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Top 20 Street Food of Karnataka

1 Mysore Masala DosaAs the name suggests, Mysore masala dosa originated from the city of palaces, Mysore. This masala dosa is always accompanied by sambar and chutney. It has its very good flavors and...
best foods of katmandu

20 Best Street Foods of Kathmandu That You Must Try in Your Life

Nepal has a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. From Tibetan to Newari to Thakali, Nepal has it all. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, has a dozen street vendors offering delicious food items.Here is a...
Top 21 Vegan Party Food Items

Top 21 Vegan Party Food Items

Thinking of a party will make a cloud of delicious food items which you will get there. But, if you are throwing a party, it sometimes becomes very tough to choose the best food...

Top 20 Street Foods to eat in the Commercial Street of Bangalore

Bangalore is a popular city in India. Young individuals enjoy nightlife and street food in the different parts of the city. Basically, people visit the commercial street for shopping. At the same time, people...
Top 21 Best Chole Bhature Shops or Stalls

Top 21 Best Chole Bhature Shops or Stalls

As per the myths, the way to the person’s heart goes through their stomach as in India and as we all know that there is a magic in Indian food, unlike rest of the...
20 Mouthwatering Snacks In Ludhiana

20 Mouthwatering Snacks In Ludhiana

1 Amritsari KulchaAmritsari Kulcha is a traditional and spicy dish of chick peas (chane) and to have the best taste of it, Kulcha Land in Model town is the perfect place. Amritsari Kulcha is...
Top 20 Street Food of India

Top 20 Street Food of India

1Jalebi (Varanasi)This is India’s the oldest sweet dish served all cross over the country.This is coated in the sugar syrup and sweet in taste, and the best thing is that, it’s not that difficult...
Delicious And Irresistible North Indian Food

Top 20 Delicious And Irresistible North Indian Food

India, the country of diverse population and cultural ethnicity is best known for many of its attributions. But once upon a time it was known for the spices it delivered, and it still seems...

Top 20 Lip-smacking Street Food Items For Vegans

1Litti chokha (Bihar)The mouthwatering oomph of Litti Chokha of Bihar,  which is savored by all, needs no introduction.This relishing delicacy consists of  balls of wheat flour and ghee baked on coal stoves, served with...
20 temoting food from roadside thellas

20 Tempting Foods From Roadside Thellas

Want to have good food but suitable to your pockets? Well, in Mumbai you can manage that. The thela walas are here to help you. We are here to tell you which one to...

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Top 20 Foods to Try Atleast Once in your Lifetime

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