Top 20 Dry South Indian Sabzi Must Have

Dry South Indian Sabzi Must Have

1. Beetroot And Coconut Sabzi

Beetroot is always served as salad, but the South Indians have an amazing dish made from beetroot.  Beetroot and Coconut dish is simply amazing in taste. The combination is simply amazing. You can make plain beetroot sabzi also, but the addition of Coconut enhances the taste of the sabzi. The sabzi looks simply scrumptious.


2. Malabari Curry

Malabari Curry is very famous in South India as the taste of the dry dish is yummiest of all dishes. The Malabari curry is very easy to make and amazing to taste. You can make it semi gravy also.  The dish is very well served with chapatti loaded with lots and lots of ghee. The dish is very beautifully garnished with curry leaves.


3. Bhindi Onion Stir Fry

The taste of bhindi is always yummy, we all know that. The special part of South Indian bhindi onion fry is that it is made with a special South Indian touch. What all you need to do is simply deep fry bhindi and onion separately. Take oil in the pan, and then add chili and spices along with the fried sabzi. Cook it for two to three minutes. After that add peanut paste in the dish. Your dish is ready. Isn’t it easy?


4. South Indian Brinjal Dry Sabzi

The special part of all South Indian dishes is that all the dishes are always sweetie spicy. The brinjal dry sabzi is simply amazing in taste. The dish is very special for all spice lovers. What all you need to do for making this yummy South Indian brinjal specialty is just deep fry the brinjal coated with lots of spices.  You can have this dish with chapatti loaded with ghee.


5. Kerala Style Dry Dahi Bhindi

In Kerala style of cooking Dahi bhindi, the dish is always dry. They dint make gravy Dahi bindi. Also, the addition of cream in Dahi bhindi simply enhances the taste of the dish. The dish is less spicy and very special for all less spice lovers.


6. French Beans With Chana Dal

The combination sounds boring as one is green vegetable and other is lentil. But the taste of the dish made by the combination of these two simply rokzz. The combination of green French beans with chana dal along with all the spices is simply amazing. You can have it with rumali roti, naan etc. It’s totally up to you.


7. Dry Cabbage Sabzi

Cabbage is my favorite as it is compulsory in most of the Chinese dishes. Also, it enhances the taste of the dish in which it is added. Add it in rice and get the touch of biryani, add it in any sabzi and get the taste of mix veg etc. These are some of the miracles done by cabbage. Now what’s special in South Indian dry cabbage sabzi? Nothing special is added to the dish but the taste of the dish is out of the world. The master masalas behind the amazing taste of the dish is sambhar masala, rasam malsa and peanut paste. Add these three to your dish along with other spices and get the amazing taste of the dish.


8. Drumstick Curry

The taste of drumstick curry is simply amazing. Just imagine if the addition of some pieces of drumstick in sambhar and kuzhambu can make the dish extra scrumptious, then what will be the taste of drumstick curry? Yes, you are absolutely right; the taste of drumstick curry is simply out of the world. If you are a spice lover then add lots and lots of chili along with the tomato puree, and if you love less spice then add a small amount or just a pinch of Mirchi powder.


9. Kovalam Matar

The taste of Kovalam matar sabzi is simply yummy. The dish needs no explanation as we all know the taste of matar. Also, all experiments that are performed on the matar are always successful. To make your dish extra tasty add lots of Dahi in it.


10. French Beans Poriyal

The taste of French beans poriyal is simply yummy. The addition of Coconut simply enhances the taste of the dish. You can have this dish with naan, chapatti, rumali roti, etc.


11. Raw Banana Coconut Curry

The scope of banana is not limited up to the shakes and sweet dishes. You can make an amazing curry using banana. Take raw banana grind it and use it along with tomato puree. The taste of the dry (thick gravy) dish is amazing. To enhance the taste of your dish simply add Coconut in the dish.


12. Cucumber Curry

Yes, it sounds weird but you can make a spicy dry dish using cucumber. Usually we use cucumber in salads or raita. But the South Indians make an amazing dry spicy dish with cucumber. For making this dish what all you need to do is simply use cucumber as you use potato (aloo). Fry the cucumber and add all the spices in the dish. Serve hot with chapatti.


13. Konkani Style Potato Sabzi

The Konkani style potato sabzi is simply amazing. The dish is full of spices. The sabzi is made with pleasure. It gets ready in no time.


14. Aloo Gobhi Kerala Style

In Kerala style of cooking aloo gobhi, the vegetables (aloo and gobhi) are deep fried separately and then mixed in thick tomato puree along with all the spices and peanut paste. The taste of the semi gravy dish is simply yummy.


15. Badami Paneer Kerala Style

Badami paneer is an amzing dish of Kerala. The addition of almonds in paneer simply enhances the look, aroma, and taste of the dish. You can garnish the dish using chopped almonds and chopped coriander leaves as well.


16. Coconut Paneer

The recipe of Coconut paneer is very easy and the taste of Coconut paneer is simply scrumptious. For making this you just need to add Coconut milk in the gravy paneer dish. If you don’t have Coconut milk, then add grated or grinded Coconut in the dish.  add peas to enhance the taste of the paneer.


17. Carrot Methi Sabzi

The combination of the carrot and methi are not only healthy, but they are yummy in taste as well.


18. South Indian Mushroom Dry Curry

South Indian mushroom curry is yummy and full of spices. Te dish is very special for all spice and mushroom lovers. The special part of this dish is that instead of adding boiled or fried mushroom, mushroom tikka is added in the dish.


19. Drumstick And Cashew Curry

The taste of drumstick curry is enhanced by the addition of cashew nuts in the dish.


20. Kala Chana Sundal

Kala Chana sundal is a very healthy and yummy dry dish of South. Kala Chana sundal is made with Kala Chana and grated Coconut.