authentic spices. It is a must-try.

Kachri Sabzi

13.Mixed Dal

Mixed Dal is a dish containing different dal mixed to form a unique and authentic taste. This dish tastes best with rice and roti. First, the dal cooked under water is frozen, then authentic spices are added and left to get mixed. Mixed Dal is a very spicy yet delicious dish.

Mixed Dal

14.Bajara Aloo Roti

Bajara Aloo roti is a kind of Indian Bread. This dish is dough prepared from Bajra flour. Bajra flour is bajra ground in small pieces; a grain grew in Haryana. Bajra Roti is delicious and unique in taste. Spicy and Flavorful Aloo’s are complementary to this dish. A must-try dish.

Bajara Aloo Roti

15.Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a yogurt dish wherein small balls of dal are prepared and added to the yogurt with authentic spices to make it delicious. This dish holds next-level hype when it comes to Haryanvi cuisine. This dish takes one whole night to get soaked. Firstly, dal needs to be soaked in water overnight for softening. This dish turns out to be one of the best Haryanvi cuisines.

Dahi Vada

16.Alsi Ki Pinni

This dish is flax seeds cooked with wheat flour, dry fruits, and ghee. This dish is very healthy. This dish keeps the body warm and is best for cold weather. This dish is a very authentic cuisine of Haryana state. One must for sure try this out.

Alsi Ki Pinni

17.Bhura Roti Ghee

Bhura Roti is a simple yet, delicious cuisine of Haryana. This dish is nothing but Tortillas served with Bhura [Desi sugar]. This dish takes just 5-10 minutes to get prepared. The main element of this dish is wheat flour. This dish is very relevant at times and is a must-try.

Bhura Roti Ghee

18.Tamatar Chutney

Tomato is the main component of this dish. Tomatoes are put together and peeled, ground, and then served. This dish is an eatery of village people instead of city people. One must surely try the relishing taste of this authentic cuisine.

Tamatar Chutney

19.Rajma Chawal

A famous dish in North India is Rajma Chawal. Rice along with rajma soaked overnight and cooked in authentic spices is a mouth-watering dish. Rajma Chawal is a spicy yet delicious dish. Rice is steamed and served with cooked rajma.

Rajma Chawal


Ghewar is made with maida and is a sweet dish in Haryanvi cuisine. This dish is sweet and sugary. Ghewar is an authentic cuisine soaked in sugar syrup and served in two different ways; with malai and without malai. This dish is a must-try.