Top 20 Baking Hacks You Can’t Miss!

Top 20 Baking Hacks You Can’t Miss!

The first thing that I can think of when I come across the word BAKING is the delicious delights that we can make out of this fantastic and magical process. The best part is that it does not include too many complicated techniques and satisfies your sweet tooth in simple and trouble-free ways. Though it is my favorite cooking technique out of all, it surely demands some simple hacks that should be kept in mind. This Christmas season let’s get to know about the top 20 baking hacks and make our loved ones feel special by baking some treats for them:

1. You Can Replace Butter With Avocado To Make Cakes More Healthy

This cake is surely going to be healthy, vegan and will make you proud of yourself for reducing some significant amount of calories without much difference in taste.


2. If You Don’t Have Any Frosting, Need Not Worry. Just Sprinkle Some Icing Sugar Through These Kind Of Lace For Some Unique Designs

These can be helpful in times of crisis, and no one would know what led to the making of such unique and intricate designs.


3 Don’t Forget To Sieve Your Flour

Sieving/sifting your flour ensures that there are no lumps in it and your cake or bread has a smooth texture. It makes sure that there are no impurities present. Most importantly it will cause aeration (addition of more air in the mixture) that helps in making the product lighter and fluffier.


4. Use A Grater To Save Your Burnt Muffins Or Cookies

Burnt your cookies? No worries. You can always save them by grating the burnt or charred bottoms to a perfect looking delight. And hush! No one should get to know about that burnt edge.


5. Use A Wine Bottle As A Rolling Pin

Reuse and recycle. That’s the mantra. You can always save the planet by these cool, little hacks. Instead of throwing away these bottles in the trash, use them up for rolling that dough.


6. Instead Of Microwaving The Hard Butter, Just Cover It Up With A Warm Glass To Make It Soft

Use the hot glass over cold butter to quickly soften it. Firstly, heat a glass of water in your microwave, then remove the water from the glass and cover the butter with it. The hot steam from the glass will warm the butter perfectly. 


7. The Heavy Cream -> Put In A Jar -> Shake Well For Three Minutes -> Whipped Cream Ready

Don’t have an electric whisk? Need not panic! Put heavy whipping cream in a jar, add sugar and vanilla extract. Close the lid and start shaking vigorously for 2-3 minutes to get a perfectly whipped cream. Use it as a frosting for your cakes and cookies.


8. Out Of Food Colour? Use Jell-O To Add Colour To Your Frosting

You can jolly well use Jell-O to add fun colours and flavours to your frosting and decorate well your cakes.


9. Use Mason Jar Lids To Hold The Cupcake Liners

If you don’t have a muffin tray; you can use the lid of your mason jars to make tiny and cute cupcakes. Place them on your baking tray, place the cupcake liners on them and enjoy!


10. Save Your Cookie Dough By Storing It With An Apple Wedge To Keep Them Moist

Save up some of your extra cookie dough in an airtight container along with apple wedges. It keeps the dough moist and easy to use later on.


11. Place A Slice Of Bread On Top Of Your Cake To Keep It Moist

If you get busy in something else before you have put frosting on your cake, no need to worry, just place a bread slice on top of the cake, and it will stay moist.


12. Whisk Your Batter Well

Whisking will help in aeration and make the batter fine and free from lumps. It will make the product fluffy and soft.


13. Use Dental Floss To Finely Cut Layers

To make uneven layers, place a dental floss across the cake (make sure it is unwaxed and unflavoured) slide the string into the cake and pull through it. Using the floss surely does wonders in my case. You can even use strings for this purpose.


14. You Can Make An Icing Bag With A Ziploc Or Plastic Bag

Don’t create a fuss if you don’t have a piping bag, just fill the frosting inside any Ziploc or plastic bag and cut a hole in the corner and here, your piping bag is ready already. You can fill the piping bag more easily by folding it over a glass or cup.


15. You Can Use Your Muffin Tins In Different Ways

You can bake cookies in it as well! To make your cookies soft and uniform, use a muffin tin. Or, you can even flip the tray over to make excellent cookie bowls and serve ice-cream in those. What a perfect combination!


16. Sift The Dry Ingredients Together To Avoid Lumps

This hack is very useful if you want to shun the mess of lumps in your batter.


17. Buy A Kitchen Scale NOW!

It’s much more accurate and convenient to measure dry goods like flour and sugar by weight. Measuring the weights of your ingredients will help you and will make sure that your desserts come out perfectly each and every time.


18. A Perfectly Baked Cake Will Spring Back When Pressed In Tthe Middle

To check whether your cake has been baked perfectly, press lightly, it will spring back. If the cake does not spring back, then give it another couple of minutes in the oven.


19. Measure The Cream In Aa Large Bowl And Freeze It For 5-10 Minutes Before Whipping It

The Cream is easier to whip when it’s chilled. And along with it if the container is cold too. This will keep it cold for a longer period. Just make sure that you don’t put it in the freezer for more than ten minutes because you don’t want it to freeze.


20. To Make Your Biscuits, Rolls And Crusts Extra Shiny, Brush Them With Egg Wash Just Before Baking

You can make an egg wash by beating one large egg with two tablespoons of water, then brushing it on with a pastry brush. To prevent your dough from becoming soggy, just brush it RIGHT BEFORE YOU BAKE, and you are ready to go!