Top 20 Authentic Italian Places To Try In Gurugram

Top 20 Authentic Italian Places To Try In Gurugram

With the advent of Pizza and Pasta in Indian households, Indians have opened doors for more authentic Italian delicacies. These days Italian Eateries are more crowded and popular than Indian restaurants among the youth. With the cafe culture in India, Italian food is more accepted by Indians and has made its place in the hearts of Gurugram people too. With simplicity in preparation and complexity in flavors, Authentic Italian cuisine is difficult to tackle but appetizing to all the senses. Italian restaurants are perfect for special dates with your loved ones as they take you straight to Italy visually and gastronomically. Here are 20 authentic Italian restaurants, Cafes, and Eateries that will provide a concoction of Italian flavors and culture on your platter.

1.Pasta Bowl Company

For the fans of authentic Italian flavors, The Pasta Bowl Company is your place. They serve handcrafted pasta and all things Italian. The perfect place for a date here should include some Lasagne and Alio Oglio e Pepperoncino Spaghetti. They bring Sicilian food to the plate through their gastronomical magic in DLF Phase-IV. Their Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, freshly tossed Pizza, and Calzones are a big hit.

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2.Caffe Tonino

Caffe Tonino has a minimalistic vibe with delicious Italian flavors. Its artistic ambiance attracts Italian lovers to devour the signature square pizza and lasagna. They make the thinnest handmade crust tossed in Wood Oven garnished with parsley, giving them the most intense flavors. Their Bruschetta and Tortelloni stand out as the best Italian cravings in the DLF Horizon Center.

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3.Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina, a restaurant at the Le Meridien, specializes in offering delicious North Italian flavors. Its Gnocchi, Ratatouille, and Risotto are popular with diners. With Italian wines, crostini platters, and creamy spinach nuts Ravioli, it’s a great place to visit with family and friends. They serve heavenly Calamari and Tiramisu.

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4.Cafe Amaretto

With stunning decor and a comfortable atmosphere, Cafe Amaretto has become the perfect place for a casual Italian dining experience. It has a fresh and riveting menu. Set in South Point Mall, it offers mouth-watering breakfast options. Its Antipasti Platters are too good. They serve handmade Gnocchi, Ravioli, Tortellini, and Lasagna. Their grilled Artichoke pizzas are top-tier.

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5.Zanotta- Cucina Italiana

Zanotta, a luxurious dining restaurant at the Leela Ambience Hotel, is a paradise for Italian lovers. Its ambiance includes the view of the city skyline. They have a live interactive kitchen setup with a fresh display of ingredients used by chefs. Their decor is classy, and the portion size is grand. With a walk-in bar, they have the best Grilled Chicken and Pesto Fettuccine and drooling gelatos.

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6.Cicchetti By Mr. Beans

The captivating decor at Cicchetti offers a visual treat, and their appetizers are a treat for everyone’s tastebuds. Their Penne Alfredo Pasta and Caprese Croissant sandwiches are worth drooling. They elevate the dining experience by serving everything on the cheeseboards. Located in Cyber Hub, their croquettes and coq au vin are great hits.

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7.Como Pizzeria

Como Pizzeria Cafe offers delicious Italian cuisine even though they specialize in pizza. It provides a beautiful indoor and outdoor dining atmosphere on 32nd Avenue. They serve amazing Neapolitan Style Pizza, Artichoke Bruschetta, Caesar Salads, and Rigatonis. The ingredients used here are fresh. They have both classic and fusion dishes on the menu. Their Tres Leches with Biscoff is worth drooling over. The restaurant is economical compared to other Italian places making it a popular spot among the youth.

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8.Prego-The Westin

Prego by The Westin in Gurugram offers rustic Italian flavors. The stone and woods interior with a terrace dining experience will take you on a culinary voyage to Italy. They have an Al Fresco lounge for dining. An open Kitchen also serves as a source of entertainment. Prego has to be the go-to place for a romantic date or any special occasion. Their Orecchiette and chorizo pasta, Tagliatelle with prawns pasta, and Affogato are the highlights on the menu.

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9.Tiny Tuscan

Like its name, Tiny Tuscan is a tiny Italian setup in Galleria Market. With a great start over Coffee, they serve delicious Rosemary grilled Chicken, Caprese Panini, Trifolati Stromboli, and mouth-watering Cannoli. It sets the mood for the delicious food with light music playing in the background. Panzanella, Tuscan salad, and Parmesan Spaghetti are everyone’s favorites here.

