Top 20 Bakery Hubs In Jubilee Hills Hyderabad

top 20 bakery hubs in jubilee hills hyderabad 1

Bakery hubs satisfy savory cravings with carrot cakes, golden vanilla cakes, apple cakes, soft puddings, banana cakes, and other new bakery recipes. The love is centered at these hubs in the confetti cakes with rainbow sprinkles just for sweet lovers. The cakes look sugary coated with icing and frosting with a silk-like finish with cream cheese filling. Glazed funfetti donuts, cinnamon rolls or wraps, and colorful macaroons are fresh varieties straight out of the oven. Bagels, ganache, and raspberry jam are the favorites that melt in your mouth. In these high-end shops, you can see carefully done swirls and designs too.

1. Van Lavino

This cafe is in Jubilee Hills for Italian-style recipes and an impressive menu. It is always a good idea to discover new and different items to get a better idea of preferences.  The menu also has grilled chicken, peri crispy fish burger, and Mexican chicken pita sandwich among baked goodies like churros with strawberry sauce, waffles, and crepes.

Van Lavino

2. Concu Cake Shop

The confectionery, chocolate trifle mousse, cheesecakes, Choco hazelnut, muffins, blueberry cheesecakes, and Choco doughnut are the attractive option to order for the visitors. You can order a tempting designer cake for any special occasion. It is a signature patisserie with quality, texture, and flavor in the items. You can also buy gift hampers with flowers like macaroon boxes, a picnic hamper, or a box of triple chocolate hazelnut blondies.

Concu Cake Shop

3. Eat N Joy Bakers

It is in Sri  Nagar Colony at a distance of 10 minutes from Jubilee Hills. It’s a bakery but pizza is a must-order here. Passion for the taste of the customers is the motto followed here. There are combo, designer, anniversary, and character cakes for a customized experience. There are cakes like butterfly tour cake, flower overload cram cake, pink cloud step cake, and multi-click design cake. There’s a same-day delivery feature with seating available.

Eat N Joy Bakers

4. Zuci Chocolates

It is in Prashasan Nagar Rangareddy which is at a distance of thirteen minutes from Jubilee hills and offers continental and fast food. This cafe was awarded the Restaurant of the Year 2021 and Best Chocolatier 2021. You will find healthy bread, special cakes for parties, and a beautiful dessert bar with great decor.

Zuci chocolates

5. Kesariya’s Sweets

It is located in Madhapur at a distance of ten minutes from Jubilee Hills. It is air-conditioned and offers fast food with outdoor seating. There are Bengali sweets, ghee sweets, chat, savories, gift packs, and dry fruit packs. You will find quality at an affordable price and customized sweets. There’s purity, bakery combos, biscuits, and other snacks.

Kesariyas Sweets

6. Delizie Baking Company

It is located in Jubilee Hills and its popular dishes are chicken cutlet, chicken Thai green curry, exotic fresh fruit pastry, blueberry cheesecakes, Australian black forest, strawberry cheesecake, Paris new York cake, red velvet hazelnut, Ferrero rocher,  raspberry smoothie, and cafe mocha. All these items are pleasing and differ from ordinary flavors.

Kesariyas Sweets 1

7. 45th avenue By Karachi Bakery

It is in Film Nagar which is fourteen minutes away from Jubilee Hills. Karachi bakery is well known for its healthy cookies and is one of the best in India. There’s fast food, desserts, free wi-fi, and home delivery for a good customer experience. Gourmet sweets, Baklava and savories, and recipes from all around the globe are offered on the plate with five-star experiences in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

45th avenue by Karachi Bakery

8. Swiss Castle

It is in Banjara Hills at a distance of 16 minutes from Jubilee Hills. There are fruit spreads, Belgian chocolates, cream donuts, and snacks like cheese puffs and hotdogs. The must-order items are red velvet cake, fruit pastry, and paneer puff. The different pastries include are blueberry pastry, white forest pastry, banana strawberry pastry, and black forest pastry.

Swiss Castle

9. Baker’s Kraft

It’s in Madhapur at a distance of 10 minutes from Jubilee Hills. There are home bakers and affordable prices. You can buy decorative items like sprinkled sugar, a cake decorating kit, a macaron baking kit, and edible glitter. There are beverages, fondant decorative sets, baking equipment, professional supplies and accessories, and chocolates.

