Top 20 Mouth-Watering Dishes To Try In Haiti


Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean nation. It has a rich cultural heritage and some of the most magnificent architecture. It is a beautiful country with exotic landscapes. It has a very famous history. Haiti is also in the food practices and shares a very exotic cuisine. The food dishes are very delicious and authentic here. Some of the best food dishes are mentioned in this article.

1. Haitian Legume

Haitian legume is a popular and nutritious recipe in Haiti. This stew is prepared with eggplant, cabbage, and spinach. It has a great taste and is a delicious meal.

1.Haitian Legume

2. Bannann Peze

Bannann peze is a famous fried plantains recipe from Haiti. The plantains are sliced and deep-fried until golden brown. They have a marvelous crispy texture and an enchanting sweetness.

2.Bannann Peze

3. Poulet Aux Noix

Poulet aux noix is a great chicken recipe prepared with cashews. The cashews add an authentic aroma to the dish. The chicken is steamed and pan-fried with tomato sauce, onions, and herbs. It tastes delicious.

3.Poulet Aux Noix

4. Dous Makos

Dous makos is a delicious fudge recipe. It is prepared with milk, sugar, colorings, and flavorings. It has three colored stripes of brown, pink, and beige. It is a popular dessert recipe enjoyed in Haiti.

4.Dous Makos

5. Lambi An Sos Kreyol

Lambi An Sos Kreyol is a delicious conch recipe enjoyed in Haiti. The conch is simmered in tomato sauce, garlic, onion, and herbs. It has a rich taste and a tender texture.

5.Lambi An Sos Kreyol

6. Legim

Legim is an authentic vegetable stew in Haiti. It has a great taste and is prepared with a combination of many veggies like cabbage, carrot, squash, green beans, and beef. It is served with rice and cornmeal.


7. Mamba

Mamba is an authentic and traditional peanut butter recipe in Haiti. It has a delicious taste and enjoyed as a dessert. The peanuts are combined with a scotch bonnet or habanero pepper.


8. Jus Blennde

Jus Blennde is a very famous and prominent shake recipe in Haiti. It is made with many ingredients like potatoes, milk, papaya, breadfruit, cassava, etc. It can be made sweet or savory. It has a delicious taste and is enjoyed as a dessert too.

8.Jus Blennde

9. Haitian Gumbo

Haitian gumbo is a delicious and authentic Haitian recipe. It is a broth prepared with chicken, sausage, and shrimp. It has a rich flavor and a thick texture. This dish is enjoyed with rice.

9.Haitian Gumbo

10. Tassot

Tassot is a fried meat recipe from Haiti. Beef or goat meat is preferred for this dish. It is prepared with orange and lemon juice. The meat is crispy and is served with plantains, rice, beans, and sauce.


11. Diri Ak Pwa

Diri Ak Pwa is an authentic rice and beans recipe. The rice is prepared with different varieties of beans. Some other ingredients are also added to it. It has a marvelous aroma and a vibrant taste.

11.Diri Ak Pwa

12. Pwason Boukannen

Pwason Boukannen is a popular grilled fish recipe in Haiti. The flesh of the fish is perfectly cooked, and has a soft and chewy texture. It has a beautiful aroma and an authentic taste.

12.Pwason Boukannen

13. Soup Joumou

Soup jounou is an authentic squash soup recipe from Haiti. It is prepared with goat meat, vegetables, and herbs. The meat is stewed for a reasonable amount of time to make it soft and tender. It has a rich taste and an authentic aroma.

13.Soup Joumou

14. Bouyon Tet Kabrit

Bouyon Tet Kabrit is an exquisite dish prepared with goat meat. The meat is simmered with creole sauce to make it tender and soft. It has a fantastic taste and is enjoyed with vegetables or rice.

14.Bouyon Tet Kabrit

15. Makawoni Au Graten

Makawoni Au Graten is a delicious Haitian Mac and Cheese version. It is prepared with evaporated milk, and onion, ham, bell pepper, and sauce are also added to make it flavorful. This Haitian version uses larger pasta than other variants.

15.Makawoni Au Graten

16. Griyo/Griot

Griyo is the national food dish of Haiti. It is prepared with pork shoulder seasoned with citrus. It is then deep-fried to achieve a crispy texture and attractive color. This dish is enjoyed with vegetables, salad, and spicy pikliz.

16.Griyo Griot

16. Lam Veritab Fri

Lam Veritab Fri is a delicious breadfruit recipe in Haiti. The breadfruit is deep-fried until golden and crispy. It is a delicious meal.

17.Lam Veritab Fri

17. Kasav

Cassava bread is a traditional food dish enjoyed in Haiti. It has a soft texture and is drier than usual. To get the heavenly taste, it is mainly enjoyed with peanuts and chocolate.


19. Poule En Sauce

Paule en sauce is a stewed chicken recipe. It has a delicious taste and a thick texture. The juicy chicken is a perfect combination of spices and herbs. It is enjoyed with rice.

19.Poule En Sauce

20. Kalalou Djon Djon

Kalalou Djon Djon is a delicious stew recipe in Haiti. It is prepared using okra and mushroom. It has a thick and creamy texture. This stew also uses other ingredients like chicken or crab.

20.Kalalou Djon Djon