Top 20 Authentic Rajasthani Thalis To Relish Near Ashok Nagar, Jaipur

Top 20 Authentic Rajasthani Thalis To Relish Near Ashok Nagar Jaipur
Top 20 Authentic Rajasthani Thalis To Relish Near Ashok Nagar Jaipur

Rajasthani dishes arise from main courses from bites to sweet recipes. Some things like Dal-Baati-Churma and Bikaneri Bhujia have accumulated both nationwide and global popularity among food lovers. Rajasthani menu offers some fascinating and savory combo meals and recipes that are sure to entertain the flavor buds of food lovers. When you visit Jaipur you might want to hit these authentic Rajasthani restaurants if you are a food lover:

1. Surya Mahal

This restaurant is known for its primary location and boundless vegetarian menu. It is famous for its authentic Rajasthani atmosphere, and you get to choose from many options. People are satisfied by their decent portion size, quick service, and their professional chefs. This restaurant is vegetarian only, and takeaway services are also available.

Surya Mahal

2. Rawat Restaurant

This restaurant is the best one for you if you enjoy good north Indian food, especially, Rajasthani food. This place is famous for its Rajasthani ambiance and taste. Its Pyaz Kachori and morning breakfast is well-known by everyone. This restaurant is a well-maintained legacy and compels a chance from you.

Rawat Restaurant

3. Four Seasons Restaurant

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant and is famous for its north Indian cuisine. This restaurant is suitable for family get-togethers, and the appealing décor adds a nice touch to its ambiance. The staff here is very courteous and the waiting time is almost null.

Four Seasons Restaurant

4. Thali House

This is a naturally illuminated eatery serving North Indian dishes with a focus on thalis. The food here is delicious, and you must visit this restaurant if you have a knack for Rajasthani food. The prices are fair, and the portion size is good. You can also try the other cuisines that are available here.

Thali House

5. Dagla – The Rooftop

This place is famous for its gastronomical adventure and its stunning rooftop view. The seating area here is pretty comfortable, and this eatery is very crowded on weekends because of its food and ambiance. Indoor seating and takeaway service are also available.

Dagla The Rooftop

6. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

One of the most beloved sweet shops and eateries in the city, LMB offers a good platter of dal baati churma. It is also renowned for its varieties used in diverse dals. Positioned near Johari Bazar in the ancient walled city area, it is patronized by sightseers visiting the many marketplaces for purchasing. If you get time from your tumultuous shopping and vacationing binge, then take some moment out and tour the site for a swift taste of authentic Rajasthan.

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

7. Natraj Restaurant

Natraj Restaurant is a humble eatery with an old-world ambiance & a menu of localized Indian vegetarian meals. It is also famous for its traditional Rajasthani sweets. The interiors and the atmosphere is all very intimate. Moreover, the staff service is exceptional.

Natraj Restaurant

8. Niro’s

This is a long-standing terminus serving a range of subcontinental and Indian dishes in its untroubled dining chambers. It is famous for its Rajasthani and Mughlai food. The food and the wine here are as good as their intimate and flawless interiors.


9. Thali & More

An intricately designed mixture of Rajasthani dishes served on a single platter. The Thalis of Rajasthan have taken it up a groove by combining a tint of their original splendor to this platter. Thali and More have compressed this illustrious delight in a pocket-friendly performance that emphasizes some lovely pieces of bread, curries, desserts, and more.

Thali More 1

10. Chokhi Dhani

It is a mock village that is a classic reflector to the Rajasthani culture, cuisine, traditions, and fashion. The name Chokhi Dhani directly means Rajasthani Culture. If someone is an enthusiast of regional food prepared with fresh elements, Chokhi Dhani is the spot where they should be to encounter the gastronomic exhibition of Rajasthan. The structure and ambiance of the complete village are such that one cannot just go without encountering regality.

Chokhi Dhani

11. Shri Thaal Village

The dal baati churma of this place is unquestionably the most honoured luncheon of every citizen in the republic. The meal incorporates crispy batter balls joined with flavorsome lentils and delightfully delicious morsels of Churma. Sri Thaal Village is one of the go-to hangouts for experiencing this delightful grub amidst the picturesque village furnishings.

Sri Thal Village

12. 1135 A.D

It would be an astonishment if you do not relish these Rajasthani Thalis at this enchanting establishment at the Amber Fort. Whether you are a Jaipur local or a vacationer, savouring the precious ingredients of the royal cooks like in the classical days is an adventure not to have abstained.

1135 A.D

13. Kitchen Zayka

This restaurant is famous for its fusion dishes. It is a capital for ethnic Rajasthani Non- Vegetarian & Vegetarian Cuisine established in the soul of Pink City. It is well known for its kebabs and friendly ambiance.

Kitchen Zayka

14. Kanha

This restaurant is very famous for its delicious Indian sweets and Rajasthani chaats. Here, you get a roomy seating area, parking space, and conventional hygienic food. You can also go to Kanhas’ branch Tanshukh to enjoy fine-dining services.


15. Rajasthani Thali Wala

This restaurant is famous for its high-grade food, responsive service and, value for money. This place is very close to the Railway and Metro Station and administers affordable thalis and a great space.

Rajasthani Thali Wala

16. Handi

This chain of restaurants is famous for its fusion of Mughlai and Rajasthani cuisine, especially laal maas, in modest surroundings. It is a very laid-back restaurant with plainly authentic food items. It is suitable for family reunions.

Handi 1

17. Rajput Room

This restaurant is the epitome of an elegant fine-dining eatery serving a table of multicuisine meals in a heritage hotel. This place is renowned for its luxurious Rajasthani thalis. The ambiance of the front lawns of this restaurant is elegant.

Rajput Room

18. Samode Haveli

An urban sanctuary in the well-known walled city of Jaipur, Samode Haveli is a conventional Indian mansion set in a flourishing garden around a series of informal courtyards.

Samode Haveli 1

19. RJ 14

As the name suggests, this restaurant has a very Jaipur-y vibe. It is famous for its tangy chaats and quality service. Crane your neck out for RJ14 next time you are creeping unwaveringly on bustling Ajmer Highway with your group and wave your chauffeur to stop when you spot it. RJ14 is tailor-made for families and large crowds to have a satisfying experience dining under the clear sky.

RJ 14

20. Jaipur Adda

Indian & global food served in a substantial rooftop cafe with live music & picnic seats. It is famous for its north-Indian finger-licking good food. Here you also get a piece of good music, pub, and live singing. The mocktails here are to die for and are a must-have.

Jaipur Adda