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Italiano is an Italian dining place and pizzeria with a beautiful outdoor sitting area. The food here is Italian feast anyone would be longing for. It is on the Golf Course Road and is heavy on pockets for a small cafe. Their Pizza Copollo Pollo (combination of spicy chicken, snipped chili, and shallots), Aromatic Garlic bread, smoked Panini, and Ginger Bread Frappe is worth trying.

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11.The Big Chill

Set in DLF Cyber City, big Chill has super fun decor with Hollywood Classic movie posters, brick walls, and green door decor. It takes you straight to Italian cafes by its vibe and through its food. They serve great Antipasto platters and Rocket and Blue Cheese Salad. Their Penne Quattro Formaggi, Spaghetti Alio Olio e Pepperoncino, Funghi, and Smoked Chicken Ravioli are the perfect burst of Italian flavors in the mouth. Their Thin Crust Pizzas, Brandy Chicken, and Stuffed Crepes are great. They specialize in desserts too. Mud Cake and Chocolate Decadence are a delight with other shakes and Icecreams here.

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12.OLLY – Olive’s All Day Cafe And Bar

OLLY’s sunlit decor and ambiance instantly puts you in a good mood. Open in Cyber Hub, it is a quintessential Italian fare due to its presentation and flavors. Their aromatic Linguini Aglio Olio Pasta and BBQ Pizza are a must-try. Their outdoor seating gives off Greek Cafe vibes. They serve Artisanal Gelatos and Wines too. This place is great for brunches as well.

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13.Jamie’s Pizzeria

Jamie’s Pizzeria by Chef Jamie Oliver is one of its kind authentic Italian restaurant in Ambience Mall. Their Fried Gnocchi, Artisanal Pizzas, Chicken Parm, and Mocha Mousse are worth relishing. It is a great spot to hang out with friends and family due to its Italian pizzeria-like decor. Their Iced Lattes are worth trying with Red Rocket Pizza.

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14.Melt House

This cute Italian Brick House Cafe on 32nd Avenue is one of the most beautiful places for a date night. Their cozy decor is welcoming and offers the best desserts to devour. As the name suggests, they serve mouth-melting food. Their Grilled cheese toasts, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and Frappe are worth drooling.

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With a gorgeous outdoor setup laden with wooden furnishings and Instagram-worthy aesthetics, Guftagu is another cafe for a romantic date experience with your special one. Their scrumptious appetizers, freshly rolled pasta, and lasagne serve a delightful experience. They also offer smoothies and Granitas. This cafe for poetry enthusiasts lies in Sikanderpur.

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16.Fat Lulu’s Cafe And Bar

Fat Lulu is essentially a heaven for pizzaholics in DLF Phase 4 and offers more than five varieties of pizza base options. They have classic Italian pizzas as well as Indian fusions. Their Calzones, Bolognese Spaghetti, Fettuccine Primavera, and Ravioli are a must-try. Do visit for their Jazz Music vibe and Peach Lemonade.

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17.Caffe Bella Italia

Located in Gwal Pahari, Bella Italia is a charming aesthetic Instaworthy Italian Cafe. They provide decorations for Birthday and Anniversary parties. They serve great shakes, smoothies, and sparkling mocktails. They offer great healthy, salad, and gluten-free options. A special kind of Romeo and Juliet Pizza with each half of pizza with different toppings is available. Their stroganoff and croissants are buttery, and their desserts give the most satisfying meal end.

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18.Brick N Bean Cafe Kitchen

With artistic decor like lanes of Rome, and furniture vibing with that, Brick n Bean Cafe in Sector 50 is a must-visit Italian place. They serve food with an attractive presentation. Their unique Aubergine Stuffed Ricotta is a must-try. You’ll be pleased with their moist tortellini and risotto. Do relish the flavors of Heap o Meat pizza here and let the silk cake melt in your mouth.

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Sage is an Italian dining experience offering Fusion Pizzas and Italian delicacies. Pepperoni pizza and Marina Roma are a must-try here. They serve freshly made pasta and nicely cooked Ravioli. Their Cheese-baked Carbonara Pasta and Cannelloni serve as the visitor’s perfect meal. They make great margaritas as well. Sage in Metropolitan Mall is a great way to spend a quiet evening with family and friends.

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20.Under The Neem

Last and the best destination to crave your Italian hunger pangs have to be Under The Neem in Karma Lakelands in Sector 80. With a gorgeous outdoor sitting setup and beautiful ambiance, it serves exciting Breakfast options. Their Charcoal Fettuccine with prawns has to be a great choice. They offer Interesting Salad options as well. Their Ninja and Eslimo Salad bowls are a must-try. They serve great Indian food also and mouth-watering Sourdough pizzas. Their Mango cheesecake, croissants, and pancakes are well-prepared.

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