Top 20 Continental Restaurants In Noida

Top 20 Continental Restaurants In Noida

Despite India’s extraordinary and vast palette of dishes set in our hearts, especially for North Indian Food and Spicy Oriental Food in a city like Noida, food from the Continental Cuisine has reached the minds and the plates of an epicure at several restaurants. Continental food rules in restaurants and eateries, as there is something special when melting meat and cheese reaches your mouth. These restaurants serve delectable Continental dishes and will charm you with their European set interiors and ambiance. Continental Food is served in almost all Fine-dining restaurants and has become a preference for many due to the use of fresh ingredients. Here is a curated list of delicious and diverse Continental Restaurants in Noida in no particular order:

1.House Of Migo

House Of Migo is a continental food paradise in Sector 135. They have impeccable service and warm decor. You can see the beautiful skyline at night while enjoying a romantic dinner here. They have Terrace and Outdoor seating as well. Their Tuscan Fettuccine and Baked Pomodoro Gnocchi are so flavorful. They serve great Parmesan Croquettes, Pistachio Crusted Chicken, and Avocado Croissant. Their Pesto Prawn Pizza and Eton mess will surely give you a foodgasm!

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2.Cafe Bean Basil

Cafe Bean Basil aims to offer a sustainable and mindful dining experience. It is an ideal restaurant to try Continental cuisine, located in Sector-32. Their ambiance is minimalistic and lovely. They serve low-calorie, gluten-free, and vegan eating options. They have some unique fusion dishes on the menu that are a must-try: Gluten-free Dosa waffles and Jaggery Brownie with Vanilla Gelato. Their cream cheese, caramelized onions Bruschetta, and Arrabiata pasta with Truffled Mushroom Sourdough Bread are so good to be on everyone’s To Eat List.

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Habidade is a tiny Continental eatery in Hajipur. You can relish their Belgian Hot Chocolate while reading books in a quiet corner. There’s outdoor seating also available to enjoy conversations with friends over Cafe Bombon or refreshing Green Shrub Cold Brew. Their Jalapeno Cheese Poppers and Lasagna Bites are sizzling. They serve Pesto Grilled Chicken, Rigatoni Bianca with Parmesan, and Fettuccine Arrabiata with Spicy Chicken Ragu. Remember to try their Almond Croissant and Biscoff Caramel Cheesecake.

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4.Cafe De’lan

Cafe De’Lan in Hajipur hosts people over for Healthy Breakfasts. Their Chicken and Cream Cheese Bagel Sandwiches are a hit! Their Confit Mushroom Arancini, Popeyes Truffle Pizza, Bocconcini Kebabs, and Barbeque Chicken Panuozzo are all mouth-melting. Remember to indulge in Creamy Penne Rosa, Pesto Fussili, and Tiramisu.

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5.Spezia Bistro

Spezia Bistro in Hajipur has a beautiful ambiance with its soothing wooden decor and white brick walls. It also features Spezia’s signature Pink Tree and Lanterns. They serve delicious Continental Food in their style in an affordable way. They offer special Cheddar Cheese Wheel Pasta, Rozario Pizza, and Pan-Seared Fish. Their Parmigiana Lasagna and Baked Chicken Toscana are everything!

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Burash is a Chic, Postcard-like Continental Restaurant in Sector-132. It has beautiful, warm interiors and glass walls with refreshing outdoor seating. They serve delightful Thin Crust Pizzas with mascarpone and pesto. Every ingredient used is fresh and oozes flavors. Indeed this is a pretty place for Dinner Dates. They also serve irresistible Charcuterie, Pasta Marry Me, and Gelatos with Macchiato.

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7.Big Yellow Door

Located in Hajipur, Big Yellow Door serves presentable Continental Food. Their Staff is courteous, attentive, and friendly. It has vibrant interiors with lanterns hanging from the ceiling and decorated with plants. They serve amazing Rocky Road Shake and Passion Fruit Iced Tea. Their Salsa Rose Pasta, Baked Pomodoro Blush, and Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads are appetizing. You cannot miss their Wood-Fired Margherita Pizza!

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Chelvies has to be the perfect Coffee Date Place in Hajipur. Dining against the window and looking at skyscrapers, enjoy the Pain Au Chocolat, Macarons, Tres Leches, and drooling Belgium Nutella Pastry. Devour into their Chili Cheese Toast, Gourmet Exotica Pizza, and Aglio Olio in Tagliatelle, Canneloni, and Smoked Chicken Risotto. End the night with Coffee on the Rocks, White Chocolate Medley, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

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9.Blunch Cafe

Blunch in Sector-104 has a quirky and neat decor with hanging plants ceiling. The Pink and Blue Furniture add charm to it. Their Green Pesto Croissant, Al Fungi Pizza, Pizza Pollo Pepperoni, Vodka Rigatoni, Chicken Florentine, and Stroganoff Bowl are perfect to have on Family Dinners. You cannot miss their Hot Mocha, Orange Belgian Cheesecake, Pineapple Cheesecake, and Biscoff Mousse.

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10.Cafe Lily

Cafe Lily, open in Sector 37, is a hub of Continental flavors in a cozy space. With all green decor, the place is suitable for hangout with friends and family. Charred Chicken Steak, Jack Daniels Chicken, and Bellpepper Bruschetta are great dishes on the menu. You can’t miss their Roasted Red Pepper and Al Pomodoro Pasta with Cheesy Garlic bread. Do try their delectable Farmhouse Fiesta Pizza and mouth-melting Brownies.

