Top 20 Fine Dine Restaurants Of Nagpur

Top 20 Fine Dine Restaurants Of Nagpur
Top 20 Fine Dine Restaurants Of Nagpur

Nagpur, which is known as ‘The City of Oranges,’ is a vibrant, up and coming city in Maharashtra, India. Known for its national parks, temples and ashrams, Nagpur has a lot to offer visitors. Although its often bypassed as a tourist destination it’s well worth visiting the city, not least for its food scene, which has grown tremendously the last few years. Nagpur being a major city of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune has no dearth of fine dining restaurants. From splendid 5-star restaurants to amazingly affordable road side eateries, Nagpur has them all.

1. High Steaks Nagpur

Nagpur’s newest hotspot at sunset with a luxurious sky lounge by the pool. The hotel is located on the seventh floor of the Center Point Hotel with a majestic view of the city. It offers an innovative and unique menu with steaks, mocktails and spirits. Coming in here you can escape everyday life and just relax. The atmosphere they create can lead into a festive atmosphere. The company’s receptionist will inform you of special offers. It is a very excellent place to hang out with family and friends the ambiance gives the aesthetic appeal as it is set upon A rooftop and is by a pool, the ambience consists of dim lights which is a perfect setting for dates, for close family dinners. Take a place side by the pool where you can sit and have your meal or your favourite cocktail in the menu is said to be very diverse it is very evident to find really great food combos and options service is a bit slow but the taste makes it up to you. Chicken Kalmi Kebab, lamb chapli steak, shish taouka, peri peri chicken stroganoff, Italian Minestrone Soup and Stuffed Gulab Jamun are the popular foods of this place and with this your weekends will now hit a new high!

Location: Hotel Centre Point, 7th Floor, 24, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

High Steaks Nagpur

2. Mint Leaf 

Mint Leaf is a multi-cuisine restaurant, coffee shop and bakery featuring some of the world’s best culinary trends, also known as a rustic restaurant serving international cuisine and desserts at Tuli Imperial in the heart of Nagpur. The great taste of Indian cuisine attracts many visitors to this restaurant, a special care is taken towards the hygiene and food quality. This place serves dishes like salads, chicken, fish and other requirements along with delicious coffee and cakes. In the ambiance you will find live musicians around you playing light music which is a good mix – food and light music to enjoy your ultimate meal. The talented staff is polite and courteous, who are always on-site to provide a more effective and memorable experience.

If ever visiting to the mint leaf do try the international buffet, pizza, the delightful desserts and the famous coffee.

Location: 37, Farm Land, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Maharashtra 440010

Mint Leaf

3. AU79 Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in the heart of city but finds peace in the chaos. Its cuisine is said to be refined and the quality as well as the taste of food seems to be amazing. The dine offers a global fusion and serves a generous number of portions on the plate which is ample, the place has a boastful ambience with the interiors which seems to be exceptional which includes interesting number plates, a royal piano, wall hangings and some other aesthetic frames. The restaurant serves a complimentary welcome drink when entering the restaurant which seems warm to the visitors and also the most acknowledge part of the visit. Pricing for the plates is really moderate, they serve food on time. The location has sitting options for open rooftop and indoor, with an adjoining bar attached. Food is clean, neat and tasteful. Tandoori Veg, non veg starters are delicious and are the stars. The chef personally would suggest if you ask for the house special, the staff is very professional and helpful.

Murg Mutabbak, chicken coated with cheese, Corn and cheese cigar rolls, Zafrani dum ka Murg, Chicken Kolhapuri, Lemon chicken kebabs, Chicken steak Sizzler, Afghani Panner & liquor choclate shake are the must try ones.

Location: NIT Parking Plaza, HGK, beside Eternity Mall, Variety Square, Sitabuldi, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012

AU79 Restaurant

4. Plated

Chinese and Italian cuisines are nice at this restaurant. Order good soup and perfectly cooked paneer. The high ratings of Plated wouldn`t be possible without the efficient staff. Prompt service is something clients appreciate here. Many people say that the dishes have attractive prices. You will love the charming atmosphere and stylish decor. This place is rated 4.5 stars in the Google rating system.

