Top 20 Best Burger Joints In Kolkata

Top 20 Best Burger Joints In Kolkata

Kolkata is not only known for its rich cultural heritage but also for the love of its people for food. Apart from the authentic Bengali cuisines, street food also draws the crowd. From sweets to rich mutton curry, the people of Kolkata relish its culinary culture. The advent of the fast-paced life brought in the inclination towards fast food and burgers were not left behind either. Are you wondering where could you find the best burgers in Kolkata? Here are 20 of the best burger joints in Kolkata:

1.The Whistling Kettle

This cozy restaurant is famous for its delicious burgers and good hospitality. The budget-friendly burgers are a complete meal to supplement your action-packed day.

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2.Biggies Burger

You must visit Biggies Burger for delicious vegetarian burgers. Their patrons love the eatery for its quiet ambiance, sophisticated interiors, and polite staff. It is a great hangout spot.

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3.Burger In Law

The Couch Potato is an innovative burger available here. It has a potato patty with grilled pineapple. Another creative burger here is La Lamb burger, which has a minced mutton patty and coleslaw. The Cottage Cheese Steak and Grilled Bhetki are also famous.

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4.Hard Rock Cafe

This cafe with its vintage decoration is popular for its Jumbo Veg Platter, Citrus Salad, Herbaceous Chicken, Nachos, Beef Patty, etc. The cafe is a well-known name for its special American burgers.

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5.The Fork

This restaurant has an outdoor seating arrangement with some sumptuous delicacies on the menu apart from the delicious burgers. It is also known for Mughlai dishes, rolls, North Indian and Chinese dishes.

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6.The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao has a classy environment and burgers inspired by the Asian food culture. Apart from its delicious burgers, the fatty bao is known for its Japanese and Korean food like sushi, and also for its wide range of desserts.

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You must visit Ozora to dive into a luxurious rooftop dining experience and enjoy their unique burgers. Ozora specializes in multiple cuisines. It has a fantastic ambiance with some highly innovative dishes like Chicken Tarts, Moroccan Chicken Skewer, Daiquiri, and Baked Fish.

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8.Wow! Momo

This restaurant chain is spread over many locations in the city. They are known for their Momo burgers with variations in the fillings. They are also known for Chicken Moburg, Chicken Cheese Momo, Tandoori Momo, and comforting Soup.

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This restaurant is famous for its wide range of gourmet burgers. The innovative burgers available here are quite pocket-friendly.

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10.The Wall

This high-end restaurant offers specialty burgers on its menu. The other popular dishes are Chicken Yakitori, Whole Bhetki, Sushi Platter, Spicy Chicken, Dimsums, etc.

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11.Burnt Garlic

The burgers available here suit its name. The burgers are infused with garlic and served with delicious sides. It has beautiful interiors as well.

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12.My Big Fat Belly

The burgers available at My Big Fat Belly are delicious ones, loaded with the choicest ingredients. Their Skewed Cottage Cheese, Virgin Mojito Pitcher, Berryblast, Spicy Chicken Tikka, and Al Fungi Pizza have also gained popularity.

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13.The Bridge

The relaxed environment of The Bridge draws the crowd. It is a family restaurant ideal for brunch. It is usually highly packed on weekends.

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This fusion restaurant offers delicious burgers. The fast food and beverages available here, are very reasonable and the food is healthy and delicious.

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15.Blue Poppy

Blue Poppy is a fast food chain loved for its sumptuous burgers. It also specializes in Nepalese and Tibetan cuisines. You can also stop by to enjoy some momos and tea.

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16.The Parking Lot

This restaurant is known for its burgers and street food. Their patrons praise the sociable atmosphere, beautiful themed decor, and great hospitality.

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17.Monkey Bar

This restaurant has an elaborate menu that includes Devilled fish, Chicken Chimichurri, Butterfly Chicken, and Corn Chips. It has a lovely outdoor view.

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18.Wise Owl Cafe

Wise Owl Cafe is known for its Burgers, Prawn Croquettes, Mushroom Maggi, Frittata, and Sandwich. Their budget-friendly cuisine and outdoor seating make your visit a value-for-money deal.

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This eatery is a bakery that is famous for its mouth-watering burgers. It is also known for its highly reasonable Italian and fast food preparations.

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Chilis is famous for its diverse menu and fulfilling portions. You must try their Country Style Chicken, Classic Chicken Fajita, Steak Fajita, Orleans Jambalaya, Triple Dipper Platter, and Chicken Mustard.

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