Top 20 Best Ice Cream And Cake Spots In Karaikal

Top 20 Best Ice Cream And Cake Spots In Karaikal

The cuisine of Karaikal consists of a mixture of Tamil and French influences. There are multiple French restaurants in this area. They have bakeries, cafés, seafood restaurants, and traditional French restaurants. Eating is something that we love and enjoy. We all love ice creams. Ice cream is the best dessert for many reasons. It is refreshing, comes in various flavors, versatile, easy to find, and affordable. And, of course, it is delicious. In Karaikal, there are many good spots for ice creams and cakes. Let us explore some of their famous ice cream and cake spots here.

1.Kulfi Treat

Kulfi is known as a frozen dairy dessert. They are also known as traditional Indian ice cream. Kulfi Treats Kulfi, with its creamy texture and rich flavor, has captured the hearts and taste buds of the people. Kulfi Treat is a famous spot for the Karaikal people. Also, different flavors and varieties of kulfi were available there. They run the shop for 24 hours, which caught people’s attention. We can enjoy kulfis at any time of the day and night.



Ibaco lets you choose your favorite sundaes from exotic flavors, toppings, and even sauces. They have more than 30 flavors of ice cream and deliver excellent taste to their customers. They have excellent working service and hospitality. Here, we can choose our flavor bowl. Though we can find Ibaco in several places, In Karaikal, they provide extraordinary service and atmosphere to their customers.


3.Waffle Court

The Waffle Court is another beautiful spot for dessert. Here, you can also find different types of ice cream that give a unique taste to our taste buds. The shop is on Bypass Road. Besides ice cream, there are also some fried snacks here, and the most famous are the waffles, which are also very tasty. The ice cream waffles were the most loved by the people. The ambiance of this place, located near the beach, gives a peaceful feeling to enjoy.


4.Madurai Famous Jigarthanda, Karaikal

Jigarthanda is a cooling beverage, though its origin is in Madurai. They bring the exact taste of Madurai Jigarthanda. Jigar means heart, and Thanda means cool, and they call it cold heart as a treat for summer. They boil the milk to produce a thick condensed milk kind of taste. It feels more of a Palkova taste in the milk, along with some Nannari syrup, which gives the traditional Jigarthanda flavor.



Co-Lait is one of the leading businesses in dairy product retailers. They have ice creams and kulfis that have the best aroma and taste. They make kulfi from pure milk. They have some flavors of ice cream, like strawberries and butterscotch. Their kulfis stand out as the most delicious kulfis ever.


6.Muthupillai’s Street Ice Cream

Everyone loves Street ice cream. It is such a type of ice cream that is very affordable. Also, they taste so delicious. This place is a perfect choice for people who love street shopping, along with some ice creams to chill themselves. They have no name for their shop, but the taste of their ice cream gives them a name. They have some flavors to match your taste buds. It has a creamy, sweet taste that many people love.


7.Dusky Drinks

It is another popular place among residents and tourists in Karaikal. Their Ice cream brownies and milkshakes are the most loved ones from their spot. We can satisfy our sweet cravings here. Dusky Drinks is one of the most famous places to chill with friends. Their ice cream sundaes are heavenly, rich, and fudgy. Chocolate brownies served with silky chocolate and luscious ice cream. Flavors like strawberries and red velvets were also available at their shop.


8.Richy Rich

The Richy Rich ice creams have a unique taste and flavor that people love. Their ice cream has a special place in our hearts. Richy Rich is the most popular dessert shop. They have mouth-watering flavors, while classics like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry remain beloved. The new range of sugar-free ice creams is here to satiate your cravings while your calorie count stays unaffected.


9.Arun Ice Cream

Whatever new ice cream brands come and go, Arun Ice Cream Showroom has stood firm all these years. They have several new varieties which caught the eyes of people. Arun Icecreams is an Indian ice cream brand. They also have ice cream cakes in many flavors. So head to Arun Ice Cream and have some delicious ice cream.