Plated is a restaurant that serves every kind of Indian, Chinese veg or non veg food. There are some continental offerings to best sellers of just some non veg dishes– butter chicken, chicken Adhraki, chicken Afghani, chicken hariyali, murgh Musallam, mutton curry, fish curry and prawn curry. Evidently their menu is comprehensive the prices may appear on higher side although not so compared to many other find bearing restaurants of the city, they have an option to order half plate for any food, even the half plate is served so generous in quantity that it is enough for two to three persons. Sometimes even if you don`t like to read the menu card the manager taking your order will only advise you to go for the bestsellers itself and will give you the privilege of a customized order. The ambience is said to be great service is fast and friendly food is tasty and do not overlay on oil bath or fat drizzling from the food instead the food is cooked in sunflower oil or pure ghee and is healthy.

Location: 27 Adhyapak Layout Jaitala, Ring Rd, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440036


5. M’s Repose

Abut M’S, M  is a meaningful alphabet which signifies Money and Mentor, Being here the Atmosphere generates total Positive emotions. Curiosity about the menu is a major factor that attracts guests too often , The Affordable prices of the meals is an added factor. Delicious variety of dishes for Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are available. Luxurious décor, sensual music and lighting are the elements of the stylish atmosphere which will definitely mesmerize you and create the best atmosphere to stay connected. The hospitality business makes employees feel at home. The M`s Repose menu is recommended for lovers of Chinese and Mughal cuisine. Come here for good butter chicken, paneer and soup. Enjoy live music in the evening. Competent staff welcome guests all year round. This facility is known for its prompt service. This restaurant has an amusing atmosphere and beautiful decor.

Location: Wing-b, 9th floor, shriramshyam towers, sadar, lic square, near NIT Park, Nagpur, Maharashtra 400001

Ms Repose

6. Skytouch Rooftop Restaurant 

Skytouch Rooftop Restaurant at Manish Nagar makes sure one has a great food experience by offering highly delicious food. The restaurant welcomes guests from 07:00 to 00:00, where you can enjoy delicious food between working hours. Nagpur’s Skytouch Rooftop Restaurant serves hearty meals. This place is synonymous with delicious food that will satisfy any food craving. It is home to the most popular cuisine. It enjoys a prime location in Manish Nagar to serve a large number of visitors.

Location: 4th Floor, Hotel Ashoka Imperial, opp. Uco Bank, Manish Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440037

Skytouch Rooftop Restaurant

7. Zuree Urban Kitchen

Located on Mount Road in Sagar, the upscale Zuree Restaurant is the highlight of Nagpur’s modern life. Stylish interiors, valet parking, comfy plush sofas and armchairs – the Zuree exudes elegance and wealth. The cuisine is influenced by Indian, Moroccan and Italian cuisine. Service is quick and doesn’t disappoint. Zuree is one of Nagpur’s best restaurants and is well worth a visit whenever you are in the city. Here Indian & European dishes are served at this sophisticated restaurant with a private dining area.

Popular Dishes are Kashmiri Mutton, Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cake, Hummus and Pita Bread and Manchurian Balls.

Location: AD Complex, 8A, Mount Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Zuree Urban Kitchen

8. The Creative Kitchen Radisson Blu

Creative Kitchen is the gourmet restaurant at the Radisson Hotel. Open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu ranges from North and South Indian cuisine to Italian and European cuisine. The restaurant’s biggest draw is its hearty buffet, which is considered one of the best in the whole city. The creative cuisine is the perfect place for a special family celebration or a romantic dinner with a loved one.

Must have Dessert Platter, Buffet, Starters and international Salads from the creative kitchen they are totally splendid.

Location: 7, Wardha Rd, Rajiv Nagar, Jai Prakash Nagar, Chatrapati Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440025

The Creative Kitchen Radisson Blu

9. F.S.B, B-9, Orange City Tower

Fountain Sizzlers & Bistro (FSB) is a family-run vegetarian restaurant whose signature dish is, as the name suggests, sizzling drinks. The restaurant is stylish and the interior is a mix of brown, cream and beige, giving it an earthy smell and elegance. Besides the decor, what impresses most of our customers is the very well-trained staff who make sure every customer feels at home. The menu is a mix of European and Italian cuisine with several Indian dishes. The most popular dish is the sizzle, especially with cottage cheese also the sauteed Vegetables, Blueberry Cheesecake, Sizzlers, Pastas, Manchow Soup and Brownie. Fountain Sizzlers and Bistro is a great place for a friendly get-together or a quick dinner.

