Top 20 best cafes in Dadar West, Mumbai

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If there is no gathering with friends and some food, every culinary experience will be incomplete. All of you are waiting for the restrictions to relax so that you can enjoy the happiness of hanging out with your buddies. To end this tiring wait, we are providing you with the top 20 best cafes in Dadar West; you should visit with your team! Have a look at them:



Everyone in Dadar has been to Aaswad at least once in his life. Throughout their existence, their flavour consistency has never changed, and the food is top-notch! It has a range of local street foods as well as sweets that are pocket-friendly. Must try their Kothimbir Vada; it is super soft and delicious.


2.Mama Kane

People flock to Mama Kane for its crispy and freshly fried Kanda bhajiyas. Just take a bite, and you will fall into a food coma. Onion rings know nothing about this bhujiyas!

Mama kane

3.The Bowl Box

The bowl box provides one of the best food items in Dadar. It is well known for its Asian, North Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine. It is a great spot to put your hunger pangs to rest. When you are here, munch on their Tangy tomato pasta, Kung Fu Potatoes, The Paneer Chilli Rice Bowl, and more dishes worth trying. So when are you dropping by?

Bowl box

4The Yellow Chilli

The Yellow Chilli represents Indian food in all its variety and the high-quality family dining experience at pocket-friendly prices. The cuisines at The Yellow Chilli remain untouched by the course of time. The dishes are simply delicious and innovative. The skilled and enthusiastic staff will guide you through the menu and help you choose the dishes according to your taste, adding a touch of customization. A delicious meal, adding pleasant modern elements based on tradition, is the most significant feature here. Plus, the menu has been curated by Star chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

yellow chilli restaurant

5Terttulia Eat Drink Love

A beautiful restaurant located in Shivaji Park, Dadar. The restaurant offers a warm and welcoming ambiance. It has a wide range of dishes that could serve as starters, soups, salads, appetizers, pizzas, and pasta. They have a bunch of tasty dishes that include risotto, Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, salmon pizza, and more. Do not miss out on The Dulce de leche Molten with Ice cream, a delectable dessert that melts in the mouth.

Terttulia eat drink love

6. Home Chef – All Day Dining

As the name suggests, Home Chef is a casual and charming restaurant that will make you feel at home. The menu has a variety of pizzas, pasta, burgers, and the main course continues. They also displayed the desserts of The Cake Studio, which specializes in a series of handmade cakes and desserts. Do not miss their toothsome dishes like french fries, cheese chili powder, tica tikka pasta, and firecracker sausage. The ambiance is nice and quite soothing to people used to dine fine and some light music.

Home chef

7.Cafe Trofima

Located in Dadar West, this restaurant serves authentic Maharashtrian cuisine that will make your heart beat faster. The interiors are bright, with glass window panes covering the entire outer wall. It is a paradise for seafood lovers. Make sure to feast on fantastic fish fry, Chicken Barbeque Pizza, and a black veg burger.


8.Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra

Another great place in Dadar, Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra, has made huge Batata Vadas that taste as good as they look. It is a must-try for authentic Maharashtrian food like Thalipeeth with Masala Dahi, Sabudana Vada with Groundnut Coconut chutney & Kothimbir Vadi. If you come here for breakfast on time, you can enjoy the real Maharashtra Poha.

Prakash Shakahari

9.Chaitanya Authentic Malvani Cuisine

Chaitanya Authentic Malvani Cuisine is the best place to munch on non-veg food and seafood. Crab lollipops, fish curry, pomfret, and jackfruit ice cream are enough to fill your stomach. In addition, their themed decoration and hospitality will make it an ideal place for lunch dates. We are surely going to drop by, what about you?


10.Mumbai Bistro- The Cafe

Mumbai Bistro is the best place to enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and family. The atmosphere is aesthetic and warm. You can see a glimpse of Mumbai in this cafe. Its menu offers a variety of continental dishes. When visiting this place, be sure to try the delicious cold coffee, latte, or fresh juice. The staff is kind and courteous.

Mumbai bistro

11.Cafe Curious

Café Curious is a much-adored café with a specialty in Japanese sandwiches and Ramen. This place has been attracting hearts since it opened. Make sure to try its drool-worthy dishes like pesto chicken cubes, Mozzarella Pepperoni Bombs, & Jalapeño veggie monster. Spend your time here with your friend and loved ones.

Cafe curious


Barista brings a new twist to Italian coffee and dines in the Indian subcontinent. It has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area. Although situated on the main road, the outdoor seating feels calm and peaceful, away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city. When you are here, gobble up their fresh herb arrabbiata, smoked chicken sandwich, & chicken cheese croissant, to name some dishes. Be sure to visit this cute little cafe and taste some nice garden coffee and snacks.


13.GOD-A2 Milk Cafe

God cafe serves healthy, satvik, and guilt-free dishes using only fresh and pure ingredients which contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Its products are made from cows’ A2 milk. The ambiance is pleasant with aesthetic interiors. The comfortable seating arrangements are eye-catching. Highly recommended dishes here include Pineapple Sheera, Sev batata puri, and A2 Fantastic Falooda. If you want to experience healthy and quality Indian delicacies, then this is the place!


14.Chimney Factory

Have you tried a chimney cone? If not, add this place to your bucket list. The chimney factory offers a variety of delicious savories that will keep you wanting more. The chimney cones are like a sheep in wolf’s clothing, hard from the outside but soft from inside. Its finger-licking dishes include Paneer Makhani cone, Tasmanian Devil cone, Shami Kebabs, & Orange Sundae.

Chimney factory

15.-301 degree F

The ice cream here is made in front of your eyes. The experience of seeing ice cream forming in front of you is delightful. The taste of fresh mango ice cream is so realistic; it makes people feel like they are eating mango! It is a must-visit place.


16.Gypsy Corner

Gypsy Corner ensures that people have a great culinary experience by offering delicious food. The must-try dish here is ambe dal. It is a delicacy with high nutritional value. It includes coriander, grated coconut, mustard seeds, and coriander. It’s garnished with pieces of kaccha mango, which gives it a pleasantly sour taste. This dish will leave you mesmerized, we assure you!

Gypsy corner

17.Misal Junction

Misal is a traditional Marathi dish loved by everyone. Misal junction is the perfect place to have the zan-zanit misal in the town. Try their Kolhapuri misal and thank us later! For desserts, try their jaggery kharvas, it is mesmerizing. So, visit there for mouth-watering misal. Yum!

Misal junction

18.London Bubble Co.

It is one of the best cafes for desserts and baked goods; London Bubbles Co never fails to impress with their mouth-watering waffles. The Tiramisu waffle & Belgian chocolate waffle are sure to make your day. Head over and hop on these delicious waffles. Do not miss them out!

London bubble

19.Fiesta Bites

Fiesta Bites is the perfect place for the late-night hunger pangs! It is a cozy place with beautiful interiors. The onion rings, Schezwan Noodle Wrap, traditional Margherita pizza, and nachos will be enough to fill your tummies with delicious food. So come and indulge in the savory experience along with the tasty food.

Fiesta bites

20.Prajakta Milkshake Cafe

Foodies! Prajakta cafe is the perfect place for you. The vibrant interiors with a unique concept of using planks attached to the wall as a dining table and the variety of delicacies make it one of the most lauded places. You all need to try their cheese pizza stick, cheese-loaded fries, coffee milkshake, and Beach Bottom Punch. So what are you waiting for; visit here for a delicious meal.

Prajakta milkshake