Top 20 Healthy Laddoo Dishes

top 20 healthy laddoo dishes
top 20 healthy laddoo dishes

We compare our health to wealth. But, do we take care of our health just like our wealth? The answer is no. Randomly, you choose to consider your taste buds more than your other organs. One can say that we are prey to our food desires. Hence proved that changing our habits to something good is rare. So forth, we take this initiative to modify our food to a healthy version. Let’s talk about the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes. Laddoo is a lovely sweet to everyone. Also, It is one of those unhealthy dishes in our cuisine. However, you can turn them into a healthy dish with some modifications.

1. Sesame Laddoo

Amongst all the healthy dishes, Sesame laddoo has the most benefits. Hence, we keep it first in the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes. Sesame seed is a good source of proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, and fibers. It helps to keep your blood sugar level in control and helps your bones grow strong. Combining it with Jaggery helps in refining your blood. People consider sesame laddoo to lose weight.

1.Sesame Laddoo

2. Oats Laddoo

They come second in the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes. Basically, People take oats to be healthy. It helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases. This laddoo includes Oats, Jaggery, grated Coconut, and crushed dry fruits. Hence, its nutritional value keeps increasing more and more. It is good to start your day.

2.Oats Laddoo

3. Maladu

Maladu or Maa Ladoo is the easiest and most healthy recipe. Mostly, people recommend it to gym addicts. You can make it using chickpea, dates, and walnut. You don’t need to use sugar or Ghee. Only, You should roast chickpea and grind it into powder. Grind walnut into powder too. Surprisingly, they become slightly sticky in their powder form. With pressure, they turn into rich protein balls.


4. Multigrain Laddoo

People use simple grains and seeds to make this delicious and healthy laddoo. People make this laddoo with Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, and Nut meal. A teaspoon of Ghee or oil is enough to make it. Also, people use sweeteners to make it more delicious. They are great for weight loss and diabetic people.

4.Multigrain Laddoo

5. Badam Laddoo

Badam is another name for Almond. Almond is the best cure for memory sharpening. Also, People prefer almonds for lowering blood pressure levels too. So, you can fry these almonds, crush them into powder and shape them into balls. For sweetness, you can add sugar, Jaggery, or other artificial sweeteners.

5.Badam Laddoo

6. Coconut Laddoo

There are different ways to make them. All these ways still retain the nutritional value it has. You can make it with freshly grated coconut, dry coconut, Coconut shaves, coconut powder, Etc. They have an amount of MCFAs and MCTs, which helps to boost the endurance of trained athletes. With that, they are a source of protein and iron. Majorly, it is a supplement for lactating mothers.

6.Coconut Laddoo

7. Rice Laddoo

Mangalorean Kuswar or Rice Laddoo is another healthy one in the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes. It is a good source of iron, multivitamins, and antioxidants.    You can give it to pregnant women and teenage girls for better health. They keep us healthy and fresh. People shape them using Jaggery. Ultimately, this adds up to its nutritional value and deliciousness.

7.Rice Laddoo

8. Atta Laddoo

They come next on the list of top 20 healthy laddoo dishes. It is a simple and nourishing dish to make. One should use wheat flour, Jaggery, and some Ghee or oil. You can preserve this laddoo for a long time and give it to young children to develop their resisting power. You can add several nuts to it. That is just like a cherry on a cake.

8.Atta Laddoo

9. Methi Laddoo

Generally, people call them Saunth aur Methi Ke laddoo or balls of Fenugreek and fennel. The ingredients in this laddoo are Fenugreek, Ginger, Fennel, and Jaggery. Mostly, people make them in the winters. They help in strengthening our bones. Young children, aged, and new moms can consume this for good health. People don’t allow this to pregnant ladies as they produce warmth in the body.

9.Methi Laddoo

10. Panjiri Laddoo

The powder of Almonds, Cashew, Semolina, and Wheat flour make this laddoo. Again, these are famous in the winter season. They come from North India. They help reduces sores and body aches in the body. Other than that, the cashew present is a high source of magnesium. That helps in reducing LDL cholesterol and heart diseases.

10.Panjiri Laddoo

11. Murmura Laddoo

People consider it to be just an edible. Remarkably, it has a high nutritional value too. Murmura laddoo is good at providing a quick burst of energy. It is a source of high protein and carbs. On the other hand, Jaggery flushes out nasty toxins and cleanses your liver. Hence, we include it in the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes.

11.Murmura Laddoo

12. Peanut Laddoo

Ultimately it is a ball full of protein, vitamins, and energy. This laddoo not only provides nutrients but also helps in increasing our Haemoglobin level. Majorly, teenage girls and boys consume it daily. People use powdered or pieces of peanuts and Jaggery to make this laddoo. You can easily consume it with your daily diet and still not care about any side effects.

12.Peanut Laddoo

13. Gond Ke Laddoo

People make Gond Ke Laddoo from edible gum, wheat flour, Ghee, and dry fruit. Edible gum comes from the plant Acacia. It occurs naturally and treats diarrhea, cough, and congestion. Talking about the laddoo, they come from the North side. They are best for pregnant ladies. Apart from that, it is for your gut health and skin care.

13.Gond Ke Laddoo

14. Khajoori Laddoo

Date balls are the English name for this. Precisely, People make them from crushed dates and coat them in grated coconut for more taste and nutrition. They are the best solution to sweet cravings. They have a Caramel-like taste and are soft and chewy to texture. They are full of fiber and antioxidants. Rolling them in coconut increases their nutritional value. It protects you from severe heart disease.

14.Khajoori Laddoo


Khajoori Laddoo

Many people won’t agree on their nutritional value. Hence, we give it a fifteenth place in the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes. People make Bondi from Gram flour which provides more vitamins, Proteins, minerals, and fewer carbs and fats. People mix it with Ghee which is rich in CLA and several vitamins. Lastly, it has cashew or raisins. They are a good source of vital proteins.

15.Bondi Laddoo

16. Rava Laddoo

People consider it to be unhealthy. However, Rava laddoo is a good source of minerals like magnesium and iron. It helps lowering blood pressure and increases the growth of red blood cells. They are easier to make. One should pan-fry semolina until aromatic. Then add powdered sugar and Ghee to it and mold them. People add raisins to the top for decoration. Lastly, it also helps to maintain the health of your kidneys.

16.Rava Laddoo

17. Sunnudalu

Sunnudalu is balls of Black Gram dal or Urad dal. It is rich in protein and a good energy booster. It is for pregnant women as it has a lot of Vitamin B. Also, Urad dal is known to have iron, folic acid, potassium, and magnesium. Hence, we gladly bring it up to you in the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes.


18. Sabudana Laddoo

Sabudana is also known has Sago. It provides energy, prevents constipation, and is easy to digest. According to people, cooking sago is the only way to eat them. However, least people know that it could be formed into balls. They taste similar to rice balls. To make them, roast the sago, crush it to powder, add cardamom, sugar, and Ghee to it and shape them into balls.

18.Sabudana Laddoo

19. Bandar Laddoo

People make this laddoo from Bengal gram flour, liquid Jaggery, and Ghee. They are from the easy-to-make category. Basically, They come from south India. These people call them Thokkudu Laddu. It is similar to the Besan laddoo. However, it has a different texture that melts it in the mouth. They are sweet and a little floury to taste.

19.Bandar Laddoo

20. Chocolate Laddoo

They are not too healthy. But they aren’t unhealthy too. Chocolate, as we all know, is the best for our hearts. Secondly, it helps keep blood pressure low and increases blood circulation. Adding milk and other nuts to it makes it more nutritious. Hence, we are adding it to the top 20 healthy laddoo dishes.

20.Chocolate Laddoo