Top 20 Best Burgers Of Nagpur City

Top 20 Best Burgers Of Nagpur City
Top 20 Best Burgers Of Nagpur City

If you in Nagpur and have not visited these burgers places then that would be a mistake, make sure you try all of these exceptional burger outlets there. This city has a variety of burgers to offer. What a pleasure it is to have some piping hot fries alongside of a vibrant patty burger with your favourite sauces while enjoying the day with your closed ones! To make your hunt for food effortless, we have listed some of the places you must try in Nagpur, Maharastra

1. Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B Burger Bar in Nagpur will invite you with its especially curated handcrafted & epicure burgers. They’re known to serve 60 kinds of Burgers that will surely blow your mind. This joint was started in 2017 with a small space & moment it has the capacity to accommodate 100 people, making this place a burger heaven for those living in Nagpur. Interestingly, they’ve a live kitchen where you can watch the burgers being made & an automatic machine through which they make their burger patties. Also, they provide DIY kits to create a customized burger for yourself.

A wholesome place with astounding food. The menu has a lot to choose from, something for everyone’s taste. Hazelnut frappe and lemon ice tea is a must try. Plan B makes you fall in love with its beautiful interiors, remarkable menu and its generosity in the portions of serving its burgers. Service is fast, the staff is cordial and food is finger licking staggering, here it lays varieties of burgers and one for the burger buns too, loaded fries in veg and non veg. Also acknowledging the fact that this joint is open for 24 hours it makes a convenient place to dine in even at 9 a.m. for a breakfast or at 1 a.m. for a hangover meal. If you like ultra-cheese on your burgers then plan B liquid cheeseburger is the answer. Plan B has successfully the made its place in Nagpur’s heart when it comes to burger.

As per the Google ratings it stands for point 4 so it is highly recommended to visit plan B burger bar if not then you are missing a lot.

Location: Upper Ground Floor Vedant Peridot, Central Bazar Road, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Plan B Burger Bar 1

2. DacDenil’s Burger

DacDenil’s is a substantial brand for burgers and they have a very extensive menu. They are now serving in Nagpur which is really gracious and Loved by the people in here, talking about the taste and quality of food which is lovely and very much sufficient. With the facility to deliver the burger at three in the morning this acts as a very efficient option to satisfy ones midnight cravings for a good burger.

They try to serve their best burger all the time. The place totally justifies the price by not compromising on quality of the quantity of the food that is been prepared, the burgers are said to be really juicy, moist and cooked very evenly and the sauces are totally made from scratch. The place is said to have a soothing ambience and one should visit if you want to relax and have a slow down from a rough day.

Location: 107, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

DacDenils Burger

3. Burger On The Top

The restaurant quotes- “Wanna sink your teeth into a cheeseburger? Check out our menu and grab your favourite”

As the restaurants quote quite explains its motive towards the customers, the burgers are definitely cheesy and delicious in taste, the restaurant is very hygienic and has value for money and the portion of the food. They cook fresh food as per the order and make sure nothing goes to waste by feeding the remains of the food of the kitchen to the dogs of the nearby area, Burger on top believes in sustainability and do not waste. People walk into the doors for their amazing KitKat shake, cheese burger and roasted chicken burger, they have options for fusion burgers and many more depending on the seasonal availability. The joint opens at 2:00 p.m. and continues to serve the burgers until 4 a.m. which makes it very  popular among the people who work late at night it gives them a chance to avail a fine burger and call it a night.

Location: Shop no, NMC Complex, 2, Modi Number 2, opposite raghuver restaurant, Sitabuldi, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012

Burger On The Top

4. Burger Wings

In circumstances when the conditions interest to snatch a speedy tidbit, cheap food can be a feasible choice. Burger wings has a menu of suppers that rush to cook and present with a privilege to take them with you. Burger wings gives you Great taste with fine service. The burger wings prioritizes its customer satisfaction, the taste and more accountability. The place is open at all the times and gives you the taste of a juicy burger, the service is quite prompt and efficient which does not allow its customers to wait for countless hours instead its fast and the customers get to enjoy the luscious burger.

The burger wings is a recommended burger Hut if you ever visit Nagpur or live in Nagpur, as per the Google ratings it stands total 5.0 stars in the category of hamburger restaurant.

Location: Punjabi Line Rd, near gurudwara, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Burger Wings

5. Cluckers 

Visit this location to dine at if you feel hungry after having a hard day. Ordering perfectly cooked fried chicken, fried burgers and chicken strips is what many guests recommend. Cluckers offers food delivery for the convenience of its clients. Most people point out that the staff is gracious at this place. Visitors mention that the service is good here. From a guest’s point of view, the price is reasonable.

