Top 20 Multi-Cuisine Restaurants In Hauz Khas, Delhi

Top 20 Multi-Cuisine Restaurants In Hauz Khas, Delhi

Hauz Khas is well-known for its unique mix of eateries and food selections, which range from traditional Indian fare to worldwide flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Hauz Khas has it all, whether you’re looking for a gourmet meal, street food excursions, or enjoying handmade cocktails with pals. But it’s not only about the food; Hauz Khas is also a hotspot for nightlife fans, with plenty of dance floors and entertainment facilities where you can let loose.

1.Record Room

This restaurant offers a varied menu to take your taste buds on an adventure. It is a collection of flavors. The Record Room is the place to go exceptional cuisine in a perfect setting, whether you’re a food lover or just seeking for a delightful dining experience.

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Record Room

2.Hauz Khas Socials

They are more than just a restaurant at Hauz Khas; it’s also a gathering place for the local community. They provide a unique dining experience, that combines Hauz Khas’s rich history with modern twists on delicious multi-cuisine dishes.

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3.Bistro Lakeview

The restaurant offers a beautiful view that creates the ideal setting for an unforgettable dining experience, by the gorgeous lake. At Bistro Lakeview, we take great satisfaction in offering a diverse, multi-cuisine menu that pleases every customer. Bistro Lakeview welcomes you to partake in a feast for the senses unlike any other, whether you’re a food enthusiast looking for a culinary experience or simply hoping to enjoy wonderful meals amidst breathtaking views.

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Bistro Lakeview

4.Lama Kitchen

Every dish at Lama Kitchen is an expression of our love for Himalayan cuisine, and they are committed to giving you a true flavor of this gorgeous area. Their menu pays homage to the rich culinary tradition of the Himalayas with aromatic spices and substantial mountain dishes.

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Lama Kitchen


Each dish and beverage is presented with a dash of grace in a gorgeous setting. Miabella is dedicated to giving you a rich culinary experience encompassing the gamut of tastes. Our menu includes everything, whether you’re in the mood for delicious drinks, delectable international food, or a warm cup of coffee. Every eating experience is made more upscale by their lovely and welcoming setting.

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6.Hauz Khas Official

The place you should go for a great night out! Along with food, this restaurant also has a lively lounge and dance floor. Prepare yourself for a gourmet journey that will tempt your taste senses, all while taking in the lively ambiance of our lounge and dancing to your heart’s content. Hauz Khas Official promises you a night to remember by combining superb food with entertainment.

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7.Deep In The Village

You’ll discover a secret paradise with a stunning lake view, ideal for a cozy getaway with your loved ones. This quiet area provides the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful getaway where you may appreciate special moments while taking in the calm waters. This location is a romantic refuge for you and your special someone, whether you choose to have a quiet picnic by the lake or take a stroll through the village.

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Deep In The Village

8.The Mansion

Enter their exquisite space, which has a classic mansion-like feel, and get ready to go on a gourmet tour throughout the world. A wide variety of beverages are available at the bar, while the restaurant offers a varied menu that features cuisines from all over the world. A spectacular dining experience at The Mansion, where superb service and an opulent atmosphere make every visit really special.

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The Mansion

9.Fork You

The chefs at Fork You are dedicated to creating delicious cuisine that will tickle your taste buds. Using a little imagination and fun, the menu combines flavors from all over the world. Fork You provides something for everyone, whether you’re a food connoisseur looking for bold and inventive flavors or just looking for a delicious dinner in a vibrant environment.

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Fork You

10.Shiekh Chang Singh

Expertly made, delicious global flavor fusion that will captivate your taste senses. Our menu has something for every palate, whether you’re craving traditional classics or daring exotic delicacies. A journey that offers a symphony of flavors presented in a welcoming and pleasant environment.

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Shiekh Chang Singh

11.Helter Skelter Cafe And Bar

The colorful and unique Helter Skelter Cafe and Bar blends the greatest aspects of a quaint café with a buzzing bar.You may relax with a cup of coffee there during the day or enjoy a lively ambiance with your favorite cocktails there at night. There is something on the menu to satiate every need thanks to the wide variety of choices.

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Helter Skelter Cafe And Bar

12.The Clay Oven Restaurant

To preserve the authenticity and depth of flavor, the restaurant is committed to creating exquisite dishes that are cooked in traditional clay ovens. Their menu includes a variety of meals that will take your taste buds on an adventure, whether you’re a connoisseur of Indian cuisine or looking to try new flavors.

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The Clay Oven Restaurant

13.The Red Frog

Enter The Red Frog Bar and Kitchen to experience a lively atmosphere and top-notch cuisine. This business is more than just a bar and restaurant; it’s a gathering place where delectable cuisine, inventive cocktails, and a buzzing atmosphere come together. The Red Frog offers a varied menu and a warm, inviting environment for your enjoyment, whether you’re here for a quick bite, a night out with friends, or to enjoy our trademark cocktails.

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The Red Frog

14.Cafe Tesu

Your destination for a delicious culinary tour of Continental and European cuisine is Cafe Tesu. This café specializes in serving a variety of delicious dishes inspired by the vibrant and varied culinary traditions of Europe. The menu at Cafe Tesu has a variety of foods that will take your taste buds across Europe, whether you’re in the mood for traditional European cuisine or want to try something new.

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Cafe Tesu

15.Fort City Brewing

A brewery called Fort City Brewing is renowned for producing a variety of tasty and energizing beers.It is a popular spot for beer lovers and those who want to sample uncommon brews. Fort City Brewing offers a variety of beers to suit every palette, whether you prefer a crisp lager, a hoppy IPA, or a deep stout.

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Fort city brewing

16.Cafe Untold

Every time you drink a cup of coffee at the unusual and distinctive Cafe Untold, a new story is revealed. It’s more than simply a cafe; it’s a hub for interaction, creativity, and community. Cafe Untold is the ideal place to share tales, consume delectable appetizers , and sip handcrafted coffee because of its cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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Cafe Untold


Imperfecto has a beautiful dance floor exquisitely complemented by a tempting menu of drinks and mouth watering food. It’s the ideal location for anyone looking for a night of dancing, a great cocktails, and delectable food. Every time you step onto our dance floor, you’ll have a fantastic experience thanks to our energetic environment and excellent offerings.

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18.Out Of The Box

The unorthodox and cutting-edge “Out of the Box Restaurant” guarantees a distinctive dining experience. You can anticipate the unexpected when given a name like that. This restaurant is renowned for defying convention by providing a menu and setting that deviates from the norm. “Out of the Box” is a location where culinary adventures thrive, whether through inventive food, avant-garde décor, or distinctive eating concepts.

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Out Of The Box

19.Moti Mahal Delux

A prominent restaurant with a long history in North Indian food is Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant. It was established in Delhi, India, and has a long history of offering mouthwatering Mughlai and Punjabi delicacies that have earned the hearts of culinary lovers. Moti Mahal Delux offers a regal dining experience that combines traditional dishes with modern flair, including their famous butter chicken and tandoori delicacies. Join us at Moti Mahal Deluxe for an extraordinary culinary journey through the history of Indian cuisine.

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Moti Mahal Delux

20.Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli offers a varied menu that includes smoked and grilled dishes, sandwiches, salads, and mouthwatering desserts, with a focus on modern European and American cuisine. The restaurant is a popular choice for brunches, meetings, and casual eating because of its chic and nice ambience. Smoke House Deli guarantees a memorable eating experience, whether you’re searching for a big dinner or a pleasant place to enjoy coffee and dessert.

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Smoke House Deli