Top 20 Best Chinese Drinks

China is an East Asian country. China covers five geographical time zones while bordering 14 countries. It is the most populous country in the world. China is known for inventing many things like paper, gunpowder, printing, and the compass. It has a rich ancient history, and this country is full of beautiful monuments and architecture. China also has some of the best drinks around the world. Here is a list of traditional beverages from China.

1. White Tea

White tea is a low-caffeine tea available in China. Young tea buds and leaves are used to prepare this dish. It has an authentic taste with a herbal flavor and pale yellow colorWhite Tea

2. Mijiu

Mijiu is a wide range of glasses. It includes all the drinks that are glutinous rice-derived wine. They all have mild bitterness and intense sweetness. The alcohol content in these drinks is between 15-20%.

3. Black Tea

Black Tea is a trendy drink in China. It is made using brittle and withered tea leaves. Fermented tea or dark tea is also available, which is slightly different from black tea.Green And Black Teas

4. Soybean Milk

Soybean Milk is a very famous drink enjoyed in China. It is a protein-rich drink trendy among vegetarians. Soybean flour is used to make this drink, and any solid is taken out. It has an authentic taste.

5. Jiuniang

Jiuniang is an authentic alcoholic drink from China. It has a pudding-like texture that looks like soup. It has a milky-white appearance and is an aromatic drink. It has excellent taste.

6. Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea is an authentic drink from China. It is rich in nutrients and has health benefits. This tea is prepared from dried chrysanthemum flowers. These flowers are boiled in hot water and have a refreshing taste and fragrance.

7. Bubble Tea

Even though Bubble tea originates in Taiwan, it is famous in China too. This is also known as pearl milk tea because it looks like pearls. It is prepared with milk, tea, and tapioca pearls. It is available in wide varieties.

8. Sinkiang Black Beer

Sinkiang Black beer is a traditional beer recipe from the Xinjiang region in China. This drink is enjoyed with other meals. It has a sweet taste with a nut-scented aroma. It is a trendy drink.

9. Green Tea

Green Tea is a widely available drink in China. There are different varieties of green tea available. It has a great taste with an authentic aroma. This tea has a refreshing flavor.

10. Suanmeitang

Suanmeitang is an authentic drink with many health benefits. This drink uses rock sugar, smoked plums, and aromatic ingredients like rose blossoms. This drink is enjoyed cold with ice.

11. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is an authentic drink enjoyed in China. It has a delicious taste. The ingredients used to prepare this drink are sugar, hot water, and grated coconut. It is a refreshing drink.

12. Osmanthus Wine

Osmanthus Wine is a trendy and authentic wine recipe from China. It is made using rice liquor and osmanthus flower. It has a refreshing aroma with a great taste.

13. Baijiu

Baijiu is an authentic Chinese alcoholic drink that is very popular among the Chinese community in China and abroad. It is a strong alcoholic drink with up to 60% alcohol content. It has a powerful and pungent smell. It is one of the most famous drinks.

14. Tie Guan Yin

Tie Guan Yin is a premium tea available in China. This tea has an authentic taste, and it is a treasure to drink it.

15.Tsingtao Beer

Tsingtao Beer is a trendy alcoholic drink in China. It has a high-malty aroma, gold color, and good taste. It is not only famous in China but throughout the world.

16.Yunnan Coffee

Yunnan is a famous coffee-producing region of China. Much of the country’s coffee supplies come from this place. It uses excellent and aromatic coffee that is trendy among people.

17. Wine

Wine is a famous drink in China. It is enjoyed with other meals and has an excellent taste. People of the region enjoy wine on special occasions and celebrations.

18. Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is somewhere between green and black tea. It is a semi-oxidized drink with bright color and a sweet scent. If the tea is more oxidized, it will change its taste and color.

19. Pu’er Tea

Pu’er Tea is an excellent drink from China. It is very famous and a widely available drink in China. It is available in both ripe and unripe varieties.

20. Kombucha

Kombucha is an authentic black or green tea. It is prepared from SCOBY, the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. This culture is grown in a bottle of sugary tea and left for weeks. The end product is fuzzy with a brown color.