Cluckers is a wholesome place especially for chicken lovers, the chicken popcorn and the chicken nuggets act as an excellent sides to the fried chicken burgers. At cluckers though it is a small place which only could accommodate 30 guests at a time but it would never let you down because the taste is so awesome, the place is hygienic and the service is quite fast. They have a variety in the menu but the vegetarian options are limited because the speciality of the house is non veg food which is said to be inordinate and valuable, they even customise your order looking at the spice levels based on an allergy if any, people recommend you to try chicken popcorn and chicken burgers as it’s one of the popular best sellers.

Location: 2, S Ambazari Rd, Madhav Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440033


6. Binge Box

The binge box of Nagpur is a delivery only outlet which is dedicated towards serving exceptional burgers, shakes and sides to go with. People love the taste and order on loop because that’s what the taste of this outlets products makes them crave for it again and again. The patties of the burgers are said to be fresh not frozen, the restaurant uses fresh produce and makes everything house made, the burgers are said to be juicy moist and a whole burger is said to be enough to fulfil a person’s appetite. The prices are said to be very reasonable according to the taste.

Some dishes such as veg makhani burger and Vada pav burger are said to be yummy and also peri peri fries, freedom loaded fries are highly recommended when ordering from binge box.

Location: Besides Manjiri Textiles, Chintamani Apartments, Ring Rd, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

Binge Box

7. The Secret Shop

Worth stopping by for the delicious fried chicken burger, grilled chicken and bacon strips. They serve delicious rum.  Secret Shop provides food delivery service for your convenience. The knowledgeable staff work hard, maintain a positive attitude and make this place great. Fast service is what guests appreciate here.

The secret box is not recommended for vegetarians or for plant based meals.

The secret shop serves fusion and fast food visiting it is a quick bite outlet and with a motive to serve hearty meals when visiting this place chicken popcorn fries grilled chicken burgers and fried chicken burgers are in the list of must order.

people say this place is best known for its cardinal staff sizeable portions or you can say the quantity of the food good house specials and recommendations efficient service affordable pricing and some smashing food.

Locatioon: Shop No.21, Shewalkar Garden Complex, SA Road, Nagpur, near Mate Square, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

The Secret Shop

8. UFO Fries & Corn

UFO fries & corn serves French fries in a variety of delicious sauces! This place brings a new style the old style traditional French fries. These savoury French fries are served in cones with a variety of sauces. From spices to sauces and sauces

At this place foods such as Corn, Burger, wrap, Twister, Mugcake, Waffles, Milkshake, cocktail, cooler, Iced tea & more exciting foods are served.

All of their dishes are purely vegetarian and offer a variety of Jain varieties.

38+ Variety of French Fries , 100+ Variety of French Fries, Crusts, Burgers, Wrappers, Twisters, Waffles, Mugcakes, Milkshakes, Soft Drinks, Coolers and more

As the place is titled, the different kinds of fries and corn here have no competition in Nagpur. The pleasing ambience is all about chill vibes and aesthetic lighting. Their amazing burgers are only exclusively available in Nagpur city for first time is a must try! Their shakes and mojitos are mind-blowing too! The service is quick and the location is clean and very much organised, it takes care of all the sanitary precautions, Must visit place for all foodies, gourmets and cafecionados!

Location: Plot No. 43, Central Bazar Road, near Anna Restaurant, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

UFO Fries Corn

9. Happy Burgers

What started as a recipe and has been curated and refined over the past 12 years is now available to people and fellow foodies. Amazing juicy burgers with complementary flavours for vegetarians and others alike. Maximum care for hygiene in any given situation through ALLINHOUSE operation takes place in here. Try the classic burger. You will definitely fall in love with this.

Their Burgers are now Bigger, Better and Juicier. You will Love the burger’s in house made sauce. The patties which are generally so juicy and fresh. For once, it wouldn’t feel like a regular burger with just a croquette in middle and ketchup but with more flavours and textures. The salad and tomatoes were really fresh. The nuggets are said to be a little sharper, but the crunchy texture is so commendable that the sharpness won’t matter. For what it’s all worth, the crew HAPPY BURGERS are committed to serve and as well as produce unapologetically authentic burgers.