Baker’s Kraft

10. The Funnel Hill Creamery

It is a cafe, patisserie, pastry shop, dessert, bistro, coffee shop, and snacks bar. There’s fast food like cheesy and Mexican fries. The sandwiches stand out among ordinary sandwiches like the Jalapeno and Paprika grilled cheese sandwich, spicy chicken, and garlic sandwich. Mac and cheese is a popular delicacy and the variants available here are the old school mac and cheese, alfredo mac and cheese, and buffalo chicken mac and cheese. There’s the signature pancake, Nutella pancake, and strawberry cheesecake pancake.

The Funnel Hill Creamery

11. 7th Heaven

It is in Banjara Hills with cuisines like desserts, ice cream, and pure vegetarian. The butterscotch cake is a must order on the menu. The combo of pizza or burgers with donuts, cupcakes, brownies, etc. is available. The classic cakes are pineapple cake, black forest cake, butterscotch cake, and strawberry cake. The premium cakes are dark knight cake, chocolate fantasy cake, raspberry cake, etc. There are exotic cakes like cherry mousse cake, brownie cake, and white forest cake.

7th Heaven

12. Labonel Fine Baking

The baked goods are fresh and homemade including all the exquisite ingredients. The seasonal picks and gift packs are special items. The difference is made with gateau cakes like black forest gateau, cappuccino cake, death by chocolate, espresso fudge cake, and death by white cake. There are also roulades like chocolate cream roulade with hazelnuts, caramelized white chocolate roulade, and lemon chiffon roulade.

Labonel Fine Baking

13. Finesse

It is in Yousufguda which is nine minutes away from Jubilee Hills. It has classic desserts made with classic ingredients. The designer cakes are for different occasions like teen birthdays, kid’s birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding cakes too.  The ice creams and desserts include mango and strawberry cheesecake, etc. The designs are creative and artistic and the flavors are American chocolate, lemon, banana, buttercream, etc.


14. Theobroma

It is in Jubilee Hills which offers artisanal bread, puffs, quiches, croissants, combos, rolls, and tea cakes. There is an option for custom orders like customized cakes, corporate catering, gifts, and special occasions. The price comes with quality for varied delicacies like frosted cupcakes in different flavors that banoffee high, lemon tart, red velvet, and theos chocolate mousse cup.


15. Just Bake

It is in Sri Nagar Colony that’s twelve minutes away from Jubilee Hills. It’s known for its quality and its most wanted dishes are hazelnut, black forest pastry, and almond chocolate. The menu includes recipes like American almond chocolate cake, white forest cake, mango masti cake, new Zealand kiwi cake, and caramel fiesta cake.

Just Bake

16. Ghrelin Café

It is in Banjara Hills where the popular dishes are ricotta cheese chocolate tart, rainbow cream cheese, chocolate ecstasy pastry, red velvet cream cheese pastry, Ferrero cheesecake, Nutella banana waffle, blueberry and cream waffle, pancake with seasonal fruits and cream, and berry and honey waffle. They have exotic drinks like berry mojito, lemon ice tea, bubblegum shake, and peach ice tea.

Ghrelin Cafe

17. Guilt Trip

It is in Madhapur which has tv screens, continental specialties, and sports live screenings. They have Indian bread like paneer Kathi, masala egg Kathi, vegetable Kathi and chicken kurchan Kathi. The cakes on the menu are vanilla caramel cake, German chocolate cake, Pineapple strawberry opera cake, and red velvet cream cheesecake. They have pizzas, rice bowls, new year cakes, shakes, and ice teas.

Guilt Trip

18. Kavanah

They have Chinese, continental, and a long list of cakes. Tiramisu is a must order and there’s also outdoor seating available. They have chicken lollipops, blueberry cheesecake, macaroons, creamy basil pesto, and pizzas like bolognaise, peri, and cheese burst. There are burritos, burgers, rice bowls and sandwiches too.


19. Usha Muffins

It is in Yousufguda that has designer cakes and simple cakes too. The visitors like blueberry cheesecake, chocolate doughnuts, fresh fruit muffins, and melting chocolate. The popular items are an apricot delight, Oreo chocolate trifle, vanilla muffin, wheat jaggery cake, ragi cake, plum cake, strawberry muffin, banana pudding, banana walnut cake, and stevia muffin.

Usha Muffins

20. Cafe Niloufer and Bakers

It is in Banjara Hills where the popular dishes are green tea kettle, niloufer tea kettle, Caprese and spinach, and corn quiche. The cakes available are of a wide variety like the Belgian Chocolate cake, butterscotch, black forest, red velvet, special pineapple, vanilla sponge loaf, and plum cake. There are also uncommon items of pizzas like the paneer BBQ and caramelized onion pizza, Mexican pizza, and marinara pizza. There are also pasta, a special bread, and breakfast specials.

Cafe Niloufer and Bakers