10.Le Arabian

It is the most loved place for customers. This place is very hectic all the time. You will find over ten flavors of desserts here and a large variety of shakes. We have heard good things about their service and hospitality, too. They have amazing desserts like brownie sundaes, blackcurrant ice creams, etc. Their Fruit Bowl Ice cream is the kind of ice cream that has a unique taste and is perfect for fruit lovers. It is a bit fizzy, a little sweet, and a lot of fun! Must talk about their sizzler- brownie, it is so cakey, fudgy, and chewy, and the ice cream and chocolate sauce highlight the brownie to the next level of taste. Must try-spot in Karaikal.


11.Ryans Candy Bowl

Ryans Candybowl is a home baking spot that delivers amazing cakes, brownies, and cookies through customization. A baker with lots of creativity and passion does a great job with innovative designs with cakes. A must-try place, and remember to book them in advance. They customize your exact ideas into reality. They also have some healthy cookies and stuff.


12.Mumbai Kulfi

Another kulfi spot in Karaikal has different varieties of kulfis. A creamy and rich kulfis and ice creams made from milk and fragrant saffron – a refreshing drink for your thirst. The most famous one from their shop is Puttu Ice Cream, which serves ice cream with various flavors in the form of puttu. People like their innovative ideas, and they also have kulfis and shakes.


13.Waffle Cart

The waffles are hot, and the texture is crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. They have some varieties of waffles like Nutella, cream and cookies, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. The shop is on Bharathiyar Road. They create an authentic style, waffle unlike anything you’d have ever tasted. If you want to experience love at first bite, look no further. Just try them, and you will enjoy it.


14.Your Choice Ice cream Shop

Your choice ice cream shop has a perfect atmosphere to eat ice cream, and the shop is between Karaikal and Tranquebar Road. More than ice cream, they also have Kulfi, Kulfi shakes, Kulfi Scoop, and Kulfi Falooda. This shop is well known and famous for its Matka Kulfi. Kulfi tastes best when served in a matka! In Matka Kulfi, you will get good flavor and perfect sweetness. Also, it is served with some saffron and chopped nuts as toppings.


15.The Mint Max

Snug dining spot dishing up traditional cuisine global comfort favorites in a casual environment. They have a pleasant ambiance and good dining service. Ice creams, Brownies, and shakes are Classic, Unique, and Delicious. They also have another branch in Karaikal. Their sizzlers with ice cream and honey butter crepe topped with ice creams were liked mainly by the customers.



Winners Bakery in Karaikal Bazaar is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver the best cakes to their customers. They have built a loyal customer base. They have professionally trained bakers who adhere to all safety and hygiene protocols. They have every sort of cake: Strawberry Fresh Cream, Black Forest Cake, and Black Forest Eggless Cake. They have pastries, Black Forest Pastry, Butter Scotch Pastry, and chocolate truffle Pastry.



It is another home baking spot in Karaikal. They customize our orders according to our preferences. They take only Pre-orders. Also, they are known for their Fresh cream cakes, Chocolates, Fruit Cake, Red velvet muffins, and homemade chocolates. Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake will be ultimate in taste. They have a refreshing fresh cream cake with three layers of cake, chopped strawberry, and fruit crush. It gives a twist to flavor in every spoon. It will be so yummy to eat.


18.Muthupillais Bakery And Sweets

They have many bakery items, sweets, cakes, and savories. They have many branches in and around Karaikal and Pondicherry. They run the business for more than three generations but maintain their tastes consistently. They have cakes, Poppins, and customized birthday cakes. The aroma of fresh bread and baguettes will leave you amazed.


19.Karaikal Iyengars

The alchemist of good taste is their slogan of them. Likewise, they produce an excellent quality of items. People come in hundreds and thousands every day to them. They have many franchises in and outside Karaikal. Their cakes and sweets are to die for. And also, their sweets have a separate fanbase. They have a warm ambiance and pleasing surroundings. They have cakes made at the hands of eminent bakers. Their cakes have 30+ flavors in fresh cream and 8+ in buttercream.


20.Lassi Magic

Recently, Lassi Magic has caught people’s eye with its various items on menu cards. They make ice cream and shakes the way we like it. They have new flavors of ice creams like chocolate fudge, lychee, and red velvet sludge, and they taste amazing. Enjoy some good ice cream here with a fantastic hygienic ambiance. Their KitKat Ice Cream Monster Shake holds a special place. They taste amazing, and do not expect this to be kind on the waistline!