Top 20 Vegetarians Paradises In Amchi Mumbai

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Mumbai is not just the capital of the Maharashtra, but also has been the capital for the Indian food lovers. A city where all genres of the food industry come together is Mumbai. Mumbai being flanked by the sea, it’s a seafood delight, the appetizing street food and the alluring restaurants in Mumbai make it a paradise for any food enthusiast. Furthermore, this city also serves a relishing treat for the vegetarian citizens. Right from Gujarati thalis, street food including the power packed Chaat, Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji, South Indian delicacies to the staggering Italian and Mexican cuisines, Mumbai delivers a colossal variety of tidbits for a vegetarian food lover in the city.

Ranging from low to high in the department of money, there is a variety for the vegetarians in Mumbai.

To go easy on the pockets, Mumbai serves you the best.


Sardar Refreshments

Mumbai being the birthplace of Pav bhaji, this city has a plenty of Pav Bhaji outlets. The pleasures of eating Pav Bhaji are sufficed by this little food joint in Tardeo. The buttery Pav Bhaji goes well for the appetite. Though a small and congested food joint, vegetarians don’t dare to miss out on this captivating Pav Bhaji.


Elco Market

Pani Puri! Reading these two words itself makes everyone’s mouths water! The flavorful taste of Chaat is provided by a number of chaat stops all over the metropolitan. Elco Market chaat, is the most renowned chat joint in Mumbai which is located in Bandra. They deliver an impressive deal of taste, hygiene and refreshing blast of flavours. Though it’s a tad expensive than other food joints, the vegetarians have a splendid time at this one stop Paani Puri joint!


Bhagat Tarachand

When hunger strikes, one needs a filling meal to satisfy the longing for food. In such a case, Bhagat Tarachand serves a wide variety of Indian food. North Indian delicacies, Gujarati, Jain, Rajasthani and Punjabi meals are a speciality of this eatery. The food here is to one’s contentment. The prices are quite reasonable, this restaurant is a felicity for the Mumbaikar veggies!


Hotel Ramashray

Idlis, Dosas, Uthappams, Medu Vadas…such temptations, aren’t they? Every vegetarian in India has an affection towards south Indian food. A total treat to the south Indian loving vegetarians is dished at Hotel Ramashray, Matunga East. Although this food joint is small and glutted, one might have to wait in line for hours may it be 4 pm or 4 am! This restaurant is sure to satisfy your vegetarian craving.


Café Madras

Talking about South Indian food, next in the league is Café Madras. Every Mumbaikar favourite breakfast stop, café Madras is located in Matunga East. The Uthappam here is overwhelming. With low prices and quick service this eatery has won many vegetarians’ hearts!


Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra

When it comes to authentic Marathi food, where else can one find it better than in the capital of the Marathi state itself? Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra pays full justice to authentic Marathi vegetarian food. The delicious Sabudana Vada, Kothimbir Wadi and Thalipith leave a vegetarian food lover’s mouth watering!



When it comes to Maharashtrian food it is impossible to resist the temptation of having Misal Pav or VadaPav. Best in the city is delivered by Aswad hotel located in Dadar. Its astounding taste leaves vegetarians satisfied to the fullest! It’s a perfect stop for a vegetarian to grab a quick yummy bite!


Swati Snacks

Well who can separate the Gujarati’s from their food? Gujarati’s have always been proud of their vegetarian food industry. Swati Snacks has succeeded in promoting the Gujarati food industry in Mumbai, located in Tardeo. Overall it’s an amazing experience for a Gujarati food lover!



Who doesn’t like desserts? A vegetarian food lover would always love to end his/her meal with an amazing sweet treat. That’s what Badshah, located in CST, serves you with after a filling meal which could be chaat, fast food, South Indian or even Punjabi. The varieties of Faloodas delivered by Badshah are amusingly fascinating.



Shiv Sagar!!!

It is 4pm and hunger pangs in, where would a vegetarian wish to go? Shiv Sagar of course. Delivering the best of Chaat, Pav Bhaji, Mexican and south Indian food at economical rates, Shiv Sagar brags the top charts in a vegetarian Mumbaikars heart. It has numerous branches in Mumbai, thus easy accessibility for all!

When it comes to fine dining, Mumbai has one of the best vegetarian restaurants for fine dining! A utopia for vegetarian food lovers. Well, one should be ready to let loose on the pocket though.


Oven Fresh

A delightful meal with the perfect dessert is all a foodie asks for. Oven fresh located in Bandra, delivers scrumptious desserts as well as veg Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean. An astonishing place to hangout with your vegetarian friends!


The American Joint

This opulent American themed restaurant is nestled in the BKC ( Bandra Kurla Complex). The oreo shake, nachos and burgers leave the vegetarian food lovers more than satisfied! This is a perfect place to hangout with your companions because of the perfect balance created between the ambience and the food!


Wok This Way

Chinese, Malaysian, Korean and Asian cuisines, yes we are talking about noodles! Who isn’t charmed by this beautiful creation of noodles? Wok This Way provides vegetarians with all noodle-icious meals. This continental paradise is located in Lower Parel.


Little Italy

Italian food always tingles ones taste buds. The best Italian food for a vegetarian heart is undoubtedly been served by Little Italy. Having numerous branches in Mumbai, little Italy has never failed to provide its customers with a flattering service, delicious vegetarian food and their luscious desserts!



When one is in the mood for authentic Gujarati, Maharashtrian or simply chaat, but also demands a fine dining, Firki, Lower Parel is the place to go! The beautiful ambience created by the vibrant colours is equivalent to the rush of flavours they have for you! All in all, a brilliant place for an ecstatic meal with your family!


90 Ft Above

Want to take your vegetarian girlfriend out on a candle light dinner? The perfect place for this would be 90 Ft Above, Borivali West. A heavenly rooftop view along with exquisite North Indian and Italian cuisine leaves one’s heart fully satisfied!


Cream Centre

One loves to grab a bite in the middle of a shopping spree. In such a situation, Cream Centre brings to you several branches across Mumbai in and out of shopping malls, a delightful meal which includes North Indian, Italian and Mexican food which is then followed by their ravishing list of desserts.



A perfect fine dining restaurant which serves vegetarian Mexican and Italian food, Riso is located in Lower Parel. A Nirvana for Jain and Gujarati foodies, this restaurant never fails to conciliate its customers!


The Yoga House

On a perfect weather day in Mumbai, one wishes to dine out in an open fine dining restaurant which would serve food which satisfies your mind and tummy to the fullest. One such place is The Yoga House, Bandra West. It’s a marvelous café with a soothing ambience and serves well for health food, continental food and splendid juices. This café is a perfect place to have a date with your vegetarian food loving significant other!



Now the question arises, where to take the vegetarian business clients for a fine dine meal? QuessoRestoranté, Andheri East solves this issue. It is an amazing fine dining experience, serving versatile cuisines namely Continental, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, Italian, Lebanese and a mind-boggling variety of desserts. The perfect place for vegetarians to spend their hearts out on food!

So finally, Mumbai is a city with some gifts like the sea, the people and its food! Anyone who goes to this city will have a flavourful meal and a wonderful time exploring new food places as Mumbai never stops offering new and upcoming restaurants. A vegetarian would never have to worry in this city, as Mumbai has a berth reserved at every junction for a vegetarian. Definitely a paradise!