Location: Orange City Tower, Dhantoli, opp. Tilak Patrakar Bhavan, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012


10. The Bukhara

Bukhara is a trendy restaurant in Nagpur serving a variety of cuisines including Italian, Mughlai, Northern Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine. The interior is decorated in soft, subdued colours dominating the walls, making the restaurant an excellent choice for an intimate, romantic evening. The service is fast and the food served is delicious. Chicken biryani is a must-try for anyone visiting Bukhara.

Location: Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

The Bukhara

11. Carnations Restaurant

Indian cuisine is known all over the world for its predominance of aromatic spices. Indian cuisine and cooking methods of Carnation, whether rice, coriander, turmeric or cumin, authentic or incorporated foreign recipes, are influenced by local preferences. A timely visit to the opportunity to choose from a special brunch menu. If you like Chinese and Indian food, visit this restaurant. Here you will find deliciously cooked paneer, chicken tikka and naan. In the evening, musicians play live music. Many guests say the staff at Carnations are helpful. Customers report good service here. A lower price is what you pay for your food. It has a pleasant atmosphere and pleasant decor.

In a nutshell carnations defines itself as a place where Elevated traditional dishes are showcased at a warm venue that has a rooftop terrace.

Location: 60, Mount Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Carnations Restaurant

12. Ni Hao Restaurant

Your search for original Chinese food ends here, this restaurant is proud of its Chinese cuisine. Beautifully baked dumplings, dim sum, and rice noodles are excellent. Try our delicious pancakes and delicious ice cream. Delicious jasmine tea awaits you at Ni Hao.

The competent staff welcome guests all year round. Professional service is a great asset here. For customers, the price is low. Here, people can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and impressive decor.

Overall Ni Hao is a Polished white-tablecloth restaurant in a Radisson hotel serving classic Chinese cuisine.

Location: C/O Radisson Blu, Wardha Rd, Chatrapati Nagar, Maharashtra 440015

Ni Hao Restaurant

13. Food Beyond Fantasy

Food Beyond Fantasy. A fine dine restro lounge with beautiful Roof top away from the hustle of city with great ambience and astonishing music.

It is a new fine eating place with a pleasant atmosphere, different seating arrangements. One is on the terrace and the other is on the ground, with good music, the quality of the food is good, the service is efficient, the atmosphere here is very fun and the DJ is plays, A mix of Hindi and Punjabi which makes you to groove on the soundtrack and makes it a great weekend getaway. The restaurant and lodge have first-class staff which is very well behaved and valet parking, so transportation is no problem, the atmosphere is great, the prices are reasonable. A great place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Location: Plot no 1 wadi naka, near maruti suzuki showroom, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440023

Food Beyond Fantasy

14. Majestic Masala

A Luxurious Indian Restaurant in the heart of Nagpur city at Tuli Imperial Hotel.

The decor and service are royally top notch. A Great choice to go with families as well as friends. Service team is especially humble and polite. Service times are efficient, given the crowd the location receives. Ambience is grand. You can roam around and take snaps till your food arrives as the interiors are quite traditionally aesthetic and Instagram worthy.

The cuisins served in here are – Rajasthani, North Indian, Gujarati, and Mughlai. It is a perfect place to have original Indian food.

Location: 37, Central Bazar Road, Farm Land, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Majestic Masala15. Ashoka Restaurant

This restaurant has been around for decades and has always been a go-to place for fine-dining for people, business eaters and gourmets. The restaurant has its own delicacy and sophistication.

Ashoka somehow earned his name as a trademark for the city and the client base seems to be increasing ever since. It is really surprising how did Ashoka managed to do so. The restaurant has a very rich and cosy atmosphere. The people here are distinguished by their exceptional and warm hospitality. They have fast customer service. All kinds of dishes are available in the Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian columns of the menu card. Alone with delicious appetizers and desserts. In addition to their delicious cuisine, they also offer non-alcoholic cocktails and cocktails from all brands, so you can come here with a full festive atmosphere. The best place to eat, drink and have fun with family and friends.

The site earned its dominance with the rise of sizzlers, every human who visits here has to have the sizzlers as that helped Ashoka to stand where it is now, They’ve 20 plus varieties of the same.

