Top 20 Best Indian Fried Street Foods That You Should Not Miss Cooking

Top 20 Best Indian Fried Street Foods That You Should Not Miss Cooking

India is known for its hot, spicy, crispy, and tasty street foods, and every state of India has its own specialty in street food.Given below is the list of the top 20 Indian fried street foods that you should not miss cooking!

1.Pani Puri

This street food is regarded as the queen of street food in Kolkata. It is fondly known as Fuchka, and for preparing this, you need to prepare the tamarind water, the crispy potato balls, and the mashed potato mixture separately. The ingredients are Potatoes, coriander leaves, black salt, chaat masala, chili powder, ginger, mint leaves, green chillis, oil, flour, tamarind, salt, and sugar.


2.Chicken Wonton

This is a crispy, delicious, and easy street food chicken recipe that you can make at home within 20 minutes, and the ingredients are cornstarch, ground chicken, shrimp, scallions, wonton wrappers, salt, fish sauce, sesame oil, ground white pepper, water, and cooking oil.


3.Fried Chicken Momos

It takes 50 mins for deep frying the chicken momos so that it becomes fried chicken momos! The ingredients are Flour, salt, baking powder, ground chicken, vinegar, oil, garlic, onion, soy sauce, salt, and ground black pepper. You can also toss the fried momos in hot red chili sauce.


4.Street-style Chicken Shawarma

It is very easy and simple to bring the taste of street-style chicken shawarma at home, and that too within 30 minutes! So, the ingredients required are chicken thighs, garlic, coriander powder, ground cumin, cardamom powder, cinnamon, turmeric, smoked paprika, salt, cayenne, pepper, mayonnaise, nutmeg, lemon juice, olive oil, cucumber, pita bread, Greek yogurt, sugar, tomatoes, and pickled onions.


5.Fish Fingers

These are crispy and yummy fish appetizers that are perfect for a rainy evening! The ingredients are fish fillets, olive oil, parmesan, paprika, bread crumbs, salt, lemon juice, ground black pepper, eggs, mayonnaise, flour, lemon wedges, finely chopped chives, and flat-leaf parsley.


6.Fish Fry

This is an awesome street-style fried fish recipe that you can try out, and for preparing this, you only need fish fillets, oil, onions, coriander leaves, fresh parsley, ginger, garlic, salt, ground black pepper, green chillis, garam masala, eggs, lime juice, flour, bread crumbs, and sugar. This dish gets cooked within 40 minutes and is served with mustard sauce.


7.Chicken Pakora

These crispy and tiny evening snacks taste awesome and take just 25 minutes to get prepared. The ingredients required are boneless chicken strips, red chili powder, onions, ginger garlic paste, green chillis, curry leaves, salt, garam masala, rice flour, gram flour, turmeric, egg whites, water, and cooking oil (that is required for deep-frying the chicken).


8.Fish Cutlets

These are famous Indian fish cakes that are popular in almost every state of India! The ingredients we will use are oil, chillis, garlic, ginger, onions, canned tuna, curry leaves, turmeric, salt, ground black pepper, potatoes, garam masala, eggs, corn flour, gram flour, and bread crumbs.



These may be known as fried triangle cutlets stuffed with veggies. You can stuff the cutlets with a filling made of fish or chicken as well. The ingredients are carom seeds, all-purpose flour, oil, water, ghee, salt, potatoes, ginger, lemon juice, green chillis, hing, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, garam masala, cumin powder, red chili powder, and fennel powder.


10.Crispy Onion Pakora

Preparing these onion fritters is very easy because it takes just 25 minutes to get crispy and properly cooked. The ingredients are onions, gram flour, rice flour, salt, Ginger, carrom seeds, green chilies, cumin, Curry leaves, mint leaves, cashew paste, poppy seeds, lemon juice, ground black pepper, vinegar, and vegetable oil.


11.Chicken Chatpata

For preparing this spicy tangy and crispy chicken street food recipe we are going to use Chicken pieces, dry mango powder, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, onion, cooking Oil, Ginger paste, garlic paste, tomato paste, red chili powder, onion seeds, Coriander powder, turmeric powder, yogurt, vinegar, and freshly chopped parsley leaves.


12.Banana Chips

This is a crispy, healthy, and spicy snack whose spiciness you can adjust as per your choice. It is most prevalent in South India, and the ingredients are coconut oil, sliced banana, water, salt, chili powder, dry mango powder, and turmeric.


13.Chicken Cutlets

These chicken cakes are also known as chicken tikki and it takes just 35 minutes to get prepared. The ingredients are chicken, lemon juice, salt, ground black pepper, spiced oregano, all-purpose flour, beaten eggs, bread crumbs, refined oil, cumin powder, mashed potatoes, green chillis, chopped coriander leaves, grated ginger, cumin seeds, garlic, onions, and garam masala.


14.Paneer Tikka

Deep-fried paneer tikka is one of the best vegan recipes that can be cooked at home and served as a snack! The ingredients are oil, red chili powder, salt, turmeric, garam masala, chaat masala, coriander powder, dried fenugreek leaves, onions, ginger garlic paste, Greek yogurt, onions, paneer, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, mustard oil, gram flour, and carrom seeds.



This is a fantastic South Indian crispy snack that you can easily make at home. This is a vegan and gluten-free recipe that takes 45 minutes to prepare, and the ingredients are red chili powder, urad dal, salt, hing, rice flour, white sesame seeds, carrom seeds, ghee, water, and cooking oil.


16.Medu Vada

These are stomach-filling soft fritters that are excellent to cook for breakfast! It is a south Indian dish that is cooked using urad dal, water, lentils, cumin seeds, curry leaves, onions, green chillis, ginger, hing, black peppercorns, coconut pieces, coriander leaves, salt, and oil. You can serve this vada with any Indian curry.



Dosa is such a dish that people from anywhere inside India get attracted to it! It is also a form of fried street food that you can serve with or without filling. The ingredients are Idli rice, regular rice, urad dal, thick poha, water, fenugreek seeds, rock salt, and cooking oil. It is mainly served with coconut white dip, and tangy South Indian curry, sambhar.


18.Bread Pakora

This is a pure vegan street food that you can easily prepare at home. The ingredients are potatoes, wheat bread, green chillis, coriander leaves, hing, carrom seeds, gram flour, baking soda, turmeric powder, mint leaves, red chili powder, garam masala, dry mango powder, ground black pepper, and salt. It takes just 40 minutes to deep-fry the bread fritters.

Bread Pakora

19.Vegetable Cutlets

This is a vegan crispy and nutritious snack that is prepared using potatoes, carrots, beans, sweet corn, peas, red chili powder, salt, bread crumbs, cumin powder, coriander, dry mango powder, ginger garlic paste, corn flakes, plain flour, garam masala, corn flour, oil, pepper, and water.


20.Aloo Tikki

Also known as potato cutlets, it takes just 30 minutes to prepare this street food. The ingredients are potatoes, ginger, garam masala, chaat masala, green chili, red chili powder, ghee, coriander leaves, cashews, corn flour, bread crumbs, salt, oil, peas, panner, and fenugreek seeds.