Top 20 Bakeries That Serve Heaven Of A Cake

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A wedding, A birthday, A celebration to our joy is only completed when we cut the piece of cake and feed it to others Sharing the same spirit as them and smiles. Cakes are part of celebration, which you cannot let go of in celebratory times. Here is the list of bakeries that serve heavenly cakes-

1 Sugar Window

What we need in life? A mouthful of rich cake, so sugar window might be the best place to get a delectable Red velvet cake, fudge cake and surprisingly a cake pop bouquet (now that’s what we call something out of the box.). You can find Sugar Window at Green Park Extension, New Delhi.


2 Anytime Caketime

Tea being an integral part of Indian culture, we, of course, would love anything tea related so why not a tea cake, Anytime Caketime serves tea cake which is not just pungent but also good for you. You can find Anytime Cake at Sarva Priya Marg.


3 J’s Bakes And Chocs

Name anything more icon than a chocolate truffle cake- I bet you can’t answer that. Your classic chocolate truffle cake is served here topped with an extra doze of chocolate and taste. You can find J’s bakes and chocs at Dwarka, New Delhi.


4 Ipshita’s Cakes Mamma Bakes

A chilly chocolate cake needs a lateral thinking, and this is what people here are producing(must be some specialist). Also, what is better than sponge cakes and orange mousse cakes that are served here? You can find this place at Shapur Jat, New Delhi.


5 Sweet Nothings By Avanti Mathur

Different servings for different seasons- Strawberry and cream cake for winters and Mango and cream cake for summer, just so it can save us some time that we could have wasted in all that deciding process. You can find this place at New Delhi.


6 The Rolling Pin Bakery

A right place to devour the flawless Tiramisu cake- which is a famous Italian dessert that is made into a cake.A Variety of macaroons also available here which are the little perfect things you might have ever seen.


7 Dark Secrets

Dark secrets aka paradise of cheese cakes and fondant cakes. The cheesecakes served here won’t let go of your mind once you have a taste of them. You can find this place at New Friends Colony, New Delhi.


8 Bake Tantra

Cakes here are artificial colouring free that is why no kind of icing is used in any of their cakes also a minimal amount of oil is used in the cake making process with mineral sugar, talk about the cakes specially made for our well being. You can give orders through their Facebook handle- Bake Tantra


9 All Things Yummy

Get high on their Special liquor cake, a 100% recommended cake from anyone who had a bite of it-( legend has it that your taste buds can be completely out once you devour this piece of art). You can find it at South Extension Part 2, New Delhi.


10 Vidya Cupcakery By Tanvi

A vegan-friendly bakery- an answer to the prayers of vegan people. Here mini vegan cupcakes are available followed by Oreo cupcakes and coffee and walnut cupcakes (completely drool worthy). You can contact them on their Facebook handle- cupcakes by Tanvi.


11 Sweet Magique

A cake will be the top most priority when you’re organising a kid’s birthday so the Sweet Magique might be the best bakery to contact, they specialize in birthday themed cakes which can be 4d if you want them too. A very bizarre yet interesting concept on lights on cake is possible here.


12 Sugar Daddy Bakes

“I will ditch the wedding, If the cake is not pretty enough”- Wedding cakes are the second best thing present in the wedding (after the couples obviously), so the ideal wedding cake must be admired by all, and Sugar Daddy bakes deal in all kind of fascinating wedding cakes to make your wedding extra special (wink wink).


13 Just Like Mum’s

Terribly tasty fondant cakes available here just like how you like it to be- just like how you’re mom would make it- yum yum and healthy.


14 Love At First Bite

As the name says love at first bite, we couldn’t agree more because they have carrot and cream cheesecake here, anyone can give their limb in return of this cake they make here. Contact them on their Facebook handle- Love at first bite.


15 Ambrosia

An amalgamation of cake and ice cream can complete our happy soul and believe it or not there is a concept of ice cream cake here in Ambrosia. Cut into the piece of cake just to find rich ice cream waiting in its inside. You can find this place at Friends colony,New Delhi.


16 Yummies By Geetika And Latika Sakhuja

Here is produced the near perfect imitation of New York’s cheesecakes- equally delicious and tempting as what New York offers in cheesecake department. Truffle chocolate cakes are also giving the cheese cake a tough competition here.


17 The Bonne Bouche Baker

Raspberry sauce on a cheesecake with chunks of raspberry covering its surface, is our idea of a impeccable cheesecake and thankfully this how a cheesecake is served here.


18 Divinum Chocolate

Not single, not double, but triple blended coffee cake just to make your taste buds x3 times happier. Divinum chocolate also deals in cookies.


19 Dessert Art By Dipali Modi

Giving the cakes an artsy approach adds on to their beauty, this is how much of a art is done on cakes just like a makeover to adorn them. The cakes are available in flavours like apple cinnamon, Almond brittle etc.


20 Baked Over By Juhi

Who says an eggless cake is not considered as an ideal cake, breaking all the stereotypes for eggless and sugar free cakes Baked over is earning so much love for making cakes taste so much better despite them being eggless or sugar free.