Top 20 Cafes For A Weekend Hangout In Nashik

Top 20 Cafes For A Weekend Hangout In Nashik

Nashik is a city in Maharashtra, India. Its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty is a major attraction. Nasik is one of the fastest-growing cities. The residents of Nasik relish the Maharashtrian cuisine. Its food culture also speaks about the affinity of its people towards food. The food of Nasik is deeply influenced by Rajasthani and Gujarati dishes. Various delicacies like Chinese, Continental, Italian, and Mexican are also available in the restaurants of Nasik. Here are the top 20 cafes in Nashik that you can consider for a weekend hangout:

1.Sizzler’s Junction

Are you fascinated with sizzlers? Try the mouth-watering sizzlers at this restaurant. The food is of very good quality at this humble outlet.

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2.Cafe Bliss

Cafe Bliss is a cool cafe with elegant decor. You can relish a variety of beverages and snacks here.

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3.Cafe Rasa

Cafe Rasa is a good cafe to enjoy pizza and chicken at an affordable price. The food quality and taste are average. It is famous for North Indian and Continental delicacies.

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4.Cafe 99

This cafe with diverse food options has a comfortable seating arrangement and good hospitality. Dive into the tempting coffee, crispy fries, burgers, pizza, wraps, and rolls to have a savory experience here. They offer unique fusion fries.

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5.Burger Club

The Burger Club is a restaurant most visited by burger enthusiasts. They offer a diverse range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers, fully loaded with juicy ingredients. The burgers are pocket-friendly.

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6.The Sidewalk

Visit The Sidewalk and enjoy crunchy cookies, delicious Tiramisu, Cappuccino, Breads, Dessert, and Tea. The hospitality and the serving size are worth the appreciation.

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7.The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is popular for its tempting cakes and pastries. With creative interiors and artistically decorated walls, the ambiance of this cafe gives a positive vibe. The menu has budget-friendly dishes.

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8.Moon Light Cafe

This cafe is also ideal for small celebrations owing to its good service and quality food. The theme is very welcoming.

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The serene ambiance with a breathtaking view makes this restaurant famous. The menu includes many varieties of quick bites and other savory dishes.

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10.Cafe G9

If you are in a rush looking for a quick bite and some cold coffee, this is your place. They serve cold coffee, sandwiches, and many other quick bites.

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11.Kasha Ki Aasha

This restaurant flaunts the fusion of art and food. The South Indian and international cuisines available here are delicious and priced reasonably.

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12.Inayat Cafe Restaurant

It specializes in fast food, beverages, North Indian and Chinese cuisines apart from the Mughlai dishes. It is a good place to hang out with large groups. The fast service and the comfortable seating space are the main attractions.

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13.Surabhi Cafe

It is a vegetarian eatery famous for its North Indian and Chinese dishes. Cheese Bhelpuri, a variety of South Indian dishes, Surabhi special tomato omelet, and many vegetarian dishes are available at this restaurant.

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14.Little Italy

It is a famous Italian restaurant presenting a vegetarian menu. The authentic dishes and their delicious taste make its patrons visit it again.

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15.Sula Vineyards

This place has a beautiful view and a comfortable seating area. It is crowded on weekends and the dishes available here are customizable.

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16.Cafe Rainbow Unicorn

Cafe Rainbow Unicorn is known for prompt service and good quality food. It has many combo meals that are value-for-money deals.

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17.The Grapevine

This winery cafe provides a good vineyard experience. The staff is very friendly and guides you through the delicacies available here. The picturesque environment gives you a relaxing experience.

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18.Veg Aroma

This cafe specializes in Indian cuisine with various vegetarian-friendly and vegan options to choose from. The Chinese-style veg fried rice is a must-try. The reasonable pricing of the dishes is the most attractive feature.

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19.Chai Villa Cafe

Are you a tea enthusiast? Visit the Chai Villa cafe for a perfect snack with your friends. They offer delicious sandwiches.

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20.Cafe Bliss

Cafe Bliss is a lovely place to enjoy global cuisines and unique cocktails. They also offer vegetarian-friendly and vegan options.

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