Location: Plot no.7, near church, Suri Layout, RMS Colony, Jafar Nagar, New Mankapur, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440013


10. CR Point

Most Indians have adopted vegetarianism because it complements old religious restrictions and traditions that are still in effect. For those who do not eat meat, poultry, fish or other livestock products, Cr Point offers a great burger delight for the same but in between the bun form,

This restaurant can also be described as a fast food or a burger joint . There is a CR point parking lot for customers who drive in drive with families and want to spend time! So if you’re coming with your family, you don’t have to worry about finding a nearby place to park your car. In addition, this institution provides functions such as food delivery. A very cool yet affordable place for people with tight pockets but non the less the site comes up with 52 varieties of locally crafted burgers which are equally flavourful. The ingredients are fresh and everything cooked is all freshly cooked as per the order which comes in.

It is a small place but is capable to make a big difference on your taste buds.

Location: Shastri Layout, Khamla, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440025

CR Point

11. The Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab was established in 2018 and since its inception has been serving their customers the best burgers and fries till date. Their name has become synonymous with quality throughout the Nagpur region. They go to great lengths to offer unique and crazy limited edition and seasonal dishes to suit all budgets, as well as an endless variety of fantastic dishes.

BURGER AT YOUR OWN RISK is their signature burger (with Ghost pepper sauce inside it With most heated sriracha mayo lab design Hydrogen patty With cheddar cheese), Jupi fille burger, Jamacian Veg Burger and Mechico Heat Non Veg Burger are the bestsellers of the chemistry lab and are rated the most to try and not to miss out

Location: Punjabi line kamptee, road, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440004

The Chemistry Lab

12. McDonald’s

To all McDonald’s fans in the city the McDonald’s said cannot stand still. From the iconic McAloo Tikki burger to your favourite Maharaja Mac and classic FiletoFish, there are plenty of delicious menu items that might interest you. Drinks such as strawberry and chocolate milkshake are also available.  Located in the Trillium shopping centre in the heart of the city, the newest store is the town’s favourite hangout place. The restaurant has an area of ​​2,984 square meters. ft and up to 150 guests simultaneously. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a new job or just want to have fun with family and friends for no reason, there’s even a dedicated party space. This is the 182nd McDonald’s restaurant in western India. Delicious burgers, fries and desserts are served from 10:00 to 23:00. The excitement does not end here! McDonald’s Nagpur has a full-featured McCafé offering more than 40 beverages, from premium homemade signature coffees to smoothies, ice splashes and iced teas.

In a nutshell McDonalds to Nagpur is a Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

Location: Restaurant No 3, 3rd Flr Trillum Mall Untkhana Road, Layout, Rambagh, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440003


13. Cheesimania 

The versatile and easy to eat burger has won hearts and stomachs all over the world. Cheesimania prepares a variety of recipes to make crispy and cheese products for parties and other casual gatherings. Very highly recommended adding to the fact that the place is pure veg, Cheesimania is highly professional and excels in its customer service skills. A total shoutout to the owner and the staff there on producing food which is fresh and on point. Offering a wide array of quick bites, this is a great spot to put your hunger pangs rest. It imparts a variety of preparation on the menu from multiple cuisine.

Aloo Patty Burger and Paneer Patty Burger are the best sellers

Location: Trimurti Nagar Outlet, Govind Apartment, Shop no 2, Plot no 4, Shree Radhe, Ring Rd, Trimurtee Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022


14. Sharma’s Sandwich

With a New concept of Burgers and other items, Sharma Sandwiches in Jaripatka, serves this Black Bun Burger with Paneer Makhani Gravy & in-house signature Patty with 14 plus Ingredients.

One of the Juiciest Veg Burger that the city has came across. A steal deal at just ₹ 80/- Definitely a must try if you haven’t tried it yet. They also offer Range of Sandwiches, Pizzas, and many more delicacies all under one roof at very reasonable pricing with good quality food.

Location: Ewf housing society, near, Dayanand Park Rd, opp. new sadhana sahakari bank, Jaripatka, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440015

Sharmas Sandwich

15. Burger Singh

These 3 terms define Burger Singh to its core which is also is India’s largest and most loved craft burger brand. This brand stands for Big Punjabi Burgers. An innovative and Indian range of rip burgers that leave a delicious taste in your mouth and leave memories! The menu also includes four delicious fries, making Burger Singh the only QSR to offer such a variety of fries on the menu. Choose from a wide selection of freshly made burgers, crispy fries and great price combinations to make your next meal frankly great.

Lets skip to the admired burgers of this patola location and these are some quality burgers which you do not want to miss- Amar — Prem Veg, Jai — Veeru Chicken, Veg Snacker + Chicken Snacker, American Grilled Chicken and Dilli-6 Fries.

Asdramatic the names on the menu sound the owner duo Kabeer Jeet Singh and Nitin Rana take absolute proud to welcome everyone walking through the doors and offering the best hospitality services if there is any.

Location: Plot No, 122, Ambazari Rd, opposite Tanishq Jewellery, Shradhanand Peth, Laxminagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Burger Singh

16. Al-Baik 

Al-Baik is a Saudi drive-thru eatery chain settled in Jeddah, Hejaz that fundamentally sells roasted and seared chicken with an assortment of sauces. It is Saudi Arabia’s immense eatery network. Al-baik presently has business trademark in 80 nations. Al- baik is a great place to eat fast food such as burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings, and many other delicious foods including smoothies and cold drinks. The food tastes just fine. Chicken wings, chicken popcorn, and crispy chicken are the best. It has a good dining area inside and out. Cooperative Staff, Clean and Hygienic Place, Wonderful Presentation, Spill Proof Packaging, Perfect Presentation and Mouth -Watering Food are the highlights of the place. The Big Daddy Chicken Burger and Zinger Chicken Burger are the 2 spotlights of this eatery.

Location: Near Lal School, Kadbi Chowk, Clark Town, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440014

Al Baik

17. Median Grilled Burger’s

Sometimes fast food is the only option when the situation requires a quick meal. Median Grilled Burgers offers a variety of quick-to-prepare and serve-on-the-go snacks.

For those who come with a car, Median Grilled Burgers has a parking solution! So, if you want to go with your family, don’t worry about finding a cheap place to leave your transportation.

Chicken Hariyali Burger, Chicken Seek Burger, Schezwan Paneer Burger and Duo Delight Burger are the highest in order of the recommendations.

Location: Shop no – 9, Pyramid City – 6, Pipla, Pilpla Road, Besa, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440037

Median Grilled Burgers

19. TOS (The Other Side)

The Other Side – TOS is famous for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Prices are found adequate here. This place is associated with the quiet ambiance. This cosy restaurant serves burgers and homemade rice dishes as well as hearty curries. Must try pulled chicken burger and cheese cottage burger The Other Side serves some really appetizing snacks and appetizers. The cafe has a bright atmosphere with great unplugged music. The joint has quite a few photogenic spots where you can take pictures while waiting for your food.

The perfect place to relax with a martini or a cold beer while enjoying amazing  delicacies. Atmosphere is Cosy, colorful and dazzling place for young couples, groups of friends and crazy fans. With Live Bar, it offers a weekend vibe all day long. They have a wide selection of food for drinks. Whether its indian or continental or Indo-chinese they have you covered in all grounds.

In the end a pleasant place to hangout or chill and have some salivating meals.

Location: Royal Enclave, Sadar 1st floor, Limbanna, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

TOS The Other Side

19. Treat At Street Café

Treat at Street cafe is a small place but manages to create fancy burgers, it’s an astonishing place to hang out and have a decent experience in order to have fast food. Its superb taste and hygienic cooking makes the food just fine. The massive chicken burger is the highlight of the café.

The staff is really bracing and friendly they serve food hot and fresh and there is availability of parking, in all together it is a nice comfortable place for a group of friends to hang out or to have a mini party with some crispy fries and burgers

Location: Rana, Khamla, 8, Ring Rd, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Treat At Street Cafe

20. Lovely’s Baker Street

Straightforward and highly motivated with a lowkey ambiance dishing up pizzas, burgers & shakes. This cafe offers you nicely cooked burgers, chicken and sandwiches. Amazing place with huge variety of burgers with affordable pricing refine taste and very fulfilling

Do have the Big Mess Veg, Big Shot Non-Veg burger which is Hot and Spicy. The buns are soft, the Patty’s are cooked to perfection, the Sandwiches served in here overflow with Cheese and Mayonnaise.

This is one of the best Burger you will have in the city, It’s like a gigantic stuffing filled with eternal goodness. You’ve got French Fries popping out and May I tell you even the French Fries have their own distinctive taste. You’ve got cheese and mayonnaise just pouring down the burger. Without a doubt guarantee 100% satisfaction and 100% value for money is the ambition of the café

BIG MESS Burger is the house special so it is mandatory to have this when in the lovely Baker street.

Location: Shop no 4 laxmi nivas aptt, near NIT garden, Trimurtee Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

Lovelys Baker Street