Location: 60, Mount Rd, Opp. LIC Office, Sadar 60, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Ashoka Restaurant 1

16. Ambience Garden Restaurant

The ambiance serves Very Hygienic, Fresh Delicious food since 2004.Choose from one of Maharashtra’s main dishes, and AMBIENCE RESTAURANT will offer you a mouth-watering variety, including the famous Kolhapuri seafood delicacies from Mulwani cuisine in  the Kokan region. Ambience Restro invites you to experience the taste of Maharashtra literally under your roof. This restaurant is a delightful fusion of hard-working professionalism and warm hospitality by a team of seasoned chefs and hands-on service staff under the guidance of experienced  hospitality professionals with exceptional experience at the highest level of the restaurant business and Hospitality industry around the world.

To summarize the ambiance garden is a stylish restaurant specializing in chicken curry and Chinese cuisine

Location: Plot No. 9 10, Nityanand Housing Society, Amravati Rd, beside Maruti Seva Showroom, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440023

Ambience Garden Restaurant

17. Nawabs Cuisine

If by any means you haven’t tried Chinese or Mughlai cuisines or you are fond of one, the Nawabs cuisine is the right place, just book a table, order the delicious food and enjoy the flavourful chicken and great Biryani. Visitors point that the surrounding is cheerful at nawabs, the service is very professional and guests adore the professionalism showcased by the team. Royalty in place, the nice ambience and the authentic settings draws your attention as you walk in.

Location: Plot no.09,Mire layout, Nandanvanam Main Rd, near Bhande Square, opp. Deshmukh hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440009

Nawabs Cuisine

18. Step Inn

Many visitors come to enjoy good fried chicken, the varieties of paneer and garlic chicken. Step Inn offers food delivery for the convenience of its clients. A lot of reviewers think that the staff is patient here. The professional service displays a high level of quality at this place. Most guests find that prices are average for what you get. It’s usually a good idea to experience something new and enjoy the charming ambiance. Google users awarded the rating of 4 to this spot.

The quality and quantity of food has always been consistent and better at every run, it is a clean place for a decent fine dine with family or friends, the service is fast and the menu is massive as it provides a number if dishes to choose from whether it be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the only issue in here is the parking space which is daunting but if you are lucky and get space to park near then it’s a merry day for you.

Location: Law College Square, W High Ct Rd, opposite Gomti Apartment, Gorepeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Step Inn

19. Moti Mahal

Since its establishment in 1961 the restaurant has been revolutionary in the course of fine dining for the Nagpur city. This iconic restaurant ruled the roost for many decades not just weekend but on many weekdays evenings too there was waiting.

After the 1965 war when Shastri ji, (the then prime minister) gave a call for observing Monday as a day of fasting to Indians since food grains were scars, Moti Mahal has been religiously keeping It doors open on Mondays to.

Story of its chilli chicken what made the restaurant exceptional. It was the best chilli chicken people ever had, even otherwise there menu included exotic fair like nargisi kofta, murgh Musallam, Punjabi/tandoori items like tandoori chicken, kebabs and roties. Ever heard about nargisi kofta? Today let me tell you what it is- eggs boiled to perfection and covered with minced keema, fried and then put in a rich gravy been made up of cashew nuts among other things. Even the soups where top notch,not an exaggeration but the city folks had the best proper soup at Moti Mahal’s cream of tomato soup, a thick red soup covered with generous dollop of creams served with crunchy croutons.

History of this restaurant has been legendary ever since, and it got reopened on 26 November 2017 as it was closed for some renovation, the new look is even better you can never leave to go to Moti Mahal when you are in Nagpur. Moti Mahal has made very massive, emotional and important place in the heart of Nagpur food.

Location: Residency Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Moti Mahal

20. Sanjha Chullah Restaurant

The Sanjha Chulha is the nice area to have a lunch and dinner in Nagpur. Bright & big Punjabi eating place open considering since 1994 with personal eating, feature room & bar. It offers the most inexpensive meals offerings on this area. they offer you the nice first-class meals service.

It gives dishes like non-Veg, and a few others mouth-watering dishes that make you experience delighted. Besides, it has first rate indoors this is properly furnished, and prepared with brilliant lighting and amazing eating table.

The highlight of the restaurant is its tandoori preparation of dishes be that the chicken tandoori or murg kebab, you havevto have the tandoori/barbeque food when you visit in here.

Location: Near Saraf chambers, next to fidvi tower, Mount Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Sanjha Chullah Restaurant