Top 20 Best Guatemalan Food Dishes

Guatemala is a very unique and beautiful country in Central America. It is full of great volcanoes, beautiful rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites. It also has a vibrant cultural and historical heritage. Guatemala shares a very distinctive cuisine. The food dishes are marvelous here and should not be missed at all. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best dishes from Guatemala.

1. Pepian

Pepian is a traditional and national dish of Guatemala. It is a delicious chicken stew prepared with veggies and spices. It is enjoyed with baked potatoes and rice as a meal.


2. Enchilada

Enchilada is a popular snack enjoyed in Guatemala. It consists of boiled eggs, veggies, meat, salsa, cilantro, and cheese. This filling is seasoned over tortillas and enjoyed as a great meal with beer or drinks.


3. Kak-Ik

Kak-Ik is a very delicious and authentic turkey soup enjoyed in Guatemala. It is prepared with spices and sauces. It has a rich and mouth-watering taste. It has a mild flavor and is not too spicy.


4. Paches

Paches is a very famous potato tamale recipe from Guatemala. It is prepared with mashed potatoes, bell pepper, green onion, tomato, and spices. It is a delicious dish enjoyed all over the place.


5. Shucos

Shucos is a very famous and delicious hot dog recipe in Guatemala. It is prepared with red sausage, white sausage, or salami. These are grilled over charcoal and topped with guacamole, mayonnaise, and ketchup. It is enjoyed with a long and narrow shucos bread.


6. Champurradas

Champurradas is a very famous sesame cookie in Guatemala. It has a flat and round shape. It is a very crispy and flavorful cookie that is usually enjoyed after meals.


7. Pacaya

Pacaya is a unique and traditional fritter dish enjoyed in Guatemala. This dish is prepared with pacaya palm tree’s flower pod. It has a crispy texture and is served with a delicious tomato sauce. It is enjoyed as street food.


8. Jocon

Jocon is a traditional green chicken stew recipe from Guatemala. It is prepared with breadcrumbs, tomatillos, dried chili, and cilantro. It has a rich taste and is enjoyed as a dinner.


9. Pupusas

Pupusas is a famous masa dough cake enjoyed in Guatemala. Besides masa dough, cheese, refried beans, and chicharrón is added. Pork and vegetables are also added to make it more flavorful. It is enjoyed with tomato sauce and pickled cabbage.


10. Arroz En Leche

Arroz en leche is a very famous rice pudding recipe from Guatemala. This pudding is prepared with rice, milk, and sugar. It has a refreshing taste and cinnamon is topped over it to add more flavor.

10.Arroz En Leche

11. Revolcado

Revolcado is a famous pig head stew recipe from Guatemala. The pig’s head and, other organs are stewed until tender and soft. Tomato chili sauce is used to create a rich broth. It has a juicy texture and is a delicious recipe.


12. Gallo En Chicha

Gallo En Chicha is a popular and authentic recipe from Guatemala. The rooster is prepared in fruit wine which gives it a tender and soft texture. Spices are also added to enhance its taste. This is a delicious and attractive food dish.

12.Gallo En Chicha

13. Tamale

Tamale is a very famous recipe enjoyed in Guatemala. It is prepared with corn dough and meat. The mixture is cooked in a plantain leaf. It has a rich aroma and is enjoyed with tomato sauce.


14. Hilachas

Hilachas is a famous stew recipe from Guatemala. It is prepared with shredded beef and potato. Tomatoes, sweet chilies, and other spices are added to make it more flavorful. It has a mouth-watering taste.


15. Atol De Elote

Atol de Elote is a well-known drink in Guatemala. It is prepared with ground corn, milk, and sugar. It has a delicious and refreshing taste with a soft and silky texture.

15.Atol de Elote

16. Pulique

Pulique is a very famous food recipe from Guatemala. The chicken is cooked with carrot, garlic, and onion. This dish is enjoyed with rice or tortillas.


17. Tostadas

Tostadas is a very famous toasted tortillas recipe enjoyed in Guatemala. The leftover tortillas are toasted and made into a delicious meal. It is enjoyed with guacamole, salsa, and other condiments.


18. Chuchitos

Chuchitos is a popular Guatemalan styled tamale. It is prepared with corn dough, meat, and tomato sauce. It has a delicious taste and is a traditional recipe enjoyed on special occasions.


19. Rellenitos

Rellenitos is a delicious sweet potato dessert in Guatemala. It has a crispy exterior, and inside is a soft filling of black beans, chocolate, and cinnamon. It is enjoyed as a snack.


20. Carne Asada

Carne asada is a popular and delicious Guatemalan recipe. It is a grilled meat recipe that is prepared with yellow rice. Grilled corn, plantain, cheese, and other ingredients are also added to enhance its taste.

20.Carne Asada