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11.Coco Cafe

Set in DLF Mall of India, Coco Cafe, designed in elegant decors, is the perfect place for Coffee dates. They serve delectable Egg Croissant, BBQ Mushroom Baguette Sandwiches, and Caprese Baguettes. Their Truffle Avocado Salad, Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, and Pan-Seared Chicken Arrabiata are worth drooling. Don’t regret missing out on Berry and Caramel Cheesecake, Walnut Torte, and Rocher Croissant.

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Crumbelle in Hajipur, adorned with Classic Red and White Themed Decor, serves delectable Continental Cuisine. Tomato and Basil Pesto Sourdough, Chicken Pepperoni Cheese Sandwich, and Smoked Chicken Panini are delightful here. Romantic Romania Salad, Parma Rosa and Primavera Pasta, Chicken Lasagna, and Pizza a la crumbelle are amazing to taste from Crumbelle’s. Their unique Baked Au Gratin and Baked Mushroom Crepes are worth trying!

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Caffeinated, located in Sector 144, is the definition of Continental Heaven. It has pretty outdoor seating surrounded by nature. Wild Mushroom Spinach Melting Cheddar Sandwich, Spicy Guacamole Toastie, and Burrata Beans Bomb Salad have unique flavors and are some great dishes on the menu. Beer Battered Fish, Baked Bolognese Pasta, Al Verdure Pizza, Marinara Prawn Risotto, and Three Cheese Lasagna should be on everyone’s visiting list here. End your sweet date here with Great Italian Tiramisu or a Belgian Chocolate Brownie.

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14.I Sacked Newton

I Sacked Newton in Logix City Centre has a pleasant ambiance with bright, quirky decor. It is a Fusion Continental Heaven. They serve Wood-Fired and Napoletana Pizzas in fusion flavors. Kakori- Galouti Kebab Wood-Fired Pizza and Caprese Rosemary Roast Napoletana pizza are a must-try here. There are Vegan Salad options available as well. Stuffed Chicken in Wine Reduction, Bacon Panini, Keema Bolognese Pasta, and Pumpkin Ravioli are great fusion continental dishes here.

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15.Reader’s Cafe

Reader’s Cafe in Sector-18 is a reading abode for bibliophiles who also turn out to be gluttons. With the match-made in heaven for books, continental food, and calming decor, you can enjoy solitude in peace here. Their Honey Chicken Smoked Scamorza Salad and Mozzarella Emmentel Sticks with Avocado Sauce are eccentric. Their Alfredo Macaroni and Chargrilled Bolognese Pizza are so cheesy. And French Vanilla Latte, Macchiato, and Nutella Frappe taste much better while reading.

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16. Delhi Heights

Delhi Heights, in Starling Mall, offers Continental Food. Their Panzanella salad, Pizza Alla Casalinga, and Cheese and Potato Croquettes are great choices. Pizza Alla Rustica Artichoke, Quatro Stagiani, Prawns Al Pesto Genovese, Corn Spinach Cannelloni, Chicken Herby Carrot Risotto are great dishes here. You can’t forget to try their Frozen Hot Chocolate, Irish Cafe Latte and devour their melting desserts- Chocolate Mountain and Tiramisu.

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17.Drunch Cafe

Drunch Cafe in Sector 37 serves English and French Breakfast options with Hashbrowns, Sausages, and French Toast. They have an amicable serving staff. Parma Rosa Pasta and Spaghetti Chicken Fiesta are so good here. You can not miss their unique Coconut Charcoal Frappe, Fish with Hollandaise Sauce, and Baked Mushroom Sauce Crepes. They serve Handrolled Thin Crust Chikonara and Fungi Pizza.

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Kaffiiaa is a Continental Kitchen in Sector -18 with beautiful glass walls and warm wooden furnishings. The ambiance has so much greenery. The Melted Chocolates and Hazelnuts Coffee are great to begin with. Florentine Chicken, Grilled Chicken Salad, Frito Misto O Verdure, Panini Spezialle Caprese, Panino Con Cacciatorini, Penne Siciliana, Amatriciana Pasta, Shrimp and Feta Risotto are the best dishes to try here.

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Theos at multiple locations in Noida have an old English Restaurant like a charm. Their menu has truly all authentic European delicacies and beverages. You can Take-Away all delectable Bakery items from here. Their Raspberry Smoothie, Lasagna Jardiniere, Gnocchi Bolognese, and Pesto Focaccia are so damn tasty. There are several fillings and sauces to choose from for a Ravioli. Don’t miss the Fettuccine Puttanesca, Mozzarella Caroza, and Wine Mushroom Vol Au Vents with Mochaccino from here.

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20.Honey Dough

Honey Dough Cafe, located in DLF Mall of India, Sector-18, is famous among youth for delightful Coffee Dates in aesthetic ambiance. They serve all European beverages, Imperial Earl Grey Tea, Coco Almond Hot Chocolate, and Tiramisu Latte being the hot-selling ones. They also have Greek Salad, Rainbow Aglio Olio, and Mama Rosa Penne Pasta with Honey-glazed Pepperoni Pizza. You must take advantage of their Brownie Fudge Pancakes and Mocha